From fashion article in UK Woman’s Own magazine, February 26, 1966 issue:


Boutiques … Once we thought of them as chic little shops in a smart part of town that sold ‘model gowns’ at prices most of us couldn’t afford. But now what a change! All over Britain new-look boutiques run by trend-setting fashion girls are popping up and offering different, exciting, inexpensive clothes designed for the non-conformists who like to change their style month by month. Today we take a look at some of the boutiques in London and the provinces that are forcing other fashion stores to perk up their ideas. - Suzanne Grey


Young, dynamic, Polish born Barbara Hulanicki introduced the first ever young fashion mail order service to England. She designed and made up all the clothes and, working from their London flat, she and her husband, Stephen Fitz-Simon, built up a very successful business. A retail boutique was the next step. Just off Kensington High Street, they unearthed a quaint old Victorian apothecary shop. The original furniture - jars, pots chests, table and chairs are now in the British Museum. But Barbara has retained the Victorian, musty atmosphere and her boutique Biba is full of oak chests, huge cupboards, lacy curtains, plants and a pirates treasure trunk overflowing with belts, bags, beads jewellery and original hats and scarves.

  London’s first boutique for young people is well and truly on the map. Barbara Hulanicki’s main aim is for unusual, easy-to-wear clothes that are inexpensive, clothes not designed to last for 100 years. She realizes that the young need and demand constant change and she designs and makes little dresses, coats and separates which retail at an average price of 4 gns. The stock changes at Biba’s three times a fortnight so you can always be sure of finding something really up-to-the-minute. Barbara and Stephen print their own fabrics and this spring, plan to introduce a range in printed corduroy.   (First photo) Pattie Boyd posing in Barbara Hulanicki’s long-sleeved slim line shift with flared skirt in brilliant mauve and purple printed rayon - right for any time, £3 10s at Biba’s, 87 Abingdon Road, London W 8. Photographs by Michael Brockway.   TOP OF THE POPS - PYGMALIA   Manchester is in on the boutique scene, too … two of the Hollies, Graham Nash and Tony Hicks, with Grahams’ wife, Rose, and Tony’s sister, Maureen, have opened a boutique called Pygmalia in a disused carpet warehouse. The stark walls of the old ware house have been transformed into a rich purple and gold interior.   (Second photo) Left: Samantha Juste in a beige wool, new look, double-breasted suit by Hem and Fringe; 9 gns. Maureen Hicks (right) is in a two-tone green Courtelle dress (85s.) with matching bag and beret, 1 gn. each by Martha Hill - at Pygmalia, 3 Bac Pool Fold, Cross Street, Manchester 2.  * * * * Scans from the Pattie Boyd’s Sixties Style group at Yahoo!  

Bath in Fashion invites Barbara Hulanicki to tell the remarkable story of how she created BIBA and how a mail order pink gingham dress in May 1964 changed the course of fashion history. (Description via Youtube)

I’ve seen this article, London’s Lost Department Store of the Swinging Sixties, floating around on the internet so I thought this video would be relevant.

Art and fashion at BIBA boutique. Photograph by Rolph Gobits.

‘The Biba Look’ or ‘Dudu Look’ was “fresh little foals with long legs, bright faces and round dolly eyes.” Barbara Hulanicki describes her customers as “postwar babies who had been deprived of nourishing protein in childhood and grew up into beautiful skinny people: a designer’s dream. It didn’t take much for them to look outstanding.” These women were mostly teenagers or twenty year olds, who wanted to have clothes that looked good on them.


Quindi,mi hai segnata ah.
Mi hai segnata si. E pare che se ne accorgan pure gli altri.
Non è stato solo un “no ma non è amore,è abitudine”, è stato di più. Quel di piu’ che sapevo e affermavo,quel di piu a cui non volevi credere.
E com’è finita? Perchè mi ritrovo dopo mille volte o piu a riscriverlo ma sta volta è veramente..
Finita con un nuovo periodo di silenzi,e nulla. Chemmerda. Si puo’ continuare cosi?non penso proprio. Cioe’ a potere si puo’,ma sono io a dire di no. Per me puo bastare. Ho perso fin troppo tempo.
Non ci sto piu a le prese per culo,alle parole a cazzo,inutili come del resto tutto il nostro rapporto. Non ci sto piu a stare male. Non mi importa,come del resto non mi importi piu tu. Dimenticato.
E sta volta non torno indietro,promesso.


I. H. S. : Jesus hominum Salvator : Jésus sauveur des hommes.

C. S. P. B. : Crux sancti Benedicti : Croix du saint Père Benoît.

C.S.S.M.L. : Crux Sacra Sit Mihi Lux : Que la croix sainte soit lumière.

N.D.S.M.D. : Non Draco Sit Mihi Dux : Que le Démon ne soit pas mon guide.

V. R. S. N. S. M. V. : Vade Retro, Satana, Non Suade Mihi Vana : Retire-toi, Satan, ne me conseille point les choses vaines.

S. M. Q. L. I. V. L. : Sunt Mala quœ ; Libas Ipse, Venena Bibas : Ce que tu nous verses, c’est le Mal ; bois, toi-même, tes poisons.

       Al igual que todos los sábados por la mañana, Kala se había levantado con la intención de encargarse de las compras del mes. Lastimosamente para ella, el despertador no había sonado (o eso fue lo que quiso creer), así que estaba levantándose casi dos horas después, aún con rastros de maquillaje de la noche anterior y un semblante que no reflejaba más que cansancio en sus delicadas facciones. Se duchó con rapidez y soltó su cabello, limpiándose la cara pero procurando no agregar ni siquiera un gramo de maquillaje sobre su piel.

       Para cuando llegó al supermercado, ya habían colas para efectuar el pago de los alimentos y la joven dejó escapar un sonoro suspiro de sus rosados labios. Observó su reloj de pulsera para percatarse que eran las doce menos quince y apresuró el paso. En realidad, no tenía demasiados planes pero tampoco le agradaba la idea que tener que esperar unos cuarenta minutos en una fila interminable para costear sus alimentos. Arrastró el carrito hasta los lácteos y alzó su mano para sacar el último tarro de crema que se presentaba frente a ella, pero no se dio cuenta que alguien ya lo había tomado. “Oh, discúlpame. Todo tuyo.” Mencionó antes de elevar su mirada debido a la escasez de altura. “—Oh.” ( tragedyxz. )

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Hi and how are you? I don't know if you're taking request but if you are could you please to a exo reaction in which they react to their gf is a Muslim (Pakistani). I really like your blogs. -Biba ♡

HI! (omg! someone asked!) i’m, pretty good ^-^ thanks for asking.

I’m always taking requests hon so don’t worry.

sure, but this is really! short sorry, i don’t know anything about Muslims so i was struggling on what to do, sorry again. 


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Xiumin - *respects your religion as much as humanly possible and does anything, with you*

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Luhan - *Completely and utterly not mind at all, a religion/culture is just a religion/culture. It doesn’t change the way he feels about you*

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Kris - *continuously worrying that he’ll offend your culture because he know nothing about Musilums*

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Suho - *gives you extra love to show you that he doesn’t mind*

(your Kai)

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Lay - *Find’s everything really interesting and continuously asks  questions about your culture.*

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Baekhyun - “Can i  pick which hijab you wear? please please please?!”

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Chen - “really? that’s nice, now lets cuddles”

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Chanyeol - *Tries to help put on your hijab but fails so bad. He ends up raping you entire face in it.* 


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D.O - *Cooks you food from your culture as a surprise*

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Tao - *no idea what it is*

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Kai - *researches all about your culture because he wants to make sure he doesn’t do anything to offended you by accident.*

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Sehun - *tries his best to be serious about it. Asks his members to learn about your culture with him so he can know more about you.

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hope it was at lest half okay…

(hijab is a head scarf)