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TV- 14-sai No Haha

14-year-old girl gets pregnant after having sex with her 15-year-old boyfriend and has to fight for her right to be a mother. Good plot, Mirai is amazing (she was only 12-years-old at the time), parents were great, but Haruma Miura is kinda “eh” and you’re going to HATE his character. Watch this if you want to see Mirai be brilliant.

Spotlighting: Mirai Shida, Haruma Miura

Under the cut are #74 rp icons of actress Shida Mirai who is of Japanese ethnicity, born in the year 1993. Please do use/cast if you found this useful/interesting. The icons are made by K from scratch and are sized as 100x100 borderless, roleplayable and iconable. Feel free to use them! Credits aren’t necessary. Please like/reblog if used/saved.

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FRIDAY 2015.12.18 issue

Shida Mirai and Kamiki Ryunosuke’s passionate love revealed! Seeing each other 3 times a week!

The scandal happened in the night at Shibuya, Tokyo. It was after her stage play ended, Shida, wearing black cap and jeans, entered her company car but then came out 2 minutes after. She stood on the sidewalk of Miyashita Park and waited for someone. She held a vinyl umbrella and then there, Kamiki approached her wearing black boots and glasses and said “sorry for the wait~!” with his soft voice. Then they went to a cafe and stayed there until it was midnight, then walked for approximately 10 minutes while looking at each other many times and disappeared in Tower Mansion where Kamiki lives.

Two days after that, the night of 20th. After Shida finished her stage play, she returned to her own home then came back to Shibuya with a luggage. Kitchenware can be seen from the paper bag she was holding. She looked around restlessly before entering the aforementioned apartment building. 

And then 4 days later, in Shibuya that night, the figure of two people could be seen again. Kamiki, who wore the hood of his black parka, and Shida, whose eyes were dazzling even when wearing a face mask on, faced the (magazine’s) camera at the beginning, then the two went back to gazing at each other many times and entered from the back of the apartment building.

The two were classmates at Horikoshi, and although they have a good relationship, the fans, even the agency are not even aware of it. It must be a friendship that quietly developed into love.

It is a sweet love. It is a good thing.

© scan source | rough translation by @amidstthedark

Dream Again (2008, NTV)

Sometani Shota as Inui (ep 7-8).

Inui is Hina’s (Shida) love interest at school, and just about when she’s got the courage to ask him out he announces that his parents are relocating to Sendai. Nonetheless he aspires to go to university in Tokyo so asks Hina if she still feels that same way then - 4 years later - they’ll meet up again.

If this pairing ever worked out I would find it so cute. Again its a duo shot, but again Shida Mirai doesn’t annoy me like many actresses, plus I enjoy her in this dorama. I’m a sucker for any sports dorama, especially if its baseball.