• Vivienne:I do hope you were not mistaken for a servant at the Winter Palace, Solas.
  • Solas:Such mistakes are opportunities in disguise. Nobles say things around servants they would never say to Cassandra, or the Inquisitor.
  • Vivienne:Yes, anyone who wishes to play the Game learns to use her servants effectively. Although I am surprised to see an elven apostate catch on so quickly.
  • Solas:My apologies. I shall try to live down to your expectations.

Confession:  I REALLY WANT a DLC focused on Solas for DAI similar to the Witch Hunt DLC for Morrigan for DAO. I just don’t want it to have a happy ending for Solas-mancers like Witch Hunt did for Wardens who romanced Morrigan. It felt like a cop-out to appease angry Morrigan-mancers. If Solas breaks up with the woman he loves (which OBVIOUSLY hurts him) because he’s THAT dedicated to whatever he’s trying to do, why would he change his mind later? - And this is coming from someone who romanced him :’(

Non ce la faccio più a continuare così, a far finta che vada tutto bene quando in realtà vorrei solo autodistruggermi.

Oggi parlavano di te.
Io però sono rimasta in silenzio, avevo paura di non riuscire a trattenere le lacrime questa volta.
—  ibattitidelcuore

Solas sim and content + bonus - a housewarming gift upload

So as those of you following along probably know, I recently moved home to a new place which was a pretty awesome (if expensive lol) change and got me out of a not so great situation. So in celebration of that, I put together this gift for you all as a sort of reverse housewarming present!

…because nothing says ‘yay new house’ like bald heartbreaking elves I guess.

Most of the content is one of Solas’ outfits as a coat, pants, and boots separates. The coat has four channels and is fully recolourable, while the pants and boots each only have the one channel each. All have morphs but the boots may clip with the legs of the sim with more extreme morphing. It should also be noted that there is an odd shadow that shows on the upper arms of the coat in CAS but doesn’t show up in the game.

Polycounts for the clothing are:

  • Coat - 6557
  • Pants - 1210
  • Shoes - 924

Also included is a sim file for my base Solas sim; feel free to use him as is or tweak him as you prefer.

Finally as a bonus I’ve extracted and converted the wolf statue seen in the background in my images. There are two sizes for the statue, both with one preset colour as seen in the above images and with two recolourable channels - one for the main statue and one for the darker, mossy parts of the statue. Both versions have a 2684 poly count.

All items should be base game compatible, although do let me know if that isn’t the case. Retextures and conversions are fine but please link back to this post with credit. Also please keep in mind my TOU for my downloads and enjoy!

>> Solas Outfit Only - DOWNLOAD <<

>> Solas Sim File - DOWNLOAD <<

>> Wolf Statues - DOWNLOAD <<

Note: The necklace is not included as it has been uploaded previously here. Also I love it when I can see people using my content so feel free to tag me if you do! Otherwise it’s harder for me to tell how much use it’s really getting XD.