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Seflie Tag (Bias Edition) 🙈

I honestly always forget to do these when people tag me so this is for everyone who tagged me. 💖  I was creative this time so I made it look like Hobi was Snapchatting me (omg if he only did though 😪 ) I want to see all of my mutuals beautiful faces so please don’t be shy!!! 

 I Tag: @hobisnatchme @smhsehun @axsh-chica @hobiini @hazelnuthobi @j-hobies-angel  @hobieu  @asupercoolperson @hopenight218 @thejinblossoms @hoseokhotness @syub-baby @jhopes-butt @whitecrow96 @hugsforhobi  @mariisacutie  @moo-boo-mins @hobihype @hoseokillmehealme @hobiplz @minyoongiismyinspiration @hobistummy @loveshob @j-dopee @floral-hobi @gothic-hobi @jhope-shi @hobibliophile @glowinghobii @hobie-yah @hobilouu  @heartseok @hobiconfetti  @loveshob @artsyhobi @kingsobi+ anyone else who wants to do it!!!! 💕

casual Johnny sketches

“z form” gladion design from my gladion/lillie swap au!

with this one i didnt really base this off lillies z form or anythign, except maybe the tiny ponytail, but i put in some traits from canon gladion in this, i tried ok