“Is it that important? Do you have to go?  This is the fifth time babe,” you mumbled into the phone, trying your best to not sound defeated.

“All the sunbaes are going to be there.  It’ll look bad if I don’t show up.  I know I haven’t been pulling through, you understand though right babe?  Tell your parents I’m really sorry,” he explains to you, yet again, remorse in his voice.

“They’re in town for only two weeks and every time they want to see you, you’re busy.  I know you are, but just two hours Kyungsoo.  That’s all I’m asking for.  You know I never pester you for your time because I know you’re busy, but it’s meeting my parents, it looks really bad for your first impression babe.  My dad isn’t happy.”

You could hear him sigh heavily into the phone, “I know, I’m sorry, you know I don’t want it to be like this either.”

“It’s really important to me,” you whisper.

“It’s important to me too babe.  I want to make a good impression too.  I love you.”

“But they’re leaving early in the morning Kyungsoo.  They’ve been more than willing to work around your schedule but you can’t even spare an hour of your time for me,” no longer trying to hide that you were upset.

“Babe,” he plea, “how about you guys meet me at the hotel that I’m having dinner with the cast at, and we can get a private room?”

“Would that even work?”

“Of course!  I’ll show up early so I can finally meet your parents and make a good impression, tell them I’m sorry, and how much I love you.”

You let out a small chuckle at his cheesiness and attempt to sweet talk you, “Fine, you better keep your words this time.  I really don’t know what would happen if you don’t show again.”

“Of course I’ll show up! You trust me right?”

You hum in agreement, hoping that this time, he would finally give you an hour of his time, and you won’t be a shadow waiting for him at his convenience.  You were use to it.  Seeing him only when he wants, or can make time for you.  You never complained or whined because you love him. But this time is different; you wanted him to meet your parents.  

You looked at your watch for the nth time, glancing back at your parents sitting in the lounge of the fancy hotel.  It’s been half and hour since the initial meeting time, and they look tired from waiting, but Kyungsoo was nowhere to be seen.  He won’t pick up his phone either.  

“He’s not going to show up honey.  I think this is s waste of time.  I don’t know why I agreed to this,” you father said with furrowed brows as he stood up and got ready to leave.  Your mother tried her best to calm him down, telling him that Kyungsoo doesn’t mean to be late, that there must be a reason.  But he insists that Kyungsoo won’t show.

“He would have been here the first time if this was important to him.  Obviously our precious daughter means nothing.  He’s broken our trust, I will not allow this relationship.”

The lump in your throat grew as you tried holding back your tears at the truth your father spoke.  He promise he’d be here, because this was important he said, but what your father said was right, if it were important, he would have been here the first time, no matter what.

“Let’s go home,” you said, turning away so your parents wouldn’t see your teary eyes.  But suddenly your phone rang.

“Babe, there’s so many fans and reporters outside.  I know I’m late, but I really can’t make it in there without reporters taking picture, and the dinner is in half an hour.  I don’t think I can-”

“Can’t make it,” you finished his sentence.  

“Babe,” he sighs.  You wanted to answer but you didn’t have anything left to say to him.  You listened to his heavy breathing and the loud commotion in the background, knowing that he was probably making his way through the crowd.  Your eyes caught sight of people slowly gathering on the other side of the hotel, by the restaurant entrance where the cast dinner was held.  You knew he wasn’t lying, but that doesn’t change the fact that he had promised to meet your parents, but didn’t show up, for the fifth time.  

“I’ll meet you at your place after this okay.  I promise, I’ll be there.  No matter what,” he spoke rapidly into the phone, trying his best to convince you, because he was running out of time, and would have to get ready to take pictures and answer questions.  “I love you. I’ll be there, but right now I have

“To go,” you finished his sentence for him once more, because those words were too commonly spoken.

You just stood there and stared at the celebrities that were slowly entering, along with hundreds of reporters and screaming fans.  You finally experienced his hectic world first hand, seeing him smile professionally at the cameras, for the first time, Kyungsoo seemed foreign.  He was a celebrity, not your boyfriend.  

“Is that him?” your father asked from behind you.  You wanted to say yes loud and proud that he was your boyfriend, but not right now he was far from being that at the moment, he was an actor, and when the lead actress linked arm with him, you felt small and paled in comparison.  

As heart broken as you were, you couldn’t take your eyes off of him, just like any other love struck fans that was screaming his name.  And like those cheesy movies, his eyes met with yours, for a split second his smiled faltered.  But he immediately regained his professionalism and returned to greet the cameras.  

For a moment you almost wished that he would run to you, forgetting about the people or the reporters, and tell you how important you were.  That his career could wait, that you were all he needed.  He’d meet your parents, and eventually ask for you hand in marriage, and you’d live a happy life together.  You laughed at the thought and at your own greed, because you knew for Kyungsoo, this was his life. Your existence and significance was merely a small contribution to his universe.  You brought minimal happiness, perhaps joy and sometimes sadness and anger. But it never really mattered if you were there or not.  He’d acknowledge you when he wants, come to you when he wants.  You were simply of convenience.  You were never first, and you would always wait.  

You turned your heels walking away from him and answered your father, “No, that’s actor Do Kyungsoo.”

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Sleepless Nights (Optional Bias)

request: no request. i’m just bored af

genre: fluff

word count: 524

synopsis: you’ve been having nightmares, and you end up sleeping in your roommate’s bed.

author’s note: i’m bored of out of mind, so enjoy this optional bias scenario. it’s my first one, so it might suck, but oh well..  Y/B is your bias in case you get confused. and i’m really sorry if any of you reading this are boys, because all the pronouns are she/her, but you can request a male specified scenario if you want! also, i decided to write this in the 3rd person, cause i’m tired of half of my writings being the word “you”. hope you all enjoy ^-^

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Confirmation I spend too much time reading. I genuinely thought this image was a piss-take and had to look it up on ‘What’s On’ -  apparently a “normal” Tuesday night on Channel 5. FFS.

But fear not if that hasn’t filled you with enough hate yet, you can also catch: ‘On Benefits & Proud’, ‘Gypsies On Benefits & Proud’ (did you see what they did there), ‘Benefits Britain: Life On The Dole’, ‘Benefits’ (for those who like to keep it simple), ‘The Benefits Estate’, ‘Benefits By The Sea’, ‘The Great British Benefits Hotel’ (the BBC should sue for infringements on their ‘Great British’ franchise, although I bet it’s just as shite), and because there is just not enough of this kind of shit on Channel 5 - ‘Can’t Pay? Benefits Special’.

This is Tory Britain as I remember it. When D:Ream sang “Things Can Only Get Better” in 1997, they really weren’t fucking wrong.