So apparently they did that thing again where Mewtwo has actual victory quotes in the Japanese version of Smash but they removed them from all the international versions and it just makes sounds instead.

Top 10 Biases Tag

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Ah, so really, my top favorites all come from the same ~3 groups. TuT I have a single bias from each group, but if we’re talking top faves in K-pop, it looks like this…

  1. Suga - BTS
  2. D.O - Exo
  3. Jungkook - BTS
  4. Sehun - Exo
  5. Rap Monster - BTS 
  6. Tao - Exo
  7. Chanyeol - Exo
  8. Jonghyun - SHINee
  9. N - VIXX
  10. Taemin - SHINee

But if I can’t repeat groups…

  1. Suga - BTS
  2. D.O - Exo
  3. Jonghyun - SHINee
  4. N - VIXX
  5. Zelo - B.A.P
  6. Bam Bam - Got7
  7. C.A.P - Teen Top
  8. Taeil - Block B
  9. Ren - Nu’est
  10. Amber - f(x)

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Jiyong oppa stop acting cute and sexy in front of other girls,, i get jealous y'know. I hope now you know you can only do that to me

G-Dragon: *laughs a little* What are you saying? That’s just for the performance, after all you’re the one I come home for every night.

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