Can You Help End Police Violence? | Creator For Change

Written by Franchesca Ramsey & Andrew Jive  

Produced by Andrew Jive Productions -

Directed & Animated by - Andrew Jive & Josh Mahan

Director of Photography - Zachary Poots

Production Design by - Josh Mahan & Andrew Jive

VFX by - Anthony Johnson

Sound Design - Dan Rosato Gilded Audio

Narrated by Franchesca Ramsey

please see video description box for sources

I spent the past 5 months working on this video with Andrew Jive (an incredible director and animator) for my YouTube Creators for Change impact project, and I’m really proud of how it turned out. Hope you’ll watch, enjoy and share.

Just some aesthetic af screenshots from the Turn Up 2Young unit teaser

Well, I see both my bias wreckers are here to collect me. Please tell Yugyeom that I loved him dearly.

NCT  reactions when you want to get couple items

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Taeyong : Taeyong would love it, especially when you bought the couple item that he really like example; snapbacks. He would treasure the snapback so much he woul wear it in almost everytime he practice. If you both happen to wear it at the same time, he will ask you to take picture of it and he will show it to the members, “We’re snapback soulmates” he showed off.

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Taeil : “Couple items? Sure why not. Just don’t pick the childish one okay?” what he means by the childish like couple plushies, or furry animal hats, you know the very cute type. He rather get the items like matching water bottles, so he can drink from it and think of you. He agrees to most functional items you can get.

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Yuta : He would think you are so lame like “Really? Couple items? That’s just so cliché” he rolled his eyes. But that one time you insisted to buy one and you bought him a sleeveless shirt that says ‘HOT’ turns out to be his favourite shirt. You have the match tank tops and he loves it when you put it on.  

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Johnny : He always get you both couple items so when you said you decided to buy he gets really excited. He is obsessed with couple items okay, matching phone case, keychains, shirts, rings, braceletes you name it he got it all.

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Ten : Ten would be okay with any couple items, he finds you really cute when you want to have couple items. You bought him an earring which is a pair; you wear it right side and he wear it left. He finds it a really unique couple items.

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Doyoung : When you got Doyoung a matching bracelets, he is really surprised and happy at the same time. More over, he even teases you. “So, is this a symbol that you will lock me and I can’t run away from you?” he sigh, “My life is over…”

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Jaehyun :  Matching keychains which have a your name and his name would definitely put a smile on his face. “Wah, I didn’t know you would be this cheesy Y/N” he said with a blushing face. He always put it on his bags when he goes to his schedule so that you can see it.

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Winwin : “Oh, matching sweater? Why sweater though?” he asked you. You said that so when he gets cold,he can imagine you hugging him by wearing it. Then, he smiles like a dork he is.

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Mark : You and Mark are on a date when you saw this really cool bagpack design and you instantly want to make it as you both ‘it’ couple items. He is really proud when he was wearing it at school and everyone thinks it’s a very trendy bagpack. He dated the right girl, he thought of himself.

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Haechan : He got furious when you said you want to buy a couple masks as your it couple items. “Why do I want to hide my handsome face from the public? Why are you like this?” he asked. You said you don’t want any other girls to see his good looking face other than you. He smirks, “Okay, you got a point there” ;D

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Jaemin : You will get a couple bookmark with Jaemin since he likes to read books and oftenly studying (such a hardworking baby :3). When you give him the bookmark which is in gold plated with floral carved, he is touched by it. You have the same kind only in silver color as you show it to him. “Thanks Y/N, make sure you use yours too okay” he inderectly reminding you to read books more. 

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Jeno : You gave Jeno a matching socks as your couple items. “So, I have to wear it everyday? Cuz it’s our couple thingy?” he asked confusedly. You explained that he can wear it anytime, then he nodded. He thought if it’s a couple item he need to wear it all the time but you said you are not that possessive so yea he does not have to worry.

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Renjun : When you gave him the Moomin tshirt as your couple items, he cheers joyfully and hugged you tight. “Y/N, this is so cute! It’s the best couple item you’ve ever got for me, thank you” he exclaimed. He is so happy to get the tshiirt that he takes a photo of you both wearing it and frame it at his room. 

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Chenle :  He laughed so hard when you showed him your couple items are dolphin hat. He finds it so amusing that you can think of it as a couple items for you both. None the less, he wears it from time to time cuz you said it looks so adorable on him.

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Jisung : “Oh, you give me the same earphone design as yours” he said. When you reveal it was your couple items, he got confused. “Oh, there is such thing as couple items?” he became more and more puzzled. At last, you just told him to received it like a normal gift.

A/N : I personally enjoy making this haha :D tq for requesting and please do send in more request soon :3 (p/s : I received 4 new requests tqsm :’D keep the coming peaches before I’m closing it <3 ) – Cuppy-nim


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