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Winnie the Pooh Baby Clothes

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It been one year since I first got it, and it’s still as awesome as the day I got it.

The biggest improvement I have made with it, is me.

Getting fitter, stretching more,  stredding the useless fat off the body, wearing better fitting bib short and jersey, etc. make a much bigger difference than changing a seatpost to one thats only 20g lighter (ironically enough I cut half of the seatpost on that bike shredding a massive 70g).


Cage me like an animal
A crown with gems and gold
Eat me like a cannibal
Chase the neon throne

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Today, I fucked up by underestimating Lycra....

I was cycling home from work a couple of years back, was wearing Lycra ¾ length bib shorts and it was raining + bloody cold, around a mile from home I was busting for a piss so decided, as I was soaking wet it wouldn’t matter if I pissed myself as I was going to wash the kit anyway, in my mind I though that it would just soak into the material, couldn’t fucking believe it when it just started arcing out of me straight through the Lycra, absolutely no resistance at all, sadly I was cycling past a full bus stop, I can still see the look of confusion/laughter/shock on people’s faces as I “wizzed” by.

Too Long; Didnt Read > Pissed my self while cycling, produced a golden arc instead of it soaking into my clothes like my mind told me would happen.

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Reporter: You are again leading in the World Cup, you gave away the yellow bib only for a short time, this is the good news of this day.

Domen P.: Yes but on the other hand I’m not happy about it. When an accident like this happen to a ski jumper, there’s bitter aftertaste, when you see he’s not happy, he’s sad, it meant a lot to him and I feel bad, well maybe later … one time he will definitely succeed, Tande, this was a mischance in his life, but in the future there will be lots of good things.