bias that sneak up on you

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My sister just cheated on my best friend/crush. Her bias is Jhope, but she's a snake. And Jhope hates snakeu...

That sucks tbh, I’m assuming they were in a relationship and she cheated, right?

I really don’t agree with people who cheat to be completely honest, I could rant for ages about this, like I don’t get it? Why would you literally cause your S/O so much heartbreak and lie and sneak around behind their back? It’s better you break up with the person and then go do whatever, than cause this shit in your relationship ._.

This kinda thing breaks trust in relationships, and often leaves the other person with trust issues for ages afterwards, which is really sad tbh, why would you do that to someone?

Have you confronted her about it? I think she needs to see the error in her ways, maybe explain to her why it’s wrong to do these things?

Also, how is your best friend doing? Do they know?

Sleepover Sunday! ^_^

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Chanyeol is so fun to write about! -Chei
  • Chanyeol x You
  • Fluff
  • Word count: 771

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Nerf War-

“Oh Chanyeol~” You said sneaking up on him ready to attack. Chanyeol was distracted, as he was making lunch for you both. You slowly put your Nerf gun to his head; you were on your tip toes of course. “Hands up!” You said sharply. Chanyeol smirked and raised both of his hands. As he did so, you reached around him and took a sandwich that he’d made. With the Nerf gun still pointed at his head, you took a bite of the sandwich. “Yah (Y/N)! Couldn’t you have waited until I was done?” He said with his hands still up. “Well…yes, but I was hungry after a long day of house work; so as you can see, I couldn’t wait,” You said with a hint of sass in your voice. “Can I put my hands down now?” He said. “Nope, I’m not done doing what I want to do yet.” You gave him a cheeky smile. Slowly wrapping your arms around your Oppa, you gave him the tightest bear hug. From your touch, his ears turned tomato red. “(Y/N), you know that’s unfair~ I can’t hug you back with my hands in the air,” he said while pouting. You had given in. Even though you couldn’t see his pouting face, you knew that he was the most adorable, cutest, “little” fairy ever. “Fine… I’ll let you put your hands down.” Chanyeol slowly moved his hands down, only to place them over yours. You smiled into his back. His hands felt so warm and his touch was as outstanding as always, but suddenly Chanyeol grabbed the Nerf gun and ran away.

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Exo-M seeing your wall full of  kpop posters

Hey guys! I just thought of doing this cus my ask box is empty and my wall is full of kpop posters (mostly exo) and i going out later today to buy more…. Also one again if you want me to make a Exo-K version just ask~~ 


“Ahh! Baobei was i your bias?? Look at  how many pics there are of me~”

You: “You were actually my second bias”


*sneaks up to see your room and was not expecting to see all the posters*

“My jagi never told me that she was that obsessed with us….. Why are there so many pics of luhan?…..”


“Wait so i wasn't your bias….. But i am now right?”


“Look at all the pictures there are of me. I was obviously her bias!”

*Ignores all the pictures of Xiumin*


“Jagi why are these still up, take down all pf them, except for mine”


“Im not the only creepy one now am i?”

*Puts pictures of you up on his wall*

(Is it bad that i just looovvveeee the creepy luhan?)

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help. help. HELP you know what chanyeol has been my bias for forever now and kyungsoo just has to sneak up on me like the devil he is and is like OH HEY PAY ATTENTION TO ME AND ALL MY SEXYESS AND NOT ANYONE ELSES K BYE AND HAVE FUN BEING IN PAIN YOU LITTLE MOFO. HELP ME PLEASE I'M DESPERATE


Okay but has anyone seen the latest sneak peak into the next Supernatural episode yet????? “Deans gonna get his hopes up in a way we’ve never seen before”??? -Cut strait to Cas-
Then Metatron saying to Cas “I dont see why you want to save him now that hes finally interested-” *que Cas punching him*

I mean obviously I dont know the context- and i’m always gonna be bias but this is so suggestive?