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He could actually be a decent ruller with this mindset it is s o hard to root for Netero

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awh man im so nervous right now. i have to do a speech in english so im doing it on the british empire and how come the crimes its committed are swept under the rug and ignored but i live in a rural area with a grand total of two POC in my class (im white myself) and already im being called a traitor and just hating on my country but its like my speech is about how we need to accept our history and understand the biased version we are taught and im just so goddamn nervous

just keep doing your thing and go for it👌🏼 it’s unfortunate but…expected. everyone likes a polished and glorious national narrative instead of dealing with their country’s demons huh. although that process gives people a much fuller and deeper appreciation of their history. we can’t understand the history of tea in britain in detail without drawing connections to the opium wars, the plantations in british india and the sugarcane plantations in the americas that ran on african slave labour. imagine trying to understand the evolution of the modern british political system without learning about all the times Shit Happened like the english civil war. it’d be incomplete, no?

my family being from a commonwealth country, i wish more people engaging in their knee jerk ‘ummm we gave the colonies railways and the parliamentary system’ would understand that yes empires throughout human history were often very powerful forces for catalysing socio-economic and cultural developments but almost always did so at a costly toll in human lives and cultural destruction. there’s no getting around that. i mean, that’s how it was when the romans first came to britain too. it is valuable that people appreciate this complexity instead of being defensive of what’s really a fictional, whitewashed narrative.


#khr week 2016 // Day 7 - Storm

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hi guys!! I’m looking to sell my mark version of turbulence cause I got the youngjae version, so I don’t really need both.

if you’re interested or know anyone who is interested, message me!! I’m open to negotiating a price since I opened it and I already put the stickers on it. 

I’m currently looking to sell it for $20-$30, depending on where I have to ship it to, but I’m also willing to throw in extra photocards!! ((also if you’re a mutual, I’ll sell it for cheaper cause I love y’all))

El Dorado 3D
El Dorado 3D

find exo’s el dorado~
listen to with good head/earphones for the effect.
click for the masterlist and download links.

[TRANS] Excerpt from Yixing’s book - Yixing’s fight

translated by laymerence and elaysium.


While I threw my entire body and heart into the life of a trainee, an accident happened, I fought, and the consequences were serious. Because of this fighting incident, I was sent back to my country. Without even having the chance to reflect on my initial determination to grasp every opportunity, I left Korea for the second time.

At that time the company had prepared various classes for us, dancing classes, vocal classes, language classes, everyday besides training there was more training. I would train till I was exhausted, when I returned to the apartment, without thinking about anything else I would fall asleep immediately, and sleep till the next day. I remember one morning when I woke up, my stomach was extremely hungry, when I saw a pot of rice on the table I ate all of it.

Who would have thought that because of eating this rice, I ended up in a fight! Now that I think about it, perhaps at that time everyone was very uptight, everyone’s heartstrings were wound together tightly (t/n: everyone was on edge). Sometimes due to one impatient sentence, as boys, all our emotions boiled over. While striking out, my movements were greater, causing the other party to be hurt. This incident, is considered a serious mistake on my part, and afterwards I was sent back home.

The company has its rules, everyone must follow them, and I must pay the price for my own actions, except to me at that time, this price I paid was really too great.

Now that I think back on this incident, I am still very regretful. The regret was not just towards the fact that I nearly personally ended my journey of music that I strove for with difficulty, but also because of what had resulted from me losing control of my emotions.

I immediately recalled, when I was very young, grandfather taught me what it was to be careful in both speech and actions, at that time I didn’t understand. So at this moment now, I have to pay the price for my youthfulness and impulsivity.

But, this is youth I suppose, during the days of blinding sunshine, it is precisely because there is such a price to be paid whilst growing up, that allowed me to understand more clearly, that dreams are not so easily realised. The more one experiences, the faster one will grow.

A note from the translators:

Originally we were going to wait till some of us have translated the whole book, but we decided to translate this part first because we’ve seen some false translations floating around that have caused a lot of confusion. A few things we’ve seen which we want to clarify:

1. “Yixing stole another trainee’s food.” There’s no mention of that. The words in the excerpt literally say “When I woke up, my stomach was extremely hungry, when I saw a pot of rice on the table I ate all of it.”

2. “Yixing beat up another trainee.” Also no mention of that. He says, because he ate the rice, he got into a fight. His movements were greater than the other person and it caused them to be hurt. There is no mention of who dealt the first blow.

3. “He did not regret beating up the other person.” He said nothing of that sort. He says the incident was “a serious mistake” on his part, and “the regret was not just towards the fact that I nearly personally ended my journey of music that I strove for with difficulty, but also because of what had resulted from me losing control of my emotions.”

True, we are neither Yixing nor the other party, so other than what we have translated we cannot say anything about what he felt at that time or feels right now. But, while we may be xingmis, we have added nothing nor omitted anything in our translation. We have reproduced his exact words to the best of our ability. If any other “translation” attempts to present a different version of things or colour the events differently, we’d honestly question the translator’s intention and credibility. You’re free to make your own inference and judgment if you want, but please don’t pass it off as fact based on his original writing.