bibi's tears

Lady Fatima (sa) said: 

“I testify before Allah (swt) and his Angels that you (Abu Bakar and Omar), have upset me, you did not keep me happy and I shall complain to Rasool Allah (s) about this when I see Him.

Abu Bakar then said, ‘I seek protection from Allah’s anger and your [the Prophet’s(s)] anger. At that moment tears filled Abu Bakar’s eye’s and
Lady Fatima said:

"I shall curse you in every prayer.”

Sunni book : Al Imama Wa al Siyasa, pages 36-38, Dhikr Bayya Abu Bakar.

“Peace be on Thee (inseparably tied up with) of Prophethood,
tall and strong trunk (mainstay) of Bani Hashim (the family)
pregnant and fertile with Prophethood,
refined and blossomed with Imamate;
(on the account of) you being the colleague of Adam and Noah, peace be on them both.”

— Ziyarah of Imam Ali (as) on Sundays

anonymous asked:

"W-we'd find a way, OFB. We'd somehow get you a new heart, o-or your old heart back. It'd be hard, I know. B-b-but we can't give up. You can't give up! I love you, Fashion. You're my big brother. Boris' big brother. Beep's dad. You already went through a lot and made it through. Y-You can still now. Please OFB I know you can still be apart of our lives. We can fix it.." BB trembles and rubs inky tears from his eyes, hiccuping in small sobs. (bendyboodarling)


The demon took BB’s bowtie, and softly, pulled from it to take the small demon closer to him. He was incapable to directly touch him, but at least he could do that. He kept grabbing that piece of fabric, looking at his small brother directly into his eyes, with his own covered in tears.

- Bibi, you have to promise me something -he said, in a deep voice- ask Robin to tell you everything she saw in my studio. Tell her that I give her permission to tell you everything. Then, you and Robin will tell Boris… -clears his throat, like the muscles of his neck were getting too hard, and it was difficult for him to speak- You will tell Boris everything. What happened to him, what do I look like this…he deserves to know, and I will not be able to tell him everything in an appropriate way…

He took a small break to take some air. He was feeling tired, really tired. His body was heavier and heavier every second, and he felt like he was about to faint. But he had to be awake, he had to.

- Also… I want you to promise me something else. -takes a deep breath- If you need anything, ask Robin. Even if she can go live with you for a few days, I would feel much better…and…do not let HIM see me, you know how sensitive he his about feelings. I do not want to imagine how scared he would be if he notices that I am lack of feelings. Do not matter how much he cries, PLEASE Bibi…do not let him see me. Promise me…

He soflty placed his forehead against BB’s, softly crying with him.

- And…stop crying, my small potato. You know how much I hate to see you sad.