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I don’t buy it - Jon isn’t “a northern fool”


I just don’t buy it. I still believe that Jon is playing Danielle (btw we are using this name so it won’t show up in the search, not as an insult), going “undercover” as he did with the wildlings, to ensure she helps against the white walkers. Want to know why? Keep reading, but I warn you this got … very, very, very long. 

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Have you ever noticed Sero's face during that KiriBaku interaction when Bakugou calls Kiri "Weird Hair" and Kiri yells at him? LMAO the early stages of the squad and Sero is already exasperated.

Ikr!!! It’s my absolute fave thing not even gonna lie, I mean, look at them

their whole relationship in one screencap and I’m alive haha

A musing about possession

What if Damien and Mark were sharing Damien’s body through the majority of WKM? 

Mark could have contacted Damien after he died, perhaps in a dream, and explained what happened. That he’s dead and someone killed him. Maybe he plays it off like he doesn’t know who did it and asks Damien for his help. Tells him they can share a body, he knows how.

He feeds him whatever lines he needs to, to convince him to meet him somewhere (perhaps the room he uses for his occult activities.) 

When Damien says “I have some work to finish.” What if he was going to meet Mark’s spirit, on the off chance his dream wasn’t just a dream? What could it hurt to check? If it was just a dream he can meet them all for breakfast and forget it ever happened. 

And then he finds his dead friend. And it’s no longer just a dream.

Mark convinces him to ‘let him in’. Handpicked words designed to pull at his friend’s heartstrings. Is careful about making sure Damien agrees to this, and is aware he’s agreeing to it. Soothes his concerns over the whole ordeal. It’ll be fine. It won’t hurt you. I wouldn’t hurt you. It can all be reversed, he’ll leave him when they’re done. He just has to know. Please.

And Damien agrees. They were friends right? What reason would he have to distrust him? 

So now Damien and Mark are working together to really get to the bottom of who killed him. At least Damien thinks so. 

He does a good job of being surprised when they find Mark’s body (Mark’s an actor after all).

Genuinely upset when the Colonel doesn’t show any signs of concern (Come on William, I know you didn’t do this.)

His pacing back and forth the next time you find him could be an internal discussion between him and Mark. Perhaps debating the innocence of the Colonel. Damien would stake his life on the Colonel’s innocence after all. Working out his rational through you. 

later pulling us aside to bounce his theories off of. (Three heads are better than two and Mark might be a bit biased.) 

His interactions with Celine. A mix of both concern and suspicion. His words against his expressions. Don’t let her do this. It’ll ruin everything if she realizes I’m not there.

Then when they’re left alone as we leave to speak to the groundskeeper, Mark strikes and takes Damien’s body. 

Imagine the additional level of rage when Damien realizes this whole time Mark was using him. That his friend never wanted help finding his murder. That this whole thing was just another piece of a well orchestrated plot his twisted friend has come up with.

That the choice he was given, was his undoing. 

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Would you say that saitos the most popular guy in hakuoki? Looking at the japanese side of the fandom i think so (i dont think anyones stolen no. 1 from him in polls since hakuoki came out :p).. what do you think?

Hello Anon!

Saitou is currently the most popular guy in Hakuoki in Japan, although the numbers are clear that Okita is a *very* close second (a difference of about 4% at the mid-point in the spring, shown below).  Based on a very informal poll done at the only North American Hakuouki café ever (California, back in April), he’s also currently the most popular in North America (again, with Okita a close second, and bearing in mind that the west coast in both the US and Canada has a significant Japanese community).  This also matches my observations in online communities (both tumblr and Steam) and as somebody who buys merchandise online – although Okita stuff will sometimes sell for higher, overall, Saitou’s stuff is the most consistently expensive (sigh).

I not as sure about non-Japanese Asia, Europe, etc.  Honestly, I do believe that culture can make a difference.  Also, I’d love to see what a *proper* poll would show – one that looked at age, economics, and a bunch of other factors.  Why?  Because polls and online interactions are biased: as just of many issues, people who support an apparently popular character (or person) are simply more likely to vote.  (Gomenasai! You probably weren’t looking for that kind of answer!)

(final Otomate results below)

In terms of most popular in the past, I have the very strong impression that Hijikata, at least, has been more popular – or at least he was with the English-speaking world pre-localization.  Certainly, he used to be far, far more popular than he is now – I know this is the first year he slipped out of the “top 3″ for Otomate (due to other games, mind you).

Actually, I wish I could answer your question better, Anon!  

One thing I have found (from AO3 and FFnet and tumblr – I’m not as familiar with Twitter) is that there is more new OkiChi content than SaiChi content over the past few years.  However:  (1) I can only speak reliably for English and French; (2) that only speaks to hetero/Chizuru ships.  There’s quite a lot more material when one considers m|m ships as well.

Does anyone out there know whether Hijikata or Okita has ever placed ahead of Saitou in the past in any poll or forum, Japanese or non-Japanese?

~ Impractialdemon

PS  Personally, I also think it’s a difficult question because the characters and their ships aren’t quite the same thing but are easily mixed up.

i’ve written before about how i believe fma03 was designed to Unsettle the audience, which i mean literally in that it’s supposed to hold up a mirror to ourselves and make us feel uncomfortable. for those of us who are white, i would hope that ed’s journey of realizing his own biases against ishbalans, and certainly roy’s journey of realizing he can no longer remain complacent and complicit in the system, is something that resonates with us and moves us to examine our own internalized biases and how we interact with a (sorry in advance!!!) within the white nationalist heteropatriachal hegemony. which i can unpack if that’s unclear but i think the creation of the “other” thru means of de-humanizing, removing, and containing ishbalans communities, which is justified by nationalism (they make up rumors that the ishbalans pose a Threat to amestris, which in the eyes of amestrians makes their extermination a ok) is………..deeply resonant and important

anyway that’s a wall of text for a slow monday i’m done lmfao i promise

Seiyuu Challenge Day 27

“Best seiyuu match-ups”

Kimura Ryohei, Okamoto Nobuhiko, Eguchi Takuya, Yonaga Tsubasa AKA Nobugnal (from Kiramune)


Suzuki Tatsuhisa & Shimazaki Nobunaga

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I remember Zakki once saying that he feels comfortable with Tatsu and can mess around a lot with him around xD. And that’s what anyone would want with a friend.

Fukuyama Jun & Suzuki Tatsuhisa

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Like the pair above, I think I’m biased cause of their interactions at the seiyuu events for Nanatsu no Taizai but I mean they seem like besties xD. And them on stage together at the seiyuu events is so fun to watch!

Satou Takuya & Yonaga Tsubasa

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Ahhh this pair… they’re awesome together. That’s all I need to say.

Kamiya Hiroshi & Ono Daisuke

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