bible cw

The thing about the whole Old Testament bad New Testament good thing (or worse yet, literally the only words that have value in the Bible are the ones in red they are perfect everything else is bad) that liberal Christians and ex-Christians do (mostly ex) is that it’s mostly a reaction to the Everything in the Bible is True and objective thing that conservative/fundamentalist Christians do. And it’s like, that’s only one layer truer.

LIke, not only are the OT and NT not consistent with each other, they’re not consistent with themselves. The OT was written by many authors over thousands of years and it’s not a coherent instructional text lowered down by God fully-formed. It’s a collection of texts with tension and disagreements.

It has really fucked up misogyny baked into its understanding of family and economics and everything AND one of it’s most powerful, central narratives is about liberation from slavery. It has horrific stories that contain commands from the Almighty themself to commit genocide AND the entire Jewish prophetic tradition which speaks words of comfort to the poor and oppressed and condemnation to the rich and powerful. It has very powerful anarchist AND authoritarian strands.

The Bible generally, and the Old Testament in particular, are conversations, and Christians need to learn that we can and should join those conversations in our context, and that the only thing we absolutely must not do is throw it out the window. Especially if we want Jesus, we can’t reject the scriptures he read and taught from.

All of this in addition to the anti-semitic foundation to the OT vs. NT argument.