I never know what to say with these, because I’m an emotional git and I don’t want to get sappy on your guys, but I really do love you all, and you’re all such great inspirations to me. Just seeing you on my dash makes me smile no matter what, and I know that not everything goes smoothly, and nothing’s ever 100% fine and dandy, so to those of you who’ve stuck around and listened to me when I’m in some kind of mood  (  be it when I’m anxious or just pissed off  ), you’re the real MVPs. I don’t know where I would be without any of my mutuals, whether I know you or not, but I know one thing. I’m incredibly grateful to have you in my life and to be able to call you my friends. Thank you for sticking with me through this year, and I’m sO READY FOR MORE !!!

                                      Nixie   💗💖


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MY WARBLERS.      aka, those of whom I occasionally write with  /  talk to but still love to the moon and back.

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Usually, I don’t do bia lists that early and since this blog is only 1,5 months old, I guess, it’s quite early. But anyway, I met a bunch of fantastic writers and each of them does their muses lots of justice. And all the muns are just super nice as well. I’m a slow potato so it means a lot everyone is all patient and forgives me that sometimes, Ygritte is just stubborn and annoying as hell. Tbh I never know what else to say except that I thank all of my followers a lot and I’m super sorry for all of those I forgot. And if you are not on it, I’m sorry. Be sure if I follow you, I really enjoy to have you on my dash. 

Never forget that your portrayal is unique and amazing, no matter if you have an OC or a canon character. Maybe it doesn’t always feel easy but you do your muses justice and you are already amazing for breathing life into them.

the squad //  people i bug and annoy almost daily 

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the baes  //  people which I don’t interact as much on here but still love lots

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