Throwing Muses (Tanya Donelly at lead vocals), Not Too Soon
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My Blip / My web magazine : Yes We Are (links) with Santo de Biase and Jean-Claude Sanchez as The Side Looks of a Barcelonese #67 and 68/Fb Era3
…and thanks a lot to Joel at Seen and Known by Others to have added a reblog to the other ones for The New Untitled #130 (link) !

i would like to study the phenomenon of Liam Hate™️ and why it seems to permeate so deeply in the fandom considering liam is a ray of sunshine sent to earth from heaven…….. everyone is always so quick to demonise him on the smallest things and yet give the other boys free passes… explain yourselves

Elaborating a bit from the last reblog, I don’t think that that omake with Ochako seeing right through Katsuki’s shit and telling him he should be friends with Izuku again is a sign she cares about Katsuki, like a lot of people/shippers have presented it as.

I am pretty sure she wants the two of them to be friends again for Izuku’s sake, not Katsuki’s.

Ya know, Izuku? Her friend? The person she actually canonically cares about?As opposed to Katsuki? The person towards she has shown no sign of any significant emotional attachment beyond respect for his drive to be a hero?

Does nobody else think this? Just me? figures…