Freshman Jungkook x Senior Reader

SOOOOOOOOOOOO YALL THOUGHT I WAS PLAYING ABOUT THIS FIC!? I am wrecked to the highest level right now! Like I saw this gif yesterday (thanks to admin Niss) and have not stopped talking about it!!! just GOD DAMN IT ALL JUNGKOOK!! LEAVE ME ALONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ Lia 


“I can’t believe I have to take Sex Ed 101 to graduate, like this is ridiculous.” You mumble to yourself as you quickly jog across the freshman quad, bobbing and weaving your way through the crowd.

It was your senior year and you had 3 classes left to take . The two major core classes filled before you even got a chance to sign up , so you would have to wait till the next semester to finish. But your counselor had so loving forgot to tell you that you were missing a basic general education class. And of course everything was filled except dreaded Sex Ed . 

You rolled your eyes and sighed heavily as you pushed the large door open to hell. You had made it just so on time to score a seat in the back. You cringed while taking in the room full of freshman , all so eager to be adults they were dressed to the 9s, all with fully coordinated outfits and faces full of anticipation. You, however had just rolled out of bed and still were sporting the leggings you wore to bed and a hoodie with a dried up toothpaste stain dead center for the world to see. 

As you settled in your seat and raised your hand to support your face while you blankly stared at your professor droning on and on (AND ON) about the importance of his class , the importance of his syllabus, and the importance of protection, the large door suddenly swung open . If this class was hell the devil himself had just come home. He made his way to the back of class whispering “sorry ” and “excuse me” all the way until he finally settled in the seat next to yours.

Oddly enough this so called “devil” was as cute as a bunny. He’s fresh innocent face radiated youth , and his bowl cut hair style almost gave him a child like appearance. You were blatantly staring , I mean he looked like he was 12, but if he was a freshman he had to be at least 17 . Either way he was still a baby, you concluded. He finally looked over at you and locked eyes with you. After a few seconds he pulls his eyes away from you and looks down at his notebook and quickly scribbles something and pushes his notebook to the edge of his desk so you can see what is written. 

“Is this where we get the free condoms ? ;) ” 

You had to physically force yourself not to yell BOY and threaten to call his mother . Thank god he was in this class he was going to need ALL of the help he could get, or at least all of the “free help” he could get. You rolled your eyes and mouthed “Pig”. He only grinned and sat back in his seat. He pulled at the neck of his fitted white tee and then pulled at his grey sweat pants causing certain attributes of his body to become very apparent. He runs his hand through his hair pushing it back , almost seductively, and giving you a sly grin and casually biting down on his lower lip. You try your best to seem unphased. You roll your eyes and redirect your attention to the professors droning . This is why you called him the devil, how could someone physically go from cute little bunny smile boy to sexy and grown as hell in a matter of seconds . How !? 

The weeks dragged on in the same fashion. Jungkook ( you learned his name from roll call) was always 5 minutes late . And because of this, he always sat in the back , next to you. You both never had a full conversation, communication usually consisted of Jungkook writing some crude note and you replying by calling him either a pig or a baby , or sometimes a baby pig and him laughing and shooting you seductive looks , all of which you pretended you never saw.

By week 7 it was project season and your professor assigned partners. The assignment: Get to know your classmates and keep a sack of flour with you and pretend it is a child ! As the professor read from his list , calling off pairs like they were guest at some fancy ball it became extremely clear who your partner would be . You fold your arms on your desk and bury your head in them. Naturally only you would get stuck with the devil in hell.

After class Jungkook looks over at you , holding “your child” on his desk with both hands . 

“Sooooo” he starts , “are we staying at your place or mine ?” He says chuckling at his own lame pick up line. 

“Just give me the flour baby and l keep it all weekend, I promise it’ll be returned on Monday and we’ll get an A.” You huff . 

“Now wait just a second Y/N , the professor said this isn’t just an assignment, were supposed to get to know each other too.” He says as he gets up and gathers his things .

“You already know my name and that I think you’re a baby pig , what else is there to know . " 

He chuckles to himself again ,almost psychotically, "Alright then Y/N , we’ll go to your place . I’ll be there at 8 and just so I know you’ll let me in, I’ll take the flour baby.” He says picking up the sack. “You can’t deny the father of your child ” he says winking and rushing to leave the room. 

What the literal heck ??? You wonder as you walk to your dorm. How does he even know where I stay, and why is he so persistent with the flirting? Almost and hour after he said he’d show, Jungkook comes and knocks on your door ,shouting “It’s your baby daddy!! Let me in!” 

You swing open the door and quickly yank him in. “God you’re annoying!” You sigh. 

He gives you one of his cute bunny smiles before placing the flour child on your desk. He starts wondering around your room while you take a seat in your office chair , causally spinning from side to side. 

“Wow! So this is what one of the senior singles looks like! I can’t wait to get one, right now I share a room with two other guys and believe me.. it’s hell.” 

“Oh it must be with you there.” You say laughing at your own insider. 

He gives you a weird look before turning to look at some photos on your wall. While he’s attention was directed away from you , you finally get a chance to take in a side you rarely see in class . Unlike his deceiving front side his back , was all man. His perfect undercut only complimented his thick neck that flowed into his thick, broad shoulders. Almost as if on que he removed his jacket, his thick back muscles fighting against the frail fabric of his tank. He turned to throw his jacket on your bed. Locking eyes with you he makes his way across the room and pushes your chair again the desk, leaning in and heavily he whispers . “Now Y/N , how about I show you what I’ve been learning in class ” and slowly he tilts his head and presses his lips against yours . 

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New Evidence Shows Search Engines Reinforce Social Stereotypes
Thinking critically about the algorithms we depend on every day.

Having documented the gender biases inherent in image search algorithms, what can we do? We hope that our work inspires search developers to think critically about each stage of the engineering process and how and why biases could enter them. We also believe that developers using APIs like Bing — which we used to conduct our research — need to be aware that any existing biases will be carried downstream into their own creations. We also believe that it is possible to develop automated bias detection methods, such as using image recognition techniques to check who is – and who is not – represented in a set of results. Search engine companies like Google and Microsoft should prioritize this work, as should journalists, researchers, and activists.

Librarians have been pondering these issues in cataloging. Time to reconsider the search engines we use.

jfc so i’m just coming off my harmonia’s recent milestone & i see this ??  it’s crazy !!  i’ve had tori for a little over two months now & i’ll be honest,  i didn’t know if i was going to stay in the hp family long.  with tori being a character we haven’t gotten an ounce of dialogue from & the general consensus that cc was a disappointment to most,  i didn’t know if this blog would make it.  look at my trash child now ??  i’m extremely thankful to everyone’s who’s gotten me to this point & who has been so amazingly supportive through this entire journey !!  you guys are the best & i love you to the moon & back !!  this list is by no means extensive & it contains close friends, those i’ve written with, & those who are absolutely blog goals who light up my dash daily !!

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Long Drive

Anon Requested

“Ok so you have to make a right in 5.3 miles.” You said reading the gps on your phone as your husband drove.

“Ok.” He says keeping his eyes on the road. Silence filled the car except for the music playing on the radio.

Your best friend had invited you and your husband to hang out with her and her boyfriend for a weekend. The only problem was she lived 6 hours away from you. So you and your husband decided to drive there since this would be the first time you traveled together as husband and wife.

“You’re a horrible DJ. I’m about to fall asleep.” He says and you laugh rolling your eyes.

“What did you say before we started driving two hours ago?” You say and he laughs.

“I do not recall.” You lightly smack his arm.

“Just admit it or I’m going to play the same song over and over again for the next 4 hours.”

“Fine.” He says and you take that as him admitting it so you can play your favorite songs. You smile really big and plug in your phone to his radio.

“You can’t complain.” You say as you click shuffle. You couldn’t think of a really good song so you just played whatever was on your playlist.

He leans over and puts the volume up. You sit back and look back at your phone for the directions.


“Your playlist isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.” He said as you guys reached the one hour mark.

“I don’t listen to bad music. You should know that since we’ve been married for 3 months and dated for 2 years!” He glares at you and you roll your eyes.

“Remember that one song that you liked and the singer said the same thing throughout the whole song.” You groan and lean back laughing.

“One song and you think all of my favorites are like that.”

“Hey you’re the one that recommended me to listen to it.” He says and you laugh smacking his arm lightly.

“I honestly can’t believe you remember that! It was our first week of texting each other.” He laughs and holds your hand.

“Do you know how nervous I was texting you? Now when I think back to it I’m like what the hell was I nervous about?” You laugh and interlock your fingers with his.

“You? I was worse! I kept asking people for a good response to your texts.” You confess and he starts laughing like crazy.

“Are you serious? Why?”

“Because I didn’t want to sound stupid!” You look down as you hear the voice from your phone. “Wow 30 more minutes.” You say and he raises his eyebrows.

“That went by really fast.”

“Of course because I was here.” You give him a look and he laughs at your cockiness.

“I can’t get over how you asked people what to respond to me.” You groan and cover your face.

“Ugh I don’t know why I even told you if you’re going to keep bringing it up.” He laughs and reaches for your hands as the light turns red.

“It just amazes me that you cared so much of what I would think of you that you wanted someone to help you. Meanwhile I was head over heels in love with you.” You uncover your face and look at him.

“Really?” You say and he nods. You lean over and give him a quick peck as the light turned green.

“When you told me you liked me too I thought I was on cloud 9. Like the girl I had a huge crush on actually liked me. Now thinking back to it, it’s crazy but yeah I married the woman of my dreams…” you laughed at his little confession. “Whatcha laughing at?” He says reaching over to poke your side.

“Babe!” You screamed laughing. “I just think it’s cute that’s all.” He reaches over and takes your hand in his.

“You’re cute.” He says as he kisses it and you feel a blush slowly creep on your cheeks.

“Stop.” You whine as he laughs.

        Oh jeez, where do I start? I thought this muse up on a whim and rolled with it because it had been a while since I had put my mind to anything that didn’t have anything to do with Fire Emblem: Awakening and was like “Y’know what? Let’s do this!” I sat down and did a lil brainstorming ( with the help of two friends and my sister ) and boom- my little kitty cat was born. I wasn’t sure how they were going to be received, as there are countless flirts, mischievous tricksters, and thieves out there already, but I’m glad I didn’t back down. Mikah’s a really fun character to write and think up ideas for and I’m grateful that people welcomed them with open arms and were basically like “C’mon! Jump in.” I didn’t think that people would be so excited to see them and that made me really, really happy.

        So….. to return the favor, I will partake in showing off the blogs that I think deserve some love ‘cause i’ve practically stared at all these blogs for at least 30 minutes or so when they pop up on my dash ;;;;

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Holy shit how the fuck did we get here? I’ve been inactive for fucking forever yet you guys still followed me, and I even gained a bunch of new followers! Like wow thanks guys. I’m sorry for being so inactive, but school has been destroying me and I’ve also been busy with out of school stuff like family and health stuff. Honestly, it’s been just a giant mess, but I’m hoping to become active again soon. Once I get all my shit together with school and college, then I should be okay to start really kicking it in gear. For now I’ve got a present for you all as well as a bias list!

The present is a folder full of color sorted aesthetic images. It’s free to use since I just pulled all of these photos from searches. There’s no need to like or credit or w/e since none of these photos are mine. Note that if you see your’s or a friend’s photo(s), please contact me and I’ll remove them from the pack. Now here’s the link for it so please use it if you need it. Also note that the red and black & white folders have some photos of injury n stuff so just be careful of that.

Pack download link

Now here’s the bias list of some of my favorite blogs. If you aren’t on this list, then I deeply apologize. Know that I love you and I didn’t forget you on purpose. I’m just an idiot that sometimes forget things. Honestly if I could, I’d include my entire following list but that’s 570+ blogs so I won’t do that. Note that this list includes mutuals and blogs that I admire. I highly suggest that you follow all of these blogs as they are all incredible in their own right. Like if I could, I’d write at least a paragraph about all the people on this list and how amazing and dear to my shriveled up and salt preserved heart they are. For now, though, here’s a shoutout for some of those precious babes and I hope they and everyone who might see this have a wonderful rest of the year! <3 May good fortune smile down upon all you beautiful celestial beings!

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anonymous asked:

why are so many CL and GD stans so shook whenever Minzy or Seungri fans talk about how talented they are? Like chill we're not saying they're not talented lmao but then again a lot of GD and CL stans are really arrogant or gross

its because as talented as GD and CL are, yg has put them on this pedestal in which they are interpreted as better than anyone because they’re the leaders of their respective groups.

they’re both talented no doubt, but because yg is a fucking ass he’s always giving these two everything he can so of course fans are going to follow along and put them on an even higher pedestal. because of this notion their fans end up getting extremely fucking defensive if anyone shows love to another person or bias they adore. 

despite being in the fandom for a good couple of years it gets really annoying being told that my bias isn’t as good as another’s simply because they havent done this or that. like love ur bias and be proud of who they are!! no need to shove them down someones throat. 

and the thing is kpop has being getting really fucking huge with its fandom aka newer fans (often younger ones) who refuse to learn to respect ppl’s love for their biases or haven’t fully grasped the concept that its ok to not love everything ur fave does. and because of the endless amount of achievements by these two, their fans use it as an excuse to be elitist fans. all there is “so and so is queen and king” or “so and so is better than ur faves” like let ppl live, good for u that u think ur fave is this or that but dont get fucking mad when someone doesn’t agree.

i personally hate the whole notion of “so and so are kings” because it is often said by elitist fans who refuse to realise that everyone has a different perception of who and what their faves can be. and of course alot of these gross stans are on twitter because they can’t be called out by a 140 word limit and not even gd/cl stans BUT A GOOD MAJORITY OF THE KPOP FANDOM do not understand that criticism doesn’t equal hate.