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Bias Selfie Tag/Childhood pic tag

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I found this pic of Mark and Joey (his lil bro) so i wanted to do the Bias Selfie Tag with a twist and do like a childhood thing because I’ve done the bias selfie tag the same way multiple times before. Anyway thats my older sister and me (I’m the small one) in front of my grandma’s house in Japan <3. 

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Rules: Answer the 10 questions I give you. Tag 10 people and give them new questions to answer as well.

1. What are your top 3 biases and bias wreckers in Kpop?

Biases: GD in the flesh – top to bottom so freshly dressed, Kyungsoo
Bias Wreckers: Taeyang, Jongin his wrecking was so strong he’s basically soft spot bias now
These are the only ones that have remained over the years haha!

2. If you were to be put in a room with your favorite person, what would you say to them?

If I was in a room with Kyungsoo and there wasn’t a language barrier. I would say:

“Thank you for being brave enough to follow your dreams and to share your craft with the world. It’s been an absolute privilege to be your fan and I would do it all over again if given the chance. It makes me incredibly blessed to know that the owner of that warm soulful voice is so hardworking and (for lack of better word) beautiful. My admiration for you will continue to be pure and supportive. I love you *formal bow*”

Was that too extra?

3. If you had to choose between the four elements (water, fire, earth and air) which would you wish to control?

I’ll always be an air nomad because my house in high school was air element. ~

Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. But, everything changed when the fire nation attacked.

4. Describe how your number one bias makes you feel.

‘Warm and fuzzy’. Keeping it short and sweet, like him. (ʘ♥ʘ)

5. If you were to be stuck in an elevator with a member of EXO who would it be and why?

Despite my undying affection for Soo, I would honestly love to chat up a storm with Jongin about dance and his love for the stage. We have some things in common. Like our love for Kyungsoo. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

6. What are some of your hobbies outside of kpop?
What other hobbies?

  • Dance (I feel like I need to clarify that it’s hip because I’ve been told I look like a “contemporary girl” before.)
  • Read (always always always fiction novels or manga)
  • Arts and crafts

7. What other groups do you listen to and follow?

10 Year Big Bang fan here! Everyone from YG including HIGHGRND and THE BLACK LABEL, AOMG, IU and many more (during 2008 - 2012 years it was pretty much everyone)

8. What is your favorite Kpop song?

I have too many sub-categories so I’ll just pick the songs that mean the most to me:

  1. Big Bang – Haru Haru (my kpop blackhole song) ಥ_ಥ

  2. EXO – My Lady (EXO’s first teaser, the KAISOO teaser and the song I wanted to release the most out of all teasers)

9. If you were to be turned into an animal what would you be and why?

  1. Dog – I could be someone lonely’s best friend.

  2. Jellyfish – because they have no brain, they’re pretty and if you touch them, they’ll sting the shit out of you. Great life.

10. How would you describe your sense of style?

Monochrome street wear with the occasional denim blue.

My Questions:
(I know it’s not brain science or rocket surgery but this was hard! I tried to be creative)

  1. How did you discover EXO?

  2. Would you rather spend 10 minutes with your bias and were allowed to take as many photos as you want OR go on a 2 hour date with no photos or record of it ever happening?

  3. If you could swap bodies with any EXO member for a day, who would it be and why?

  4. If you could Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + Y on EXO, would you end up with the same bias?

  5. Would you be a backup dancer, makeup artist, vocal trainer or production director (PD-nimmm) for your favourite group?

  6. If you were an additional member to EXO, what would your superpower be?

  7. What Kpop song hits you HARD emotionally e.g. association with a memory?

  8. Do you game and/or watch anime/read manga?

  9. Given the choice, would you rather be able to sing or dance exceptionally well? (I wish I could riff and run up in this joint)

  10. If you could have any 1 Kpop artist sing at your wedding, who would it be? Inspired by this:

What concept do you want EXO to do that we haven’t seen yet? (excluding throne)
I want them in black bodysuits being all ninja assassin-esque and shit
Kyungsoo would be the hottest sniper as long as he’s got his contacts in

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anonymous asked:

Favorite period dress from a film?

HNNNNGGNNGnggngn DONT DO THIS TO ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck fuck fuck fuc k FUCK THIS IS LIKE CHOOSING A FAVORITE CHILD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok SHIT ive narrowed it down to my top 5 and i do have a #1 favorite but i wouldnt feel right not mentioning the runner ups so: 


5. Juliet’s blue dress from Romeo and Juliet (2013) 

this dress… is so fucking beautiful when i saw it for the first time in the theater i straight up gaSPED. i love the stars and the sky motif, and the shades of blue are SO stunning. its not super accurate as far as 16th c italian dresses go bUT it is so beautiful i literally dont care. and its not horribly inaccurate the underbust cut, the sleeves – those are all legit. 

this dress also caused me to look away from douglas booth’s perfect face for like 5 seconds at least which is a huge feat 

4. Snow White’s pink and yellow dress from Mirror Mirror (2012)

this isnt techincally a period costume because the period it comes from is like… fairy tale but i .. do not care sorry. every. single. costume in this movie blows my MIND. they are the work of the genius eiko ishioka and they are S T U N N I N G. this is actually one of the more tame costumes of the movie but its my fave bc it is so lovely and beautiful and is totally perfect with Snow’s character in the film. 

the cape itself is FJFJFHEIGHEIGHIEGHIE !!! i have NO WORDS YALL. and the dress under it is so whimsical and lovely and i lovE IT 

the use of applique on the skirt and the bodice to add  3D to the pattern… the color scheme… the use of organza for the sleeves… these are things i would never think of to combine but they work SO WELL 

3. Cecelia’s green dress from Atonement (2007)

THIS DRESS MAKES ME SCREAM OUT LOUD OH MY GOD. like. okay. okay. [clenches fist]. this dress is fucking REVOLUTIONARY. like in the story this dress is Very Important and it fucking KILLS IT LIKE. iconic. i c o n i c. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the bias cut 1930s dress is one of my favorite styles of dress of all time (and it pains me so much because this style of dress would look terrible on my body type) and the emerald green… the ruching at the back …. i died every day waiting for this dress…

2. Edith’s yellow dress from Crimson Peak (2016) 

ok real talk when i saw this in the theater i like inhaled too much of my icee and like almost died BECAUSE OF !!! THIS !! FUCKING !! DRESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


look at the front i truly cannot.. i gotta go take a walk or something this dress is Too Much 

#1 Cinderella’s blue ballgown from Cinderella (2015)

okay. let me tell u something. listen to me. this dress straight affected me on a deep soul-level. like. the moment i saw this dress in the first cinderella trailer i was like …. Nothing Was The Same. this dress honestly changed my life???? and it inspired me to sew so much more because it is straight up the most beautiful thing ive ever seen. before the movie came out i was obsessed w this dress and i looked up every interview w sandy powell ab it and after i looked at all the cosplays of it. also my life like started to get better around the time after i saw this movie???? coincideNCE ??? I THINK NAUGH T !!!! 

this dress is my phone lock screen its also the background of my desktop. this is like. My Dress u know it is just the best thing ive ever seen i could stare at it forever. did u know there is more than 12 layers of differently colored organza that make up the skirt?? and under that there is a petticoat and a crinoline cage??????

the design of it is just. brilliant. the fact that sandy powell started w the idea of cinderella running away from the ball and the movement of the dress is SO great and pays of big time on screen. this is a phenomenon that cannot be expressed thru pictures so please watch this video and feel calm in ur soul and also appreciate the Best Scene In Cinema History 

thank u for caring ab my opinion ab dresses and i hope u enjoyed hearing me yell ab dresses i truly love period dresses so much 


The Bride Wore Red (1937) - Joan Crawford as Anni Pavlovitch wearing a scarlet red beaded dress with plunging neckline and matching cape with diamanté clasp.

This is how Howard Gutner, author of Gowns by Adrian, the MGM Years (2001), described the dress:

Cut on the bias, the dress is form-fitting, with a cape that is attached to the shoulders with a jewelled clasp. The gown, which weighed thirty pounds, was made with more than two million [glass] beas… Ten seamstresses worked for two weeks merely to bead the material, which was then hand crocheted on crepe romaine.

According to Tamar Jeffers McDonald, author of Hollywood Catwalk: Exploring Costume and Transformation in American Film, Diana Vreeland noted that the beads were shaded in different colours, those arranged over the hips being darker to give an impression of greater slimness.