bias as hell

Every time I see a theory that’s imo too much of a reach, I get uncomfortable. I want to say I disagree, because there is way too much confirmation bias on tumblr, but how do you do that without sounding snotty or raining on someone’s parade? And how do you do it when you usually really like the people who believe this and you feel no need to convince them of your opinion? And most of all, how do you avoid being seen as one of the blogs who have turned really nasty lately?

On the other hand, that is also making the confirmation bias worse, and hell, it’s my opinion and my blog, and I think a leaving the skepsis to the nasty people is the worst thing you can do, so fuck it. Here’s my latest thing I don’t believe.

(Under a cut because I’m sure most of you don’t care.)

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solved. jungkook

TITLE: solved (one shot)

MEMBER: jeon jungkook x reader

GENRE: smut, couple

WORDS: 1900

WARNINGS: smut, angst, drinking, cursing

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I glanced from across the room at him. His disheveled brown hair in all different directions as he held the bottle in his fingers. He let out a lighthearted giggle and proceeded to utter some slurred speech that resulted in an eruption of laughter from across the room. Jungkook liked to drink. He would tell me that he liked the way it made him forget. His exact words being that he ‘actually liked to feel something’. I would stare up at him and nod, occasionally acknowledging his explanation with a simple ‘okay.’ As I sat on the couch I glanced out of the window and took in the lights of the vast city. I loved the city, and I loved experiencing it with Jungkook. I turned my attention back to my phone as more drunken laughter continued to erupt from a few feet away. I felt two soft hands delicately wrap around my waist. “Hey. You ready?” Jungkook rested his head on my shoulder and whispered into my ear. I slowly spun around so that I was facing him.

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I am officialy Seventeen trash…

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the adventures of polar bear hybrid!jimin (ó㉨ò)  pt2/?  

One very hot summer day, you come back home to Jimin taking a cold bath with ice cubes in your tub

you: “uhm”

jm: *pouting* “it’s hot today”

you: “…lucky you i bought ice cream”

jm: :D

.。.:*☆  out.  honestly, i’m astounded. you guys are all so incredible, and i’m so blessed to have such amazing followers and friends. i’ve been going through a lot recently, as i’m sure many of you have noticed, so it means a lot that you’re all here, and so supportive. it’s been two weeks since i moved, and i honestly don’t think i’ve ever felt so welcomed or confident on a blog in the year and a half that i’ve been doing indie roleplaying, so thank you for that. here’s to more and more weeks, and more and more muses, and all the threads <3 time for some gushing about the people i love and admire <3

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Morning warmup sketch: Seraph!Sorey idea and a bonus side meebo.

My Got7 bias

*Watching Got7 videos*
*BamBam being BamBam
*Mark being Mark*
Me: I can’t tell if BamBam or Mark is my Bias. Maybe Mark is my bias wrecker OR maybe BamBam is my bias wrecker…… Which one do I pick!?!?!?

*Jinyoung just stands there or something*
Me: That is some grade ‘A’ good shit. You are my new favorite. I will protect you and give you the world.

*Youngjae does something*
Me: The skies are clear, 10 years have been added to my life, and I just want to thank the earth for creating such a beautiful creature.

*Jackson being a puppy*
Me: Let me wrap this lil shit in a mountain of blankets and get him some hot coco

*Yugyeom breathes*
Me: I will protect this child from all evil and make sure he lives a long life filled with love and happiness.

*see JB*
Me: Nah I’m not into him *has hundreds of pictures of Jaebum on all my devices*
Friend: you’re so full of shit. Me: I know *dies on the inside*

Me: *cries because Got7 is just to perfect*

i should really get a new mun fc, but i’m so attached to rebecca i doubt i would ever feel comfortable w/ another—but anyway hi hello~ about time to create another one of these for this pretty number. it’s only been a year or so since i last made a bias list, and i can’t believe how many new friends i’ve gained since then! i would do a giveaway but tbh i suck at graphics and i doubt any of you would want any of my shit, so all i have to give you is my LOVE~~~

some of you i’ve known for years, some of you only a few weeks. but however long, thank you ALL for putting up w/ this piece of trash muse (or piece of cinnamon roll if you’re here for shadow) and my spotty activity, dropped threads, unanswered asks, endless mental health hiatuses, etc. i know i’m not the best rp partner, but i appreciate y’all sticking around anyway :)

i’d give personal messages to my main baes, but honestly there are so many of you and so much i wanna say that this would go on forever—so this is a big thank you and LOVE YOU to all you beautiful people <3

in no particular order:

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