you know as much as I love robron, that episode was so perfect for me because it showed how perfect robert and aaron are as individuals like HOLY FUCK???

rob sticking to his word, trying to protect andy and being endlessly annoyed at bernice for not being an a* schemer like himself LMAO

and aaron being adorable because he’s just so happy paddy’s back, being sarcastic and going straight back into that natural banter between them

they’re just such interesting characters and I love it when they’re this incredible without needing the other one to show it

Gossip of the day

“Gossip of the day” are short rumors that the scenarist of Eldarya say each day on her profile. They may or may not be true. This is what we had so far :

“Some people in the Q.G may have seen Chrom naked when he rushed to Miiko after the mermaid incident.” ( she confirmed that it was true later on the forum )

“Some say that Karuto dye his hair on a regular basis”

“Apparently, Nevra can’t wink ;) “

i’ll translate them every day from now on ~