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Sick Cuddles ~ Brad Imagine

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Brad had recently come off The Vamps world tour, now usually he would spend the first couple of days with his family then he would be straight over to your little apartment giggling and bouncing around like the little ball of energy he is.

Although this time, this wasn’t the case.

It had been a week and a bit since the tour had finished and you still haven’t seen him. He was meant to of been coming over on the Thursday, three days after tour had finished but he sent you a text telling you he had plans with family and you guys rearranged for the next day, but he suddenly had plans again and now it was Thursday, a week since he had been back.

You were getting worried, you understood the first two days he cancelled because he had just got back and he wanted to spend time with family but you have been dating for two years now and this hasn’t happened before and you know for a fact his mum would have dragged him all the way here.

Picking up your phone, you decided to FaceTime him only to be greeted with Anne’s caller ID.


“Hey sweetie, I’m just calling to ask if you can come over and look after Brad?”

“What do you mean? I thought you guys were going out?” You replied confused.

“What? No? We haven’t been able to go outside since Brad’s had that awful chest infection. He didn’t tell you?”

“No… he told me he was spending the week with you guys because he missed you.”

“He hasn’t let his bed since the day he came back.”

“I’ll be right round, Anne.”

“Thanks Hun, just let yourself in I’ll be gone before you get here.”

Sighing you grabbed your car keys and purse and made your way the Simpson’s house hold. 

Knocking loudly on Brad’s bedroom door, you waiting to hear his reply.

“Go away.” You heard your boyfriends raspy voice through the door with a series of coughing straight after.

“Brad.” You spoke softly, knocking again.

There was a loud thud before you heard feet pattering against the floor, “Y/N?” Brad called unlocking his bedroom door a little, so you can see his little curls. “What are you doing here?”

“What do you think babe? You told me you were busy with family but from what your mum told me is that you been busying dying in bed.” you stated with your arms crossed.

“I’m not dying. I can take care of myself.” Brad said before having a violent coughing fit.

“Please Brad.” You insisted

“Y/N, I’m fi-” Brad cut himself off with another coughing fit.

You stayed silent knowing what was about to happen in the next thirty seconds.

“Okay.” Brad stated before opening the door to reveal his pale face, big purple bags under his eyes and his hair damp due to him sweating, “I’m dying.”.

You laughed lightly before picking up two shopping bags and pushing Brad back onto his bed. Turning around you placed the shopping backs on the floor, and walked to his drawers where you have a draw for yourself. Opening it up and pick out some runner shorts and one of Brads tee, you got rid of your jeans and top and climbed into bed with him.

Brad shifted around until his head was resting on your chest and his legs were intertwined with your own, you both laid there in silence with you running your hands through his hair and the occasional cough from Brad before he decided to speak up.

“What’s in the bags?” He looked up towards you with a little frown on his face, “You didn’t get that disgusting pink tablets like you did last time, did you?”

Laughing loudly, you shake your head remembering the last time you gave him chest tablets.

“Ooo they are pink.” Brad said grinning at the tablets.

“Yes, babe they are pink. Just take them.” You laughed passing him a glass of water.

You watched Brad throw them in his mouth then all of a sudden his face turns to disgust and he gulped down the whole glass before getting up and spirting to the table where you had left a bag of galaxy chocolate, he picked it up and threw a hand full in his mouth.

“That was disgusting!” He shouted turning to face you, who had been laughing the whole time. “What kind of tablet was that? That tasted like gone of milk.”

Placing the bags on the bed, Brad sat up on his elbows and watched you. “Okay, so I know with your chest you refuse to eat anything but I know you like to sneak a few kiwis when no one is looking, so I brought two bags full of them. You also don’t like to drink tap water so I went and brought five of your favourite vitamin water and I went and picked up your subscription from the doctors as well. He…”

As you trailed off talking about what the doctor said you failed to miss the look of adoration he was giving you, with only one thought going through his head.

“I love you.” He said softly, as you turned to face him with two tablets and his vitamin water.

“I love you too, now take these and we can watch 21 and 22 jump street.” You smiled climbing back into bed and cuddling into him as you clicked the netflix button on his tv.

“I really do love you Y/N.” Brad smiled looking down at you, while you looked up and smiled at him.


This is extremely beautiful. x