biases interacting

drafts be damned   ,   tomorrow is the last day of my exam and then the semester is done    ———   so like for a starter ??  like  ,  we’ve rped 283827 before ? its fine. like it ! we’ve never rped before despite being mutuals for 298328937 years ? THATS OKAY, LIKE IT ! we’ve only been mutuals for 0.3 secs ? lol pats ur face lemme love u ok ? ok. (that means ur free to like it !!!11!)  like legit  ,  you’re interested to write with me and we’re mutuals  ,  click the ♡ !



So there I am peacfully dying and crying watching Hoshi’s birthday broadcast, and Chan joins and I am like cute, but then DK APPEARS!!

Now, DK is @bymenneske‘s bias so obviously I took a million screenshots because when our biases interact I melt. Look, Astrid, look at how boyfriend they look!! Our boyfriends together. 

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is there any particular reason, for you wanting more kyungsoo/Baekhyun and Wendy moments? Just curious 😊 cause me too

Oh nothing too big really I just really enjoy seeing my biases of different groups interacting!!!

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i personally think that ong would do well going solo after this like chungha did since he's well rounded (singing, dancing, visuals, variety, acting, etc). i think some of his charm and talent can get lost/overlooked when he's in a group but idk that's just my onion :/

aaaaaaaaa,  i personally think he shines a lot in group settings as well,, i personally think he stands out a lot w/ his personality (or maybe it’s me being biased??), i love his interactions w/ ppl, it’s one of the things that rly made me like him :’)

also…imo, while i do think he’s really well-rounded and a really great performer,, he really hasn’t wowed me in the way chungha had did,, i think he would be a great solo act in the future…but rn…i’m not really feelin it?

      menma doesn’t grasp the TRUE MEANING of kindness ; the power of selfless and meaningful actions that can change someone’s life for good. the young man wants to IMPRESS HER — he needs to prove the hyuga that he can win this BET and in the end, it causes his utter failurea-as lovely as this bouquet might be, this isn’t an a-act of kindness, m-menma-kun.there’s no aggressiveness in her voice ; just a genuine sadness dancing in the depths of her eyes. hinata brushes the tip of her fingers against the flowers but she doesn’t take them ; for it’s not a gift to please her — the uzumaki aims to prove a point, not to make her happy. y-you saw this happening i-in a movie, didn’t you —  perhaps his understanding of women and human interactions is biased — the criminal forgot how to take other people’s wishes in consideration — @shinkunoakuma