bias: kyomoto taiga


SUBBED: Shokura YOUbin 2014.08.13

Raw video from (x), uploaded with hardsubs with permission from original user (ichigocherryuki@twitter)

NK = Nakaken, KF = Fuma, KT = Kyomo, YK = Yasui, JL = Jesse

Summary: The letter is from a girl who asks for advice on her brother’s behalf of how to ask out a girl on a beach date. Kyomoto, Jesse, and Yasui demonstrate how they think it should be done.


  • Yasui being cute as hell 
  • All three of them pretending to be girls at some point (Kyomo in particular was adorable)
  • Some Yasui/Fuma interaction
  • Jesse fondling his non existent boobs
  • Incredible Kyomo/Jesse comedy duo
TaiTai touching ♥ (Kayou Surprise SP)