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Request: got7 youngjae with 3 + 13 please! ~💚

3) “You should learn to lie better.”

13) Your bias sneaks into your window

Member: Got7′s Youngjae x Y/N x (ft. Jinyoung)

Type: Fluff

You brushed at your teeth vigorously, letting toothpaste drip from either side of your mouth as you stared at yourself in the mirror. Your hair was pushed back with an animal themed headband and a thick face mask sat atop your skin, eradicating any black heads that had managed to nest in your pores since the last face washing. You hummed to yourself as you brushed, turning up the sound of your music as you bounced around in front of the mirror. 

After another minty filled solo, you spit into the sink for the dozenth time and finally began to rinse. You grabbed the mouthwash, beginning to gargle, when a loud noise caught you off guard. For a moment, you thought you were dying. The mouthwash had begun to slide down your throat at the appearance of the surprising sound. You immediately launched forward, spluttering into the porcelain, and looked up to your reflection with wide eyes. 

“What the hell?” you whispered, wincing and straining your ears in an attempt to focus. Another loud bang, followed by a crashing of what sounded to be a clay pot radiated from your bedroom and down the hall. 

“Maybe it’s the cat,” you hummed to yourself, biting you lip. Your eyes quickly swept the room, eying anything that could be used as a weapon. You tentatively picked up the plunger, eying it with hesitation. “Well…this should be okay.”

You slowly approached the door of the bathroom and peaked out into the hallway. Your window was indeed open and there did seem to be someone attempting to get into it. You noted the broken potted plants scattered across the hardwood floor, dislodged from their place on your window sill. You jumped back into the bathroom, pressing yourself flat against the door. 

“Shit, shit, shit,” you hissed. You immediately reached for your phone, your fingers pounding the emergency number. Just as your thumb hovered over the launch call button, you heard a gasp from your bedroom. 

“LAAaaarrrry!” the voice hiccuped, deep and slurred. You shook your  head, peaking around the corner again to see your next door neighbor, Choi Youngjae, pulling himself face first through the window and toward your cat. 

“Youngjae?” you whispered, the plunger plopping at your feet as you rounded the corner and moved toward your room. “What the hell?” 

Youngjae looked up at you with wide eyes as he slid the rest of the way through your window and landed with a thud. “Y/N…what are you doing in my apartment?”

You stood still for a moment, blinking slowly as you tried to process the situation. “What am I doing in…your apartment?” You looked around slowly, noting your bed, your desk, and your cat. 

“And what is Larrrrry doing in my apartment?” he hiccuped, a breathy laugh escaping his lips. You nodded in sudden understanding. 

He was drunk. 

Youngjae pulled himself up, yanked off his shoes, and reached out with wobbly arms to Larry, who up until this point seemed fairly disinterested in the scene before him. You watched in shock as Youngjae sat shoeless in the middle of broken pots and discarded plants, cooing at your cat. His hair was disheveled, hanging in his eyes in pointed tendrils. There were dark circles beneath his usually bright eyes and he hiccuped as he spoke. His clothes hung loosely from his body, having given up their attempt to properly sit on the boy’s frame. 

“Are you drunk?” you asked cautiously, coming closer to the young man before you. “You realize your apartment is next door right?”

“I’m not drunk,” Youngjae giggled, continuing to reach out for Larry. 

“Youngjae,” you clucked, shaking your head and crouching down to be eye level with him. “You should learn to lie better.”

“I’m…I’m only a little tipsy. That’s what Mark told me to say if Jinyoung-hyung caught us. Is he here too?” he said, his eyes wide as he looked around the room. 

“Why would Jinyoung be in my apartment?” you questioned. 

“Because he’s waiting up for us!” Youngjae gasped as if the answer were obvious. “Jinyoung said that we could only go out if Mark took care of me and BamBam…but Bam drank one bottle of soju and Jackson had to take him home because he fell asleep on the pool table.”

You sighed, rubbing your temples and suddenly realized you still had your blackhead mask on. “Hold on a second.”

You shuffled back to the bathroom, peeled the mask from your skin, and rubbed a light lotion over the now irritated flesh. You tugged the headband from your hair and shook it out, reassessing yourself in the mirror. This would have to do for now. 

You left the bathroom again, rejoining Youngjae as he had finally gotten ahold of the now complaining Larry. His hands ran softly over the cat’s fur, quietly whispering to the animal in what sounded like broken English. 

“What are you saying?” you groaned, plopping down in front of him again. 

“I’m talking to him in English, because that’s your first language,” Youngjae whispered without looking up. “I’m better at English when I’m drunk.” He immediately looked up with wide eyes again. “But uh..I’m not drunk, only tipsy. Please don’t tell JInyoung.”

You chuckled, nodding at him as he glanced up with pleading eyes. The helpless expression quickly turned to confusion before he pressed his fingertips lightly to your cheek. “Where did your lizard skin go?” he whispered innocently. 

“Ex…excuse me?” you choked, pulling your face away from Youngjae’s hand. 

“The little flaky black stuff that was just on your face,” he said, his eyebrows raised. “It’s all gone!”

“That was a face mask for blackheads,” you grumbled, shaking your head as you stood. You looked down at him and set your hands on your hips. “At night before bed I-” you shook your head again, realizing there was no reason in a situation like this. “We need to get you home.”

“I am-”

“YOUR home Youngjae, not the incorrect window,” you sighed. You leaned over, gripping Youngjae beneath the arms as you attempted to lift him up, but he completely went limp. He had become a wiggling bundle of ramen in your arms.

“That tickles!” he gasped, flopping around until you released him back to the floor. The noise frightened Larry, causing him to take shelter beneath the bed. The disappearance of the cat caused Youngjae to groan, lean backward, and slam against the floor. 

“Ow,” he groaned, rubbing a hand underneath the back of his head. He looked up at you and sighed. “I like you with this skin more. You’re very pretty as a human, Y/N.”

You looked around the room quickly, confirming that you were the only one in it actually named Y/N. 

“I - uh…thanks?” you stuttered. This whole situation was like a bizarre dream you wished you could wake up from.

“You’re welcome,” he whispered, his lids heavy as he continued to lay on the floor. 

“How much did you have to drink, Youngjae?” you sighed, crossing your arms. You were unsure of how to act at this point and figured maybe if you could receive a bit more context to the situation, you could reach a decision on what to do. 

“Four…five…” he began, but trailed as he looked at his fingers hovering before his face. 

“Five beers?” you asked, tilting your head. You had been drinking with the Got7 boys on only a few occasions, a friendly outing between neighbors. You knew Youngjae preferred beer to soju, so surely he couldn’t have drank that much. 

“Five pitchers,” Youngjae nodded, letting out a burp that nearly turned into vomit. 

You groaned, leaning your head back to look at the ceiling. “I’m going to get you a piece of bread and some coffee. Then I’ll get you back to your apartment.”

“But that was my window,” Youngjae whined, pointing up to your window sill from his laying position. 

“Okay Youngjae,” you sighed, dragging yourself from the room. 

After a quick attempt at instant coffee and some toast with jam, you returned to your bedroom to find Youngjae passed out and still on the floor. A light snoring had begun to escape from his handsome lips. 

“Of course,” you sighed, shaking your head. You bit your lip as you looked down to Larry who had once again emerged to more closely survey Youngjae’s snores. “What do you think Larry? Should we let him sleep it off?”

Larry looked up at you, then back to Youngjae. He proceeded to lick his chops before sauntering away and hopping onto your bed. 

“I think so too.”

Your knock was heavy on the door to the apartment housing Got6. After a few rounds of heavy banging, you finally heard shuffling on the opposite side of the wood. The door sprang open, revealing a sleepy and haphazardly dressed Jinyoung, completely unamused. 

“Not to be rude,” Jinyoung sighed, rubbing a palm over his tired eyes. “But do you have any idea what time it is?”

“I believe I have something that belongs to you,” you muttered, motioning for Jinyoung to follow you. 

“What does that mean? It couldn’t have waited until morning?” Jinyoung croaked, pulling his door closed behind him as he followed you down the hall. “I know we’re neighbors, but are we really close enough for you to be inviting me into your home at strange hours?”

“I don’t know. Are we close enough for Youngjae to come through my window at strange hours?” you sighed, entering your apartment, and motioning to the end of the hall where you could both very vividly see a snoring Youngjae, now drooling on the floor. 

“Oh for Christ’s sake,” JInyoung muttered, pressing his fingers against his temple and beginning to rub. “I told them, if they were going to drink, don’t wake me up. I didn’t expect for them to end up going through the wrong window again. How many of them are here?”

“Alright, first of all,” you said, your eyebrows furrowed as your mind quickly became lost in thought. “Again? This has happened before? With more of them than just Youngjae?”

“BamBam and Yugyeom ended up in the elderly couple’s apartment on the opposite side of us a couple of months ago,” Jinyoung sighed. “Cleaning up Yugyeom’s vomit while constantly apologizing to a woman my grandmother’s age was not the ideal way to spend an evening.” 

“And Youngjae?” you asked, lifting your brows. 

“He’s usually a very happy or a very emotional drunk,” Jinyoung nodded. “I can usually find him sobbing on the doorstep before three a.m. I guess he thought he was going to try and be sneaky like his other stupid members and take the window. The only ones who can ever figure it out are Jaebum and Mark…I don’t know why the others even bother.”

You let out a chuckle, shaking your head as Larry began to kneed on Youngjae’s chest. “Let’s get him back home.”

Jinyoung nodded, taking short steps down the hall in his slippers, and immediately leaned over to grip Youngjae.  

“Yah!” Youngjae gasped, launching awake and pushing away from Jinyoung. He blinked slowly, trying to focus on the older member while simultaneously trying to wake up. “JIn…jinyoung hyung?”

“Jinyoung hyung,” Jinyoung nodded solemnly. “Youngjae, do you know where you are?”

Youngjae looked around slowly, making eye contact with you before surveying the room around him. “Um…not where I’m supposed to be?”

“Very good,” Jinyoung nodded, rubbing a hand over his tired face. “And where are you supposed to be?”

“At…at our dorm,” Youngjae whispered, looking down. His cheeks were bright red with embaressment. As he looked up again, tear marks stained his cheeks. 

“Aish, it’s okay,” Jinyoung sighed, placing a firm hand on Youngjae’s shoulder. He patted the boy lightly. “Don’t cry, I know you’re tired.”

“I’m…I’m not drunk,” Youngjae said begrudgingly through sobs. “Mark hyung said I’m not drunk. I’m tipsy.”

“Of course you are buddy,” Jinyoung nodded, leading Youngjae from your room. He turned, smiling sadly to you before speaking again. “We’ll be by tomorrow to clean up and repot your plants…thanks for not calling the police.”

“The police are coming?” Youngjae gasped, spinning to look at you. “Is it because someone broke your plants?”

“’Someone’ would be you,” Jinyoung nodded. “And no, because ‘someone’ broke into her home.”

Youngjae gasped, bringing his hand to his mouth. “We have to protect Larry.”

“Larry has claws, he can protect himself,” Jinyoung cooed, continuing to make forward motion out of your apartment. “We’ll see you tomorrow Y/N. Youngjae, tell Y/N you’re sorry.”

“I’m sorry,” Youngjae repeated with little interest. “And I’ll keep your secret.”

JInyoung furrowed his brows as he looked between the two of you. You shrugged, just as confused as he was at Youngjae’s statement. “Secret?”

“She’s actually a lizard woman,” Youngjae nodded seriously. “But I told her how pretty she is as a human, so that took care of that.” 

Jinyoung rolled his eyes, opened your front door, and shoved Youngjae out. “Thank you and goodnight.” 

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Gotham imagine 4

a request from the lovely @allisanya for a reporter!reader who meets Oz at a mayoral party and he doesn’t do interviews with her newspaper, but she finds him very interesting. As always, please send requests my way my dudes, and i hope you like ^-^ (I really loves writing this btw) @yoursweetlittlesixteen

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Getting yourself into this party wasn’t easy. You knew that Mayor Cobblepot refused to have anything to do with your newspaper, but nevertheless, you couldn’t give up a good story. You sneak a glance at the well-dressed gentleman who is currently the center of attention. He’s very handsome, but as a reporter you cannot allow yourself the luxury of bias. Still, there’s something about him, something very charming. 

You put those thoughts out of your mind and store your notebook and pen in your purse. You begin to approach him, drink in hand, when you’re stopped by his right-hand man, Edward Nygma. “I’m quite sorry miss, but Mister Cobblepot, doesn’t have any time for reporters.” You begin to protest when the young mayor puts his hand on Nygma’s shoulder. “Don’t worry about it Ed, i’ll take care of this.” he says with a gentile smile.”Now madame, what can I do for you?”

“M-mr. Cobblepot” You manage to stutter. “I k-know that you don’t do interviews but-” He stops you “If an interview is all you’re interested in,” He leans in close to you “Then I think we’re done here.” Your heart skips a beat, his voice is like lavender. “U-um no, no, I’d just like to talk actually.” You say, eyes wide. He smiles and your heart melts away. “In that case my dear, tell me, is your name as lovely as your eyes?” 

“Y/n, Y/n Y/ln” You say, turning red. He takes your hand, kisses it, then leads you into the hallway, away from the party. “So, Y/n,” He says your name carefully, as if savoring every syllable. “What is it you’d like to talk about?” He winks at you slyly. You attempt to respond, but at this point you’re too flustered to even get the words out. His hand lightly brushes your cheek, “Miss, Y/n, I know this is sudden but may I… kiss you?” He says, a true gentleman. “Why, y-yes, you may.” Your’e surprised at his chivalry. He leans in and kisses your lips softly at first, then more passionately. 

You knew you wouldn’t be leaving the party with a new story, but you didn’t mind, you had come across something much better.


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Aww you're cute 😙 Hm, for someone who hates him you spend way too much time analysing him😁 And did you just imply that he is your bias??? Must be hard stanning him. Life for me is great I am Yoonseok biased and I love it ❤

You know there’s a saying… “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” 😈 of course I analyze him. I have to know his next move and thwart it before he can destroy any more innocent souls. 😭 


The true bias of my heart will always be mah beautiful wife, Bambam. Why is he my “wife” when I refer to him with “he” pronouns? It’s a long story 😂 BUT JUNGSHIT HAS NOTHING ON HIM IN MY HEART AND ANYONE WHO SAYS OTHERWISE CAN [redacted] [redacted] [redacted]

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Yoonseok. Yes. They give us all life.

~🐰 xx


You wake up to your phone vibrating on the floor. Pulling the blanket off you lean over and pick it up. Letting your eyes adjust to the light. The time read 2 am.

*4 new messages*

You roll your eyes and shake your head as you see it’s from your boyfriend.

‘Are you awake?’
‘I’m bored and your brother is sleeping.’
‘Does he usually take up the whole bed?’
'He’s sleep talking o.o’

You lay back down on your bed facing the ceiling. Since he finished his tour, the company let them take off for a month. For one week you both decided that he came to visit you and for the rest of the month you go to South Korea with him.

Your parents were strict and old fashioned so they made him sleep in your brothers room across the hall. Today was his first night and it sucked not being able to be together.

'I’m awake now.’ You reply and wait for his text. You continue waiting but no reply. 'Maybe he fell asleep’ you thought to yourself. Turning over you put the phone back on the ground and decide to go back to sleep.

As you were closing your eyes you heard a door slowly open. Picking up your head you see a light coming from the doorway and then someone closes your door. You squint trying to get a good look at the person who just entered your room.

“Hey.” The figure says right next to you. “Move over.” He whispers. You move over and let him under the covers with you.

“We’re going to get in so much trouble.” You whisper turning to face him as you both laid down.

“I’m not going to fall asleep. I just can’t sleep. Why aren’t you sleeping, little missy?” He says poking your cheek. You glare at him even tho he couldn’t see you.

“I don’t know maybe cause you kept texting me?” He starts laughing and places his hand over his mouth.

“Good.” He says and searches the bed for your hand. “Where’s your hand?” He whispers. You lift it up to his face.

“Here.” He comes closer to your hand.

“No not this one. The other one.” You put that arm under your head and put the other hand in his face.

“This one?” You say laughing.

“No the other one.” He whispers and you both laugh lightly. He takes it and interlocks his hands in yours. “Are you tired?” He asked as he rubs his thumb across your hand.

“Yeah but with you here I’m not.” You say.

“Really? Cause I’m about to fall asleep.” You laugh and lightly push him. “I’m kidding.” He says laughing.

“You better be! Waking me up…” You turn over to look at the clock on the nightstand. “2 am!” You say laying back down laughing.

“I’m sorry.” He says and picks up your hand kissing it. “Your brother is a horrible sleeper.” You laugh.

“I’ve never slept in the same bed with him so I have no clue.” All of a sudden you both hear a door open and footsteps. Your eyes widen and you both freeze. The footsteps come closer to your door. He squeezes your hand a little tighter. Then the footsteps continue on passed your room. As you hear them go downstairs you let out a breath.

“Was that your dad?” He whispers really softly.

“I have no clue but I hope not.” You whisper back.

“Should I go back?” He asks. Then you hear footsteps come back up the stairs. They pass by your room and you hear a door close. This time you hear him let out a breath. You laugh a little.

“What are you a scaredy cat?” You say laughing. “I think someone just went to go get water.”

“Don’t lie I heard you let out a breath when they first passed by.” He said laughing. Taking your hand he places it on his heart. “My hearts beating so fast.” You laugh along with him.

“Mine too.”

“Now look who’s the scaredy cat.” He says and you know he’s sticking out his tongue so you stick yours out too. “I know for a fact your sticking out your tongue right now even though I can’t see you.” You both laugh.

“Like you weren’t.” You say.

“Did you see me?”

“No.” You say laughing.

“Then you have no proof.” He says laughing. You lightly push him again. “I’m just kidding. Yeah I was.”

“I knew it.” You say. Silence followed. You look at him and then you felt your eyes slowly start closing. You then feel his hand crawl up your arm. “What are you doing?” You say laughing as he reaches your shoulder.

“Where’s your lips?” You laugh and take his hand in yours. You pick up his hand to your lips.

“Here.” You whisper against his skin. He then comes closer and places his lips on yours.

“Good night.” He says pulling away.

“Good night.” You say as he slowly gets up and off the bed. He walks over to the door.

“Ow.” You hear him whisper loudly.

“What?” You say lifting up your head.

“Stop leaving stuff on the floor. How am I supposed to sneak in and out of your room at night?” You laugh and lay back down.

“Bye.” You say as he opened the door.

“See you tomorrow.” He says closing the door. You hear his footsteps and a door opening and closing. After a couple minutes your phone vibrates. You pick it up and read the text.

'Your brother took the whole bed -_-’ you laugh covering your mouth.

'That’s what you get for waking me up :P’ You say putting down your phone and closing your eyes.

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hi! could you write a scenario whereasin you're at a fansigning for the first time in Korea and you're very excited, to see <i>them</i> but also being able to meet your bias (which in this case is chanyeol) and maybe being able to do a hi-touch with with him. once you reach him, in a state that was anything but composed, you call him by another member's name by accident. you get embarrassed and then try to apologize with your limited korean vocabulary, he finds both that and you cute? thanks!!

this is so cute ahh! i feel like he wouldn’t mind a slip like that at all hah!! and since it’s his birthday, here is some fluffy chanyeol for you all ~~

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Hi!What Vixx would do if during a fansign they feel attracted by a starlight,and after the fansign they meet her somewhere by chance?:)

N: He’d definitely try to play it cool because he knows that you’re a fan and therefore will probably notice him easily. If you see him first and approach him, he’ll gladly strike up a conversation and N is good at talking so he’ll keep you around long enough to maybe even get a number from you. If you don’t notice him or don’t approach him, he’ll make it more then obvious that he’s free and willing to talk by moving closer to you and maybe ‘accidentally’ bumping into you for a conversation starter.

Hongbin: He’s way too nervous to go over to you first so he’ll probably just twiddle his fingers and hope that you perhaps notice him and wave or ask for a signature or something as long as it doesn’t involve him being the first to talk. If you do approach him, he’ll probably bring up the fact that he saw you at a fan sign and ask something dumb like ‘do you like vixx?’ right after because he’s totally nervous, but it’ll be cute and you’ll laugh and Hongbin will be a little more relaxed after that to be able to actually start a conversation.

Ken: Oh he’s just going to go straight for it. He’ll probably look at you and when you make eye contact he’ll just pretend to be shocked and then asks, ‘hey- weren’t you at our fansign a week ago?’. Ken isn’t afraid to be straightforward, he’ll say that he remembered you because you were so sweet, but in reality that probably stands in for ‘because you were so cute’. He’ll talk to you easily and it’ll be comfortable because he’s an easy person to be around.

Leo: Unlike Hongbin, Leo isn’t nervous to talk to you, but like Hongbin he won’t do it unless there’s absolutely no one else around. Leo comes off as the type who knows VIXX has an image to protect and that’s his number one concern. Also he doesn’t seem like the person who has the easiest time approaching people. If he does really like you though, and there aren’t many prying eyes, he might go over and ask something like ‘do you know what time it is/where can i find this?’ and if you react calmly and help him out, he can start a conversation from there. But if there’s too many people then you might catch him sneaking peeks at you every now and then instead.

Ravi: Why is it so easy imagining Ravi making a fool out of himself just for the chance to talk to you, honestly he’d probably throw a banana peel on the floor just so he could slip and you’d have to help him up. But for real, Ravi would probably have to pep-talk himself up before approaching you because, Ravi don’t worry - she’s a Starlight - which means she already likes you, but wait- what if her bias is Hongbin?!?

Hyuk: Blunt in the best of ways, Hyuk seriously might just go up to you and tap your shoulder like, hey thanks for coming to our fansign last time - please continue to support VIXX! - and literally take it from there. He seems to have no fear whatsoever, but he probably isn’t the most smooth when it comes to girls. He might run out of things to say that make it look like he’s only there to talk to you about VIXX, so an abrupt ‘can we meet again?’ might throw you off track with this one. 

Exo’s Reaction - When Their Gf Is Scared Of Their Neighbors Fireworks

Here you go! Thanks for the request and I hope this is okay! x


Xiumin - *He’d find this so cute and use it as a chance to get loads off cuddles and loads of aegyo to get you to focus on him more than the fireworks*

Lay - *He’d reassure you that there is nothing to be scared about and that it’s just fireworks, being a caring little unicorn he is, he’d do anything to get your mind off them*

Kai - *As soon as he heard them go off, he jumps out of his skin and when he sees you scared, he’d get chicken and you’d play games together and eat the chicken to forget about the fireworks*

Suho - *He’d giggle of how cute you are when you jump at the bangs that go off but he’d cuddle you and because of that, you fall sleep in his arms, totally forgetting about the fireworks*

Kyungsoo - *He’d bake with you and would read a book with you afterwards just so your mind is less focused on being scared about the fireworks*

Tao - *He’d be a little shit and open all the windows so the sounds of of the fireworks but it ends up scaring him from how loud they actually are and wouldn’t leave you alone and clings onto you* (You’re Suho*

Chen - *He’d use this as a perfect opportunity to get his cuddles and when he thought you were trying to get away from him when in reality you wanted to get closer, he’d pull you in, not letting you go* 

Kris - *You like the colours but get scared because of the loud sounds they made so he gets his headphones and his MP3 player and gives them too you while you both watch the fireworks as he has his arms around you* (You’re Xiumin*

Chanyeol - *He’d tease you about how tight your pulling on his jacket and would engulf you in his giant arms and kiss the top of your head while singing to you*

Baekhyun - *He helps distract you from them by being his usual puppy self and he’d jump because you jump, screaming a little because his voice broke but you both laugh it off afterwards*

Sehun - *He’d scare you even more by sneaking up on you when you try something to distract yourself from the fireworks and he would die laughing because he finds it hysterical that you’re easily scared*

Luhan - *He’d make sure you’re okay and when he could tell your scared, he’d pull you closer, sings to you and makes sure your eyes are in contact while your fingers are intertwined with each other* 


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Mobile Masterlist (Reactions) / Mobile Masterlist (Scenarios)

And I love you *hugs back* <3 Thanks for the support and no, it’s not confusing at all. Hopefully, I did justice to this. I also turned this to your bias x reader because I can’t decide on a certain member.

After having much debation on whether you should drop by the boy’s dorm for a surprise visit as well as to congratulate them on their debut as well as for completing their promotion for ‘Adore U’, little did you not know that when you decide to do the surprise visit, never would you have thought you would be bought in to the ‘spin the bottle’ game they were playing. It started out with you just wanting to pass them the snacks and to perhaps catch up to them, and perhaps having a sneak peak or two of their songs for their future promotion or the likes.

Nevertheless, here you are now, standing rather awkward as a opened box of pepero is shoved at you, chants of “do it” and “make sure it’s short or you’ll lose and there will be punishment.”. What’s worst was that the one you’re being paired up with was none other that your favourite member whom you may or may not have a crush on for a while now but has kept secretly. Aside the oblivion of the male before you, your secret feelings for your crush might not be so secretive anymore as you see the exchange of giggles and whispers passed around the other as they stare at you teasingly while making inaudible kissing sound. 

Giving in, you fish out for a stick of pepero from the open bag, biting one end as your ‘crush’ bites the other end. You hear one of them yelling start to which in unknowing agreement, he decides to be the one that would move towards you, which was a good thing because you’re too frozen up to move, much less with closeness the both of you have. Too lost in your train of thoughts, you then suddenly realize he’s close to you, the original length of the pepero, long bitten to a much shorter length now. You close your eyes per reaction, feeling your cheek turn to light shades of pink and you hope silently that it isn’t obvious.

What felt like an eternity later, the game ends, his lips barely touching yours but almost as he pulls back. You hold the small length bitten pepero so the others can measure it as you try to keep your cool. “Don’t let it get to your head.”, you muttered to yourself as you knock yourself with a fist lightly to your forehead.

“Hey, don’t do that.”, a voice spoke up and you look up, seeing your favourite member laughing at your antics. “They say the length is short but not as short as the theirs so we’re getting punishment.”, he mumbles softly but you couldn’t help but wonder why he’s happy over being getting punished. “Alright…”, you replied softly as you brace yourself for the punishment.

“The punishment is… to have y/n being piggyback.”, the rest chimes rather joyfully as you fluster in pink at the mention of it. “For 30 seconds at least.”, one of the added, earning a light, playful smack from your ‘crush’. “Oh well. Punishment is punishment.”, he remarks, turning to look at you. “Ready?”, he asked but before you could reply, he has already put your arms around his neck and lift you up carefully. 

“Someone get the camera!”, you hear someone yelled out but you were too flustered and frozen from the sudden action to bother remarking a snarky reply.

EXO’s Reaction to Seeing You with an EXO Pin on Your Bag

And they think you are incredibly cute ^^

Of course @iminsomniatic


His eyebrows would raise as the pin comes into view. He would slowly make his way up toward your face and realise that…you’re CUTE!

eyebrows on fleek

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He wouldn’t believe his eyes. He never saw anyone as beautiful as you. He would try to become a man and approach you, knowing that you’re a fan of EXO based on the pin.

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He would be the type to stare at you directly, not caring whether you caught him or not. You’re gorgeous and even better than that, you’re an EXO-L.

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He would sneak glances at you, smiling foolishly to himself. Being the reserved person he is, he would hesitate whether to introduce himself to you, but after spotting the pin, he would gain confidence and ask you for your name.

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He wouldn’t hesitate at all. He would immediately go up to you and start a friendly conversation, mostly about how he’s EXO’s Lay.

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He would be secretly and desperately hoping for you to have him as your bias after seeing the pin. He would jump and take deep breaths before catching up to you.

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“Wah…she’s so cute…what…she’s so…what…” He’d mumble to himself, trying to make himself look good before he would walk toward you.

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He would stop immediately in his tracks with his eyes wide open and grab Kai’s shoulder. He would point you out with an excited grin and ask Kai whether he should approach you or not. Seeing the pin, Kai would drag him toward you and leave the two of you together.

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He would make a devious plan to bump into you ‘by accident’. This would trigger a conversation - exactly what he wanted.

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He’d be in an argument with himself.


Side #2: Noo it’s gonna be awkward


Side #2: I really want to gooooooo T-T buuuut…

He’d end up introducing himself to you.

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With confidence, he would walk up to you, his mind at ease, but his heart pounding. She’s so pretty…

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He’d muster up all his courage to approach you, slapping his face, taking deep breaths and even making small prep talks.

“Come on, Sehun, you can do this. She’s an EXO fan. She’s the one who’s gonna freak out, not you.”

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Exo-M seeing your wall full of  kpop posters

Hey guys! I just thought of doing this cus my ask box is empty and my wall is full of kpop posters (mostly exo) and i going out later today to buy more…. Also one again if you want me to make a Exo-K version just ask~~ 


“Ahh! Baobei was i your bias?? Look at  how many pics there are of me~”

You: “You were actually my second bias”


*sneaks up to see your room and was not expecting to see all the posters*

“My jagi never told me that she was that obsessed with us….. Why are there so many pics of luhan?…..”


“Wait so i wasn't your bias….. But i am now right?”


“Look at all the pictures there are of me. I was obviously her bias!”

*Ignores all the pictures of Xiumin*


“Jagi why are these still up, take down all pf them, except for mine”


“Im not the only creepy one now am i?”

*Puts pictures of you up on his wall*

(Is it bad that i just looovvveeee the creepy luhan?)

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what do you say when people go "gender (or race) shouldn't even be thought about. it should just be about whoever is the best/funniest!" how do you explain that it's basically impossible for things to not be influenced by gender/race? that it's something we have to consciously account for? it can be very hard to convince these people. thanks for the great post.

I don’t try to convince them. People who make statements like that, especially on line, aren’t looking for a discussion. They’re looking to be proven right. I worry about areas I have authority over (even if the only such area is just my own performing) rather than convincing people who aren’t even listening to me.


If I DID believe the person was listening to me, here’s my argument against that statement. The problem with “it should be about whoever is funniest” is that it FLATTENS the situation. It implies that being mindful of diversity is mutually exclusive with picking the best people. 

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help. help. HELP you know what chanyeol has been my bias for forever now and kyungsoo just has to sneak up on me like the devil he is and is like OH HEY PAY ATTENTION TO ME AND ALL MY SEXYESS AND NOT ANYONE ELSES K BYE AND HAVE FUN BEING IN PAIN YOU LITTLE MOFO. HELP ME PLEASE I'M DESPERATE


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Speaking of bias wreckers...DISCLAIMER: I'm so loyal to Jongin I just love everything about him. But then sometimes I see Sehun and I just I NEED HIM. Recently Chanyeol has been sneaking up on me too I HAVE A THING FOR GUYS WITH NICE ARMS...HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE PICTURES LIKE DEAR LORD SAVE MY SOUL


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Amazing! <3

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-Admin Kat

Okay but has anyone seen the latest sneak peak into the next Supernatural episode yet????? “Deans gonna get his hopes up in a way we’ve never seen before”??? -Cut strait to Cas-
Then Metatron saying to Cas “I dont see why you want to save him now that hes finally interested-” *que Cas punching him*

I mean obviously I dont know the context- and i’m always gonna be bias but this is so suggestive?