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Ace Hansol Aesthetic

I am so, so proud of him for coming out! I hope he recieves a ton of support and love 💖 I really want him to enjoy life, he’s been in so many rough spots and he deserves the world.

(dont reblog) honest q:

Is the concept of a blog that is deliberately small/private/secluded, but not password-protected, familiar?

Examples of what this might look like under the cut. Leave a quick answer in the replies or somewhere private if uncomfortable.

- If YES, maybe guess how many people (incl. yourself) you know that do this.
- I also need NO’s if you have them.

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Sycamore as a dad is a 10/10 concept but let me bring you this: The professor finding out his s/o is pregnant. Bonus if his s/o kept giving him hints but the man is so oblivious he couldn't catch it at first


Professor Sycamore versus Pregnancy

Round 1 
(the first twelve weeks)

- Sycamore honestly just thinks that his S/O is sick when he catches them with their head shoved halfway down the toilet, and is genuinely concerned but when it stops after a few days, he writes it off as the flu
when it happens a few days every week tho, he’s like ‘we gotta go to the doctor’ like this man’s doctorate is useless. he is a doctor in cute animals not people problems. His S/O talks him down from a doctors visit but he still brings them a bunch of vitamins and like anti-nausea medicines until the sickness seems to go away after a month or so and he forgets about it.

- When his S/O starts tossing and turning in the night, Sycamore is quick to figure out that their need for cuddling has gone way up - he loves it but he worries about his S/O’s sleep cycle and health when he’s away at conferences and has to pull all-nighters at the lab. Of course, he just thinks it’s that they’re just getting closer as a couple.

- To be honest, both of them might be in the dark at this point, but so far,
Sycamore Status: Oblivious as Hell

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General UT!Grillby Headcannons

-Has an older brother and a niece.

-Comes from a loooooong line of Grillbys. His bar is a family-owned business that was first started on the surface by his great-great grandfather. He’s Grillby the V, for God’s sake.

-Fire elementals also have decent lifespans that go from centuries to almost a thousand years. Grillby is relatively young and has yet to reach the halfway point of his first 100 years. Mid-twenties to early thirties, I like to assume.

-His father had recently passed the bar down to him and he had been working by himself for six years before Frisk fell Underground.

-When he’s flustered, the middle of his face begins to glow blue. The more embarrassed he is, the darker blue his face becomes.

-Selectively mute. Barely speaks to anyone he doesn’t know personally, but his facial expressions convey most of what he’s trying to say.

-Eyebrows speak more than he does, to be utterly honest.

-His french fries would 100% be voted best french fries on the Surface, no doubt.

-Makes drinks ‘specially for his friends and names it after them. There’s a Bloody Mary on his menu (which is literally just bourbon-spiked ketchup) and called it ‘BourBANE Of My Existence’.

-(He’s also a HUGE jokester around his friends, but he would never even attempt anything on patrons he doesn’t know enough about. People don’t believe Sans nor Fuku when they try and tell them that Grillby knows how to playfully joke around. The quiet bartender from Snowdin who doesn’t speak or even notice the existence of monsters in his bar because he’s a shy bean? Can’t be).

-Constantly ribs Sans about his tab, but never expects anything out of it. He’s learned that the smol skeleton is a Grade-A freeloader.

-Has also known the skeleton mentioned above for most of his teenage and adult life.

-Likes burning vanilla or cinnamon.

-The type who goes to hold the door open for his date and ends up holding the door for the next eight patrons.

-If not in a suit n’ tie, he sports cardigans and khakis.

-The shyest hopeless romantic you will ever meet in your life.

-Loves his friends so much. Like, so. Much. It’s a bit overbearing in the cutest, mother-hen way.

-He’s the type of person who texts you in the middle of work just to say he appreciates you (platonic OR romantic).

-Will give you free drinks or french fries if you’re his friend. 

-He will learn your favourite meals and cook them for you, even if they aren’t on the menu (he will also come to your house to deliver said food if you do not stop by the pub that day).

-He’s the friend that would come over to your house at 3 am because you said you feel like shit and you need a shoulder to cry on.

-Or keep the bar open at ungodly hours just because you walked in a minute before closing and began to sob on the counter and he needs to comfort you as soon as possible or else he’s gonna start crying, too.

-Sweetest sweetheart to ever sweetheart. Pure cinnamon roll, must be protected, too good for this world.

-He can hear everything. Seriously. You could be whispering something in the back of his pub, him in the kitchen and he would s t i l l know what’s up.

-Also knows all the gossip. Owning a bar means that he hears anything and everything going on in the local area almost as soon as it arises. He would never dream of revealing anyone’s secrets, though.

-Can discern emotions. Any slight change in someone’s face or every glitter in someone’s eye can and will be noticed by him. You can’t hide feelings from him at all.

-Cuddle fiend. The person who’s too timid to ask for hugs but gives the best ones.

-A bit of a pushover. Will do anything to please.

-Not being liked by someone makes him very Sad and then he tries everything under the sun to make them change their mind.

-(Is lowkey distressed that Papyrus dislikes his restaurant)

-Really book-smart and could finish a crossword in under an hour and/or pass an SAT.

-Isn’t a dog nor a cat person. He’s a bird person.

-Gets really self-conscious about how loud his flames are crackling.

-Gets hotter in temperature when embarrassed.

-Flames dim when in a low mood.

-Water to his flames is like acid to human skin.

-Zero pain tolerance. Like, none. Pinch him lightly and he’s sobbing for his mother.

-Also has zero tolerance for teasing. It’s so easy to fluster him, it’s almost pathetic.

-The only time you will hear him curse is when he gets a sharp pain or a variant of such. It’s more of a cry of anguish, but you can still hear the cuss through the tears. 

-If it is raining outside, he will hermit inside of his bar until it stops. He is not going outside, nope nope nope nope.

-That being said, he has a phobia of both Waterfall and thunderstorms. Anything having to do with water makes him squeamish and he would rather not even serve water in his restaurant.

-Gets this really goofy grin around people he loves.

-Adjusts his glasses when anxious, and takes them off to clean them in awkward situations.

-A mix between the dad friend, the mom friend, and the naive friend that needs constant validation that they’re a good friend.

-Will make cookies and give them to his friends as gifts as they go to leave the bar on occasion. If you’re really special, you get personalized cookies and a hug.

-Who am I kidding, if you’re special to him, you get a hug every time.

~That’s all for now~

-Mod Jellyfish

Narrow wage gap?  How about learn more skills and become more valuable to your employer?

Manslation: Do something that benefits women? How about we have women try everything they can to get ahead, belittle and insult them every time regardless of what they do or say*, and then keep implicitly assuming that women and their contributions are less valuable no matter what?

*Don’t ask for a raise? It’s your fault you didn’t get one. Ask for a raise? Whoa there, what makes you think you deserve that? Seems a little presumptuous. Go for the promotion? It’s cute that you tried, but I think that guy Chad we just hired right out of college seems like a better fit. Don’t go for the promotion? You’re just lazy.

I wrote so much in the tags of the traod post that it got cut lmao

But really, the injustice this game gets saddens me. It isn’t that bad of a game as some people want to make it seen, there are certainly worst games out there that gets more praise. As I was saying in the tags, we have the most dark and deep plot of any TR game combined with the best Lara personality; cynical, bitchy and cold but still with a warm heart who truly cares about her beloved ones. Add a cool dude half angel with psychic powers (and they fall for each other and there is A LOT of sexual tension) I’m so blessed by my first otp. And top it the OST is just magnificent 👌

So yeah, it’s so sad to see your fave game in such a state, hated by most of the fandom who honestly aren’t informed of the issues around it and haven’t even played it. So I feel like reminding that is better than that for those who despise it. And for people who aren’t very familiar with the saga, if you want a mature TR game, please give it a chance, trust me <3

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How about f!MU comforting the male Shepherds?

Chrom: She’d hug him and tell him that she cares about him a way that she doesn’t even understand. Chrom wouldn’t be as vocal about his sadness but he would bury his face in her neck and hold her tightly as she runs her fingers through his hair and kissing his forehead. 

Stahl: His head would be in her lap and she would move her fingers through his messy hair. She’d tell him how much she loved him, and he would end up crying in her leg, telling her he really did his best. And she would reassure him that he really did do his best. 

Frederick: He would grasp her hand tightly and she would stroke his cheek. Her words of comfort would be ones that were gentle. She would tell him that he was the most noble man she had ever met and she was lucky to even have met someone so loyal and kind. He in turn would bring the hand that he was holding and kiss her palm and rest his head in her hand.

Ricken: He would be crying. She would be holding him and she’d let him cry in her chest or in her neck. And once he was all cry-ed out, she would pull away and wipe his excess tears and kiss his cheeks. All she would need to say would be “I love you” and he would feel a little better.

Henry: She would only need to hold him, and silence and being held is something that always worked for Henry. He would occasionally squeeze her tightly to him and she wouldn’t mind it. Sometimes he would cry, but she would wipe his tears and kiss him. He doesn’t need words, he just needs to be held and loved. 

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General headcanons for Eren?

Dearest anon, my bias (mod spookzz) is not even Eren (it’s Levi–mod Elle loves the shit outta Eren) but I have so many feels about how people characterize him so forgive me if this seems a little rant-y! Hope you still enjoy!

  • Eren is not as angry as people think he is. Okay, yes he is angry but that is not all his personality is composed of. Contrary to common thought, Eren is just extremely passionate and that translates to all of his emotions.
  • Sometimes even his excitement can come off as anger just because of the pure passion this boy radiates.
  • He’s also not stupid. While Eren isn’t conventionally and naturally smart like Armin, he is an extremely hard worker. Eren works for whatever he wants and he typically gets it. He may have to try a little more than someone like Armin but he is incredibly intelligent despite the hurdles he may have to jump over.
  • Speaking of Armin, lets talk about how much Eren loves Armin, shall we? 
  • I don’t care what anyone says or how much hate I might get but it is clearly evident that the most important person in the entire world to Eren is Armin. Yes he loves and cares for Mikasa as well, but the intensity is entirely different and I truly believe Eren would move Heaven and Hell to make sure a single hair was not harmed on Armin’s body. (Totally bros, by the way, there’s no romantic subtext there that I’m hinting at. Eren just really, really cares about his best friend.)
  • On the romantic vein, Eren isn’t going to be too interested in pursuing any kind of relationship with anyone until he feels like he’s met his personal goal. He sucks at multitasking when he’s young. He might look and he can certainly recognize when someone is attractive, but committing and being serious? Not gonna happen.
  • Until Eren matures (AKA: grows up and is not a teenager anymore inhibited by naive goals and ambitions) and realizes that he can have focus and drive in multiple areas of his life, including a significant other.
  • Overall I just really want to dispel the myths that Eren’s two defining (and only) qualities are that he is angry and not-the-brightest-bulb-in-the-box. He is devoted and loyal and caring and intelligent and protect Eren 2k17, alright? Thanks.

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Do the admins have bias's or stan any other groups

Yes, we all do! Our other biases and groups are as follows:

  • Admin Mel - I would say I’m very multifandom, but my favorite groups are BIGBANG, SNSD, SHINee, BTS, Red Velvet, WINNER, Seventeen, VIXX, TWICE, INFINITE, & WJSN. I love basically all female soloists too!
  • Admin Tess - I stan BIGBANG, WINNER, Epik High, f(x), and Wanna One!
  • Admin Sydnee - I stan iKON, LOONA and Monsta X as well! I ult Junhoe of iKON
  • Mod Alyssa - Well Rosé is my main bias in BLACKPINK but I love them all equally most of the time, haha. Other than that, BTS is another favorite group of mine and Taehyung is my bias :)
  • Mod Nerea - Another bias inside BLACKPINK? Because I love Jisoo as much as I love Lisa, hahahaha. If not, Hani from EXID, Rap Monster from BTS and Mark Tuan from GOT7. (btw I LOVE Sunmi and Hyuna)
  • Mod Dei - Omg I stan so many groups! Other than BLACKPINK I mostly stan Wanna One, LOONA, Weki Meki and Pristin at the moment
  • Mod Casey - Yes, I stan Red Velvet and my bias is Wendy

Thanks for the question, anon!

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