bias list ruining

160514 Fansign ~ [TRANS/Yoongi]

Question: What is your favorite girl’s outfit?
-cute outfit
-cool outfit
-sexy outfit

Yoongi: *circles them all*

Question: How many kg is Yoongi oppa’s ideal girl weight? I will lose my weight! ㅎㅎㅎ

Yoongi:  80 kg

Question: What is Yoongi oppa’s ideal girl height?

Yoongi: *checks them all*


Can we talk about how Jungkook is trying to speak english as most as he can these days????


get to know me meme: 5 favorite female biases

gu9udan’s jung mimi


• always woke up on the wrong side of the bed
• rebellious
• but a sweetheart at the same time
• always sleeps in boring classes
• instead of writing notes, he writes rap lyrics instead
• kills you using his deep voice i have died a million of times thank you very much
• you sometimes make him do aegyo if he’s asking for something
• total aegyo hater 101
• he sometimes go to you when he needs inspiration for rap
• when he’s feeling down, the problem is mostly about his past
• he always go to you when he remembers it again, or something reminded him of it, or someone is abusing him because of the past
• always copies your homework (either to check it or… really copy it)
• you tutor him at times
• he talks about how annoying donghyuck is, sometimes doyoung, too
• teases you with his jawline
• is manly inside-out
• always protects you 24/7
• is a cute grumpy cinnamon roll