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like even if you forget everything about history and whatever we know about what happened with the Reynolds affair, like, there’s this line of the musical:

“My husband’s doing me wrong, beating me, cheating me, mistreating me”

I don’t care if Maria Reynolds initiated the cheating or not tbh, I don’t fucking care if an abused woman cheats on her abuser, he threw the wedding vows out the window a long time ago if he treats her like that, even just from the things stated in the musical Maria is not the one to put the sole blame on as people just keep doing


Green Gables AU doodles (made out of boredom)

The passionate day dreamer, the lovesick teen who got hit by a slate, and the best bosom friend you could ever ask for

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“Good, now she’ll be useful” Sorry just had to get off my chest some disgust towards a comment I saw that Yang’s personality change is a good thing for the fight against Salem. Admittedly Yang’s mostly Ruby’s cheerleader/support character in role but there’s more to her than just being another body to throw into the fight you know?Not sure what given that the show hasn’t given her any plots besides Raven which is running dry but there is yes?

Are we watching the same show? 

Honestly, are we? 

Yang is so much more than just Ruby’s cheerleader someone who will be useful against Salem. I don’t even know where to start.

Yang is the warmest and most caring character on the show. She has so much love to give for everyone around her. Yes, she supports Ruby a lot and is always trying to be there for Ruby, but Yang has some of the most interesting arcs of the entire show. 

Yang’s overall arc will be finding herself. She doesn’t know what to do with her life. She knows she wants the rush of adrenaline and the thrill of not knowing what tomorrow brings, but she doesn’t have a big noble goal like the others. I think she will have to figure out what to do with her life sooner or later. Blake wants to be a huntress to make up for all the bad things she did. Weiss wants to honour her family name. Ruby wants to be a hero. Compared to that Yang’s arc is the most relatable one. I have seen so many people struggle with not knowing what they want to do with their life. 

Also Yang has a wonderfully written PTSD storyline. She went through a horrible trauma and has been depressed for months. She fights with her arms and that’s the thing Adam took from her. She always was the most confident one when going into a fight and was the one who got horribly defeated during battle. She is still not okay and we will spend a lot more time seeing her recover. Yang was broken, completely and utterly broken, and she had to build herself up again after being at her lowest point. It’s a painful journey that has been written beautifully so far. 

Yes, Yang has been very useless during Volume 4, but that was the point. Yang has always been there for everyone around her. Yang has always tried to protect Ruby. And suddenly she couldn’t be there for her anymore, suddenly she was just useless, sitting at home and being haunted by what had happened. The thought of Ruby made her get up again, but she is far away from being really ready and okay

The point is that the worst thing that could possibly have happened to her (taking away an arm from someone who fights with her fists, the one who always tried to be there for everyone being useless, the one with the greatest confidence during fights brutally losing one) happened to her. That is how good writing works. Find out what will hurt your character the most. Do that to your character. Watch how they pick themselves up again. 

Yang also has a very interesting relationship with Blake. You don’t have to ship them, but no one can tell me they don’t. They were partners, best friends, really important to each other, and then Yang got hurt while trying to protect Blake and Blake left. This conflict is eating me up alive and I can’t wait for their reunion. 

Also the Raven arc hasn’t even really started, it’s so far away from running dry. Right now Yang doesn’t care, but I think we will get answers and it will all come up again. She has searched for Raven for years and this question has eating her up so much she took Ruby and walked through a dark and dangerous forest all on her own until she could barely stand. Yang will either have to build a whole new relationship with her mother or she will have to finally let go of this ever taunting question inside of her. She needs closure, one way or the other. Also Raven is so much like an older version of Yang and Yang has to see her flaws and overcome them before she becomes like Raven. 

This is so far away from being over. 

Yang will also be important as soon as Raven has told her why she doesn’t trust Ozpin anymore, because Qrow and Raven both have one biased version of the truth, like two sides of a coin. The truth lies somewhere between that and Raven’s story will be important so they can all make up their own mind. 

Also Yang is just as linked to the main plot as the others after all. Maybe except Ruby, but that is something we have yet to find out about. Yes, she doesn’t have the White Fang storyline or the Schnee Dust Company storyline or the Silver Eyes storyline, but her Raven storyline is just as important and soon enough she will be linked to all the other storylines again anyway when she reunites with her team again. Yang not being linked to the main plot during Volume 4 was the whole point of her whole arc in Volume 4. Her being useless was completely intentional. This is what people don’t get. But she will be so important to the plot from now on. 

Yang is one of the most wonderful characters I have ever had the pleasure to watch. She has an amazing arc. She is an amazing character. She’s not just a side character to the main character Ruby Rose, all the four RWBY girls are main characters and just as important as the others. If you think Yang is just some useful body to throw at Salem or a cheerleader to Ruby you are watching the wrong show. 

I, Eva, love Yang Xiao Long with all my heart and soul and I would have a shrine for her if that wouldn’t be somehow weird. 


Alrighty here is a (quite frankly awful) intro to the aihl v2! 

I deleted the first version as I made it at 2am in the morning and it was seriously bad (and long), So yeah if anyone has some feedback or updated information on the teams I don’t know much about just send me a message. 

I would also like to make shorter and waaaay less biased versions of this for each team so if you’d like to help out with those feel free to once again send me a message :)

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So a friend and I were having a conversation about Maya and Nemugasa. If by some way they were to have children we think that Maya would be a silly parent especially if they had a daughter who looked like Nemugasa. We have this scene in our head where Shimakawa teases Maya about having to give away his daughter. What do you think? What kind of parents would Maya and Nemugasa make?

Since there is a AU for that by Nekota Yonezou herself, I’m kinda biased xD

(HQ version)

Maya would probably be the kind of dad who’s 100% supportive, even with bad things like fighting in school (”You showed them, THAT’S MY SON!!”) and Nemu would be the always worried dad who sighs a LOT over their shenanigans  xD
I SO need an Omegaverse Dj of themmmm!!!!!! >__<


Does anyone else think about the fact that there are kids in the First Order? Not just the kids in the stormtrooper program- there have to be officers and techs with families. People don’t stop having kids just because they’re in a fascist military junta.

What are their lives even like? Where do the live? Are there family quarters on the star destroyers? Maybe they live on colonized planets. Do they have schools besides the Academy? Are there little First Order munchkins procrastinating on doing homework about a heavily biased/politicised version of the Rebellion? Do they get excited when they see Captain Phasma or run around playing stormtroopers? Are there little 14-year-old First Order girls squealing over posters of Hux on their walls?

I need to know these things.

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1) During umfb&mha does it occur to Phichit that Viktor might actually be in love with Yuuri, from hearing Yuuri's version of events + seeing their interactions in person at competitions and social media posts about Viktor? Does he think Yuuri won't believe him, or would he tell Yuuri straight away if he had a strong feeling about it? 2) Did Phichit admire Viktor as the figure skating legend he was and is, did he look up to him as many others do? How does this change when Yuuri opens up to him?

Phichit doesn’t think that Viktor is in love with Yuuri as he only has Yuuri’s heavily biased version of events to work from and so his POV is skewed too. But he does have suspicions that Yuuri might be missing something or not telling the story completely accurately. As for if he’d tell Yuuri he’d do exactly what he did in chapter 13. As for whether he admired Viktor, he never hero worshipped him like Yuuri did but he did look up to him as a skater. When Yuuri opens up to him he hates Viktor on principal

[TRANS] Excerpt from Yixing’s book - Yixing’s fight

translated by laymerence and elaysium.


While I threw my entire body and heart into the life of a trainee, an accident happened, I fought, and the consequences were serious. Because of this fighting incident, I was sent back to my country. Without even having the chance to reflect on my initial determination to grasp every opportunity, I left Korea for the second time.

At that time the company had prepared various classes for us, dancing classes, vocal classes, language classes, everyday besides training there was more training. I would train till I was exhausted, when I returned to the apartment, without thinking about anything else I would fall asleep immediately, and sleep till the next day. I remember one morning when I woke up, my stomach was extremely hungry, when I saw a pot of rice on the table I ate all of it.

Who would have thought that because of eating this rice, I ended up in a fight! Now that I think about it, perhaps at that time everyone was very uptight, everyone’s heartstrings were wound together tightly (t/n: everyone was on edge). Sometimes due to one impatient sentence, as boys, all our emotions boiled over. While striking out, my movements were greater, causing the other party to be hurt. This incident, is considered a serious mistake on my part, and afterwards I was sent back home.

The company has its rules, everyone must follow them, and I must pay the price for my own actions, except to me at that time, this price I paid was really too great.

Now that I think back on this incident, I am still very regretful. The regret was not just towards the fact that I nearly personally ended my journey of music that I strove for with difficulty, but also because of what had resulted from me losing control of my emotions.

I immediately recalled, when I was very young, grandfather taught me what it was to be careful in both speech and actions, at that time I didn’t understand. So at this moment now, I have to pay the price for my youthfulness and impulsivity.

But, this is youth I suppose, during the days of blinding sunshine, it is precisely because there is such a price to be paid whilst growing up, that allowed me to understand more clearly, that dreams are not so easily realised. The more one experiences, the faster one will grow.

A note from the translators:

Originally we were going to wait till some of us have translated the whole book, but we decided to translate this part first because we’ve seen some false translations floating around that have caused a lot of confusion. A few things we’ve seen which we want to clarify:

1. “Yixing stole another trainee’s food.” There’s no mention of that. The words in the excerpt literally say “When I woke up, my stomach was extremely hungry, when I saw a pot of rice on the table I ate all of it.”

2. “Yixing beat up another trainee.” Also no mention of that. He says, because he ate the rice, he got into a fight. His movements were greater than the other person and it caused them to be hurt. There is no mention of who dealt the first blow.

3. “He did not regret beating up the other person.” He said nothing of that sort. He says the incident was “a serious mistake” on his part, and “the regret was not just towards the fact that I nearly personally ended my journey of music that I strove for with difficulty, but also because of what had resulted from me losing control of my emotions.”

True, we are neither Yixing nor the other party, so other than what we have translated we cannot say anything about what he felt at that time or feels right now. But, while we may be xingmis, we have added nothing nor omitted anything in our translation. We have reproduced his exact words to the best of our ability. If any other “translation” attempts to present a different version of things or colour the events differently, we’d honestly question the translator’s intention and credibility. You’re free to make your own inference and judgment if you want, but please don’t pass it off as fact based on his original writing.