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Did you think Quinn was better with puck or Sam?

Oh god, I’m honestly incredibly biased, so I’m going to have to go with Sam. They were my first ship that I fell head-over-heels in love with on that show, and he always did everything he could to make her happy, while Puck only ever seemed to pay attention when it mattered to him. Plus, Quinn and Puck were always at each other’s necks, so I don’t think that they would have had a very healthy relationship. Not to say that any of what Quinn did to Sam was okay (because cheating is never okay), but she seemed happier with Sam. She just didn’t realise how lucky she had been until he broke up with her.

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  • Gender: Female 
  • Star Sign: Pisces
  • Height: 5′5″
  • Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
  • Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
  • Favourite Colour: purple, burgundy, black
  • Favorite Animal: i’m not the best person to ask…..i’m ambivalent towards animals in general, #oops
  • Average hours of sleep: Constantly changing, but these days it’s about 6 hours
  • Cat or dog person: Neither
  • Favourite Fictional Character: Merlin Emrys (BBC) 
  • Number of blankets: 1. I overheat easily xD
  • Favourite singer/band : Other than the usual k-music culprits (which you can check out on my biases page), Panic!, Fire in the Hamptons, Madeon, Porter Robinson
  • Dream trip: I know it’s the college cliche to go to Europe, but whatever. I will definitely go there before I die, particularly to Italy. The art history nerd in me will THRIVE. (Too bad I’m shit and tongues.) Also, I want to go to Korea–Seoul, perhaps? And Tokyo as well. I have lifelong plans to see @cocoratscha in Germany, too, hehe.
  • Dream job: LOL (no but fr, something that allows me to work from home on web design or something to that effect, so I also have time to work on my novels….my end-end goal is to make a living as an author.)
  • When was this blog made: uhhhhhhh
  • Number of followers: 404 Not Found
  • What made you decide to create this blog: Lauren B. She indoctrinated got me into Tumblr in 9th grade.

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Before you even begin to jump my bones. This isn’t hate. Y'all can take it however you want but this is how I FEEL and it isn’t hate. Alright so apparently a while back the official page of OUAT deleted the Swan-Mills picture of when they reached 6million viewers or something like that and replaced it with something that in my opinion was shitty af. The picture had like about 300k likes or so. More than the hook/CS pictures. Anyways I’m hoping that wasn’t the reason why they deleted it but who are we kidding? The creators, producers, writers and whoever run that page are biased and only cater to CS/Hook. Whenever this is address amongst other things that swen find completely unnecessary Adam comes up with some bullshit af excuse and some petty ass comments and never like EVER gives us a straight answer. Then in comes the CS shippers begging for attention and kissing ass and he HAPPILY obliges to make them feel happy, welcome, included and like they are the only ones that matter. I’m so fucking tired of this bullshit. SwanQueen is the biggest fan base, Swan-Mills is what people come to see, what gives the show more views do not fucking fight me on this because the season final PROVED THAT! So give us SOME DAMN RESPECT! Have the decency to admit your fucking mistakes and FIX THEM! Captain Swan ISNT the only important thing in this damn show! Not everyone is in love with those two! I’m pretty positive it’s quite the opposite of love if you aren’t a CSer which again is everyone else in the fandom. ‘the page promotes what they believe gives the show more views’ my niggah! That’s clearly NOT hook because we all saw how season five ratings were so stop the bs! God damn this is so fucking exhausting. If this is what I’m gonna continue to be treated like than you can shove your show up where the sun doesn’t shine mate! Rant over ✌🏼️ any cser that comes at me will be blocked because I don’t got time for your petty ass 😘

C: I add pages about black women and our culture all the time. Sometimes I even submit pictures to the pages to be featured but, sometimes I fell like those pages are biased also because they always feature women who are models or their make up is done really well. When I thought those pages are suppose to be uplifting to all women of color. I never see “average” women on there or women that don’t really wear makeup.

Powers of Ambiguity

Or, Why Solas is not the Antagonist

Ever since we’ve had supposed ‘leaks’ of what future DLC for Inquisition might entail, I’ve seen every type of post about how Solas is involved - ranging from pessimistic viewpoints (he’ll kill our Inquisitor/our Inquisitors will have to kill him), moderate viewpoints, to outright ‘HE’S THE BIG BAD’.

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