Seventeen (REQUESTED)
  • looks like a fuckboy but is a flower boy:wonwoo
  • looks like a flower boy and is a flower boy:hoshi, the8, dino
  • looks like a flower boy but is a fuckboy:jun, s.coups
  • looks like a fuckboy and is a fuckboy:mingyu
  • looks gay but is a flower boy:joshua, dk, woozi
  • looks gay but is a fuckboy:vernon
  • looks gay and is gay:seungkwan
  • looks like a girl and passes as one:jeonghan
Reblog to get a message from your bias~

Since I’m not here much this weekend I decided to make another one ay?

Please read carefully~ 

1. Reblog once with ONE bias - in tags!

2. I’ll be happy if you followed me (if you already were, yay~)

3. You can try to give more details, what type of message, but you don’t have to

4. Remember to check if your inbox is open!!!!!

5. Don’t reply, reblog just once, don’t make a mess please, make it easier for me so I can enjoy writing to you fully :3


Tagged by @mcrkilljoy11 , @hansanghyuked to post 8 photos of my bias. I decided to post 10 gifs like hansanghyuked did :) Thank you sweeties for tagging me!

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【Kondou Shouri】Cat vs. Crow! Battle of the Trash Heap!

(I translated Kondou-kun’s blog post today about him being casted as Kuroo Tetsurou! He talks about his high school volleyball career here too)

Today, I have a pleasant announcement.

This time around, I, Kondou Shouri, will be playing Kuroo Tetsurou for Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu!! “Karasuno, Revival!”

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