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BTS: reaction to finding out they are not your bias

Jin: He would say nothing but he would showoff all day and he would compare himself with your bias and when he is around the members he would approach your bias and say.

 “I am prettier than you”

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Yoongi: He would be jealous but act like he didn’t care. Still every time you were with your bias he would call for your attention in a barely noticeable way. 

 "Hey Y/N come with me"  / *do action in the GIF*

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Hoseok: I don’t think our sunshine would take it  in a good way, he would be death jealous. He would literally push your bias away every time he approach you but at the end he would laugh a bit and then get death serious. 

“Hey, jagui I just don’t like seeing you with other guys”

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Namjoon: He is a smart ass probably wouldn’t feel jealous at fist but the moment your bias appeared he would probably start making jokes about killing him or Kicking his ass off if he got close to you.

“See I’m not a jealous guy but if someone gets more close to Y/N he ain’t living another day / action in the gif*

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Jimin: He would not like it at all he would be jealous and it would be obvious as hell. Every time that you two would hang out with the group he would just keep you under his arm at all moments and would stare with death eyes at your bias. You would know that he was jealous, the whole group would know, all the world will know.

“Y/N please don’t get so close with (bias name)“

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Taehyung: He would be jealous at first cause he would want you to be just for him but Tae being Tae he would probably bother you and make you blush in front  of the boys.

“Y/N you want me to take you a photo with him! or ask him if he signs your forehead”

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Jungkook: He would be SHOOK that he wasn’t you bias. He would probably be like “how could you?!” but he wouldn’t be jealous cause you were dating him.


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First reaction wasn’t sure to upload it but here it is hope someone like it. If you have any constructive comment (i guess) please let me know

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i really like your blog but i was kinda disappointed to see that stuff about ace people... they're part of the community regardless of whether or not they're discriminated... and also tbh there are a lot of sexualities that simply don't get as much hate because they're not well known... as for ace people - I literally had a teacher tell my class this week that "being asexual or aromantic - those people are sick, you can't be those things and be healthy... it's an illness"... decide what you will

oh my god. Look. Okay, this is all I’m going to say on the matter:

being anything and everything outside of a cis heterosexual person is not like a free pass to the lgbt community. okay, I am an Ace person, I am ace. I am asexual. and people talking about aph*bia on here KILL ME, because at the end of the day being ace does not mean you’re lgbt. someone saying that- doesn’t mean they hate ace people?? It doesn’t! why is that so upsetting to hear? being straight ace doesn’t mean you’re lgbt, it means you’re straight ace, Why are straight ace people so Desperate to call themselves specifically LGBT??, like whats wrong with calling yourself straight ace?, 

I don’t care if you’re disappointed to see it on my blog, unfollow my blog, because I stand by this. Being straight ace doesn’t make you lgbt. And if someone who is lgbt tells someone who is straight ace that being straight ace doesn’t make them lgbt then honestly why should that bother them in the first place like?? Doesn’t mean you’re not ace? Doesn’t mean you haven’t possibly faced your own forms of exclusion as someone who is ace?? It just means you aren’t lgbt??? Why are these people so desperate to call themselves lgbt??

listen to me. being asexual IS valid. It is different and I am ace myself, I know that in being ace a person can be faced with various forms of exclusion and even manners of oppression in regards to that but that relates specifically to being asexual and it does not make someone lgbt.

the post I reblogged highlighted the fact that being asexual has never been punishable by law anywhere in the world at any given time. and that’s just true. that’s a true statement. there’s nothing wrong with wanting your identity to be accepted and understood and validated and recognized for what it is. but maybe let’s stop trying to identify it as something that it’s not??

I’ve adopted at least 10 new boys all in the span of a few days...halp

When you watched produce 101 with the sole intention of supporting kim sanggyun and fucking the rest of them to hell and the plan backfired horrendously…

Like Nu’est get the fuck away from me, especially you JR piece of cool rapping shit, like i’ve checked some songs and my bias radar has exploded

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then we have here fucking sexy bandit, please don’t kill me you look like the most masculine teddy bear

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also I cant stop cooing “Minki!” like some kind of mother, but look at that face! then you find out he has abs and then you know he’s a biaswrecker but are still in denial

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then BAM the abs fuck my life

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killing it!! 

Then we move onto the fucking MMO squad cos fucks sake why are they just the coolest funniest pieces of human flesh ive ever seen like this dude? Thanks for helping my baby boi a-tom in replay your voice and smile is angelic

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i dunno he kinda reminds me of Gohn?? If they debut he’d definitely be my bias but thats not definite when you have 



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Day6 YoungK Kinks

Since Brian was so highly requested, I put him before Cory (24K). Sorry Cory, you’re next. I hope you guys all like this though! Idk why y’all trying to kill me with requesting all my bias wreckers. Tell me what you think! I love hearing from you guys!

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I can’t believe that six years later my ‘Warrior Baek Dong Soo’ boys are going head to head against each other in the ratings, both as male leads. I am kinda proud of my boys. I wonder who is going to win this time. And Yeo Jin Goo (who played the young version of Baek Dong Soo) is also coming back with in a drama as the main lead next week. 

I can’t say much about the writing in Warrior Baek Dong Soo, but that drama made me into the Yoo Seung Ho stan that I am today. Before that he was just the kid from God of Study. And it introduced me to Ji Chang Wook and Yeo Jin Goo. All three of them are now firmly on my bias list. And I can’t say that I didn’t have a fantastic time watching that drama (before the extension killed it). It did have a nice hook factor.

And it was a probably one of the first sageuks that I loved (with Tamra the Island), since back in the day I was kinda nervous about watching sageuks. It holds a very special place in my heart.

Dean not killing?

Has anyone noticed that Dean hasn’t been allowed to make kills or save the day much at all this season. In fact I can only think of 2 occasions. Are all current writers Sam fans because there’s a clear bias for action Sam coming from the writers this season and a clear sidelining of Dean from said action and a clear decline in the ratings. This season overall sucks. I miss badass Dean. Dabb seems to prefer passive Dean. Dabb stepped in at end of Season 11 and yes Dean got to save the entire Cosmos but he did it passively by putting himself in the line of fire and talking his way out which is cool because it was Dean being Dean that saved everyone BUT he’s continued passive Dean mostly all the way through the season. Even when Dean is the obvious choice to make a kill the moment goes to someone else. 

They had a chance to reference Dean’s connection to Michael with the sword but they hand Sam the sword to make the kill, the Raid ep was ridiculous in the way they shafted Dean from the action and I get Jensen had time off for twins but Dean could have made it back in time to help the fight especially because he had a connection with Alpha Vamp but the writer decided he’d take an extra long drive and miss everything. There were TWO Hell Hounds in another episode so the brothers could have taken out one each and it would have been satisfying to see Dean kill ONE since he was dragged off to Hell by them but nope the writer had to make it that Sam killed both. The latest episode Sam again got the kill while Dean got his ass kicked. 

Does anyone have theories of where they’re going with Dean this season or is it simply writers favoring Sam like they did when Charlie was the one getting to do everything at the expense of the brothers being relevant. Or is it because Dean’s killed the most big bads overall (or had up to s12) so they’re making up Sam’s numbers by giving him easy kills? because that’s another thing the big bad have all been too easy to kill, it’s really like they’re ticking off a checklist of things they want Sam to kill but the power balance is all thrown to pot just to make Sam look good and there’s no build up. 

When Dean shot the YED it was epic because he was a one of the kind big bad that they had history with and there were seasons of the build up to that moment but because Dabb or one of the writers wanted Sam to kill a YED as well they write another one who is offed in one episode. It dilutes the significance of the YED. Dean got to kill a nest of vampires by himself so we get the Raid for Sam with an easy offing of Alpha vamp. Gordon had a more epic death via Sam and he was a lowly vamp. The Colt makes it all too easy, basically anyone with a decent aim can kill the most powerful entities on Earth without getting too close. Dean had to get the mark of cain and go through a ton of shit before killing a knight of Hell but now they can just shoot everything with one gun. Why not engineer a colt inspired sniper rifle so they can put even more distance between them and any threat. 


Bias (for me including my bias wreckers because I’ve been wavering between the three for the past few days) SELFIE TAG!

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I look like a potato in all of these photos rip. My ult bias is Mark but lately, JB and Jinyoung has been killing me with their looks.

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I really wanna best friend who I can just argue with all day every day about how amazing MY bias is . and they gonna say what so amazing about THEIR bias , and we just spend the night fighting over our beloved group members and sending pictures and gifts of how cute theye are , but none of my internet friends are into k-pop neither the less BTS , and it killing me inside

BTS Reaction - Walking In On You Killing Their Songs For The First Time

Requests are open! ^-^ Don’t be afraid to leave an idea :)


J-Hope - *He’d be so excited, join in with you just before ‘Spine Breaker’ had finished and would get you to do it again to show you off to the other members* MY JAGI IS AMAZING! MY JAGI IS AMAZING!

Rap Monster - *He’d be’d so impressed with you and would make you have rap competitions with him for fun*

Suga - *He’d be a little jealous that you absolutely killed his parts especially in ‘Cypher : PT2, Triptych’ but he’d be so happy that you took time to learn his part to perfection* I’ll give it to you, Y/N, that was fucking awesome

Jimin - *He’d hear you from the other room, he’d run in and would record every minute of it because you were really that good at nailing ‘Run’ . He’d be so proud that he’s got someone like you in his life and your singing is just a bonus*

Jin - *He’d be so proud of you that you sang ‘Butterfly’ beautifully and everytime he hears you singing from now on, he’d stop what he’d be doing just to admire your singing more*

Jungkook - *He’d ask you loads of questions on where you got that voice from when he hears you nailing ‘Just One Day’ and would have duets with you in your spare times*

V - *When you killed ‘Tomorrow’ perfect, he’d freak out and would become your biggest fan in 0.005 seconds and would beg you to sing for him all the time* How didn’t you tell me you could sing and rap?! Your voice and rapping is to perfection!


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Good For You (Woozi/Jihoon Smut - Submitted)

Author: Gryffindor anon 

(AN: Tanishaaaaa I wrote you some siiiiin~ This may just be the filthiest thing I’ve ever written, which is probably because it’s got about 80% of my favorite kinks in it. basically I get the feeling Jihoon’s 100% about that switchy life, one night a total top making his partner scream loud enough they go hoarse, and the next, well… this happens. :3 Title from the Eric Nam song bc fuck yeah Eric Nam.  ~Gryffindor anon)

(Admin note: this is one of my favourite pieces of filth i’ve come across in a while. if you love sub woozi, then 20/10, would recommend. and tbh i love eric nam waaaay too much too. his new mv kills me. anyway, this absolutely made my cheeks fire truck red and i absolutely love it. warning for: smut, smutty smut smut, sex toys, anal, bondage, lovely sub!woozi, all the good stuff. everyone please enjoy. if you don’t like, feel free to relocate to some fluff. -Tanisha<3)

Summary: Singer, dancer, producer, unofficial leader, ultimate bias, hard-working artist… Jihoon was a man of many titles, with a lot that came attached to them. He deserved to come home at the end of the day and have that weight taken off his shoulders, if he so desires. Smut. 

“You ready, babe?” You murmur against your boyfriend’s lips, toying with the short, golden blonde hair at the nape of his neck. He hums assent, lifting his head slightly to kiss you again, and you run your fingers up through his hair as you kiss him back. 

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ARIES, no one will say it, but it’s lovely to see you smiling for a change. they say smiling on the outside makes someone feel happier within- is it working? tricking yourself into happiness will last a while, but the fallback is harsh, so try to cushion your soul. prepare.

TAURUS, I like to believe that the love-sickness hiding in your soul was planted there by some higher power so that when you do find the right person to love, they’ll never feel an ounce of emptiness in your presence. take pride in your immense love and never let it go. one day, you’ll be able to give to someone who will return it tenfold.

GEMINI, I miss you, I miss you, I miss you. we can’t go one night without mentioning you. I miss you. I know you can’t come home right now but I am counting down the days until you do.

CANCER, I’m sorry it went this way. but tomorrow is a new day. take your memories of the past with you, and strive. but do remember who loves you. and please, be good to them. it may be tough, but sometimes it’s best you bite your tongue.

LEO, you’ve given up on a lot recently. I know I’ve been harsh, but it kills me to see you like this. take my advice: loving someone new will be difficult- but the love you will get in return will be worth the fire of your soul. forgiving the one before your new person will be near impossible- but if you can move on, you will find yourself able to smile at her again without choking back tears. loving yourself sounds like a dream- but it can be a reality, because you are loved. to reach these points, though, you must be truthful- communicate with your new love, sit your past love down and explain, and work through your feelings. you will feel relief, in the end. I’m just sorry I couldn’t be kind to you before.

VIRGO, it’s okay to be scared. baby, love is scary. but you are so good for her. and she is so good for you. and she isn’t that person that hurt you, once. she loves you more than anyone ever could. encourage her to chase her dreams- and remember that you are a part of them. you are important. never think yourself as anything less.

LIBRA, we all see you laughing and pretending and doing things to piss your past friends off. I just wish you could be honest with yourself. this isn’t making you happy. it’s killing you.

SCORPIO, it’s time for you to stop trying to manipulate your relationships with others and just accept the plain fact that not everything can work how you want it. I’m sorry things are this way, but he’s never going to love you, she’s never going to be real, and you need to quit procrastinating and focus on your future.

SAGITTARIUS, please don’t fall for her deeper than you already have. this is not bias talking, this is worry, because we all see how much more sad she has made you in a matter of days. she is toxic. she needs someone who can take care of her- and you need someone who can take care of you. you cannot be that for each other.

CAPRICORN, you only need to hear two things: everything is going to be okay, and that I love you. basic words that carry heavy weights. take them as you will.

AQUARIUS, I need you now more than ever and I am sorry I’m another soul for you to carry- you’re just so good at it. please do not view others as burdens, but do not allow them to become more important than yourself. are you truly doing what makes you happy?

PISCES, you are chained to him. now, it’s time to set yourself free- and only you know how to do it, so stop being scared and do it.

—  twelve letters for twelve lovers [deux] ; (a.m.)

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So Pottermore sorted me into Gryffindor, but I've always felt drawn to Slytherin. Are there any key traits that separate Gryffindor and Slytherin that might help me decide where I belong?

The key, key difference between Slytherins and Gryffindors is how much importance they place on the rules. Or rather, how they go about obeying them. 

Gryffindors are all about honor and bravery and all that other stuff that’ll get you killed (sorry, you can see my bias. At least you’ll be hailed as a hero). They’ll come at things from the truest angle they can, and favor a head-on approach.

Slytherins are about cunning, efficiency, and flexibility. Instead of solving problems, they’re more likely to find a way around the problem, and often get frustrated when people insist on doing things ‘by the book’ when there’s an obvious solution.



A - age: 26 Gonna be 27 in August I’m so old T-T at least i’m younger than my bias and thats all that matters :P

B - biggest fear: Being stuck with idiotic chauvinistic people -_-

C - current time: 2:27 am

D - drink you last had: Water

E - every day starts with: Tumblr I’m addicted OTL

F - favourite song: LAST FAREWELLLLLLL!!!!!!!! I CANT GET ENOUGH OF IT T-T like today i played it for 5-6 times straight on rabbit and hoe would have killed me if it was possible thank god i had the remote XDD

G - ghosts, are they real?: Nope.

H - home town: Dhaka.

I - in love with: being valued

J - jealous of: …not being able to go to a bb concert T-T

K - killed someone: lol no.

L - last time you cried: two hours ago.

M - middle name: dont have one.

N - number of siblings: 2

O - one wish: Have dinner with BIGBANG :DD

P - person you last called/texted: My father lmao it’s almost 3 am and he still isnt home yet -_-

Q - question you’re always asked: why are you always so quiet?

R - reason to smile: Jiyong 💚

S - song last sang: Last Farewell lmao

T - time you woke up: 6:30am
U - underwear colour: Pink with white polka dots…exactly like the shirt this dude is wearing :DD

V - vacation destination: yeah same I’m broke but I really want to go visit Europe ;-;

W - worst habit: Not being able to forget anything painful ever.

X - x rays you’ve had: left leg… I broke my leg because i was being stubborn and wont eat something mom made -_-

Y - your favourite foods: Beef Biriyani and Pizza,

Z - zero experience in: High Heels… those give me nightmare D:

Wow this was surprisingly fun XD I’m gonna tag @biqbanqisvip you gotta do it hoe! @ibgbang @julla @topfied @ohseunghyuns @tabi-ears @tabi87 @fantastic-t-o-p @selva3bd @2h4 @vipfeels @mycomplex @nanailliterate​ It’s okay if you don’t want to do it guys except hoe >:D

Dating Jenissi Would Include…

A/N: Thanks so much requesting! I’m looking forward to writing this :)


  • This cutie is gonna kill me one day I swear haha my TD bias wrecker everyone
  • Jenissi tries his hardest to put up the front of a cool badboy type of guy, but we all know this is just an act and he’s actually a cute little kid on the inside
  • He’d be excited if he just saw you making him pancakes or something in the morning and just back hug you out of happiness like a 5-year-old would do to his mommy
  • He’d be touchy in a kind of detached way
  • Like he’d have you in his lap with his arm around your waist, but he’d just be watching TV or reading a book or something and basically ignoring you
  • But if you were like
  • “Taeyang, talk to mee~~”
  • eventually he’d be like
  • “Fine, how was your day?”
  • And I feel like he’d be the kind of guy that’d get scared off if you were too clingy or touchy
  • Not that I’m saying he wouldn’t like to cuddle or touch you or anything like that all I’m saying is, let him come to you with those kinds of things
  • If you try to initiate a cuddle session I can see it maybe ending in a very small argument that would end in you getting what you wanted in the first place, cuddles
  • But to avoid the argument, just show hints you want to cuddle without actually touching him and if he gets it then he’ll instantly cuddle the crap out of in the cutest way you don’t even know haha
  • Dates would probably be similar to what I said about Prince, like he wouldn’t like classic “dates”
  • Unlike Prince however, it isn’t that he doesn’t like “dates” he just prefers really casual ones
  • He would much rather prefer staying in and cuddling while watching a movie or ordering in to going the theatre or out to a restaurant
  • He’s just a really casual kind of guy :)
  • And as for sleeping position, good luck
  • Cause I can totally see this guy being the type to not only hog the covers but also spread out really wide like with all his limbs spread out in all different directions
  • So unless you’re comfortable sleeping either with his hand on your face and his foot on your leg or on top of his spread out figure, you should probably invest in two beds
nero vanetti protection squad 2k16

nero is such a great character, and he is honestly one of the most understanding/empathetic (and arguably misunderstood) characters in the entire series?? and it makes me so sad when i see people hating on him because he’s evil/heartless. esp after rewatching ep12 the amount of sympathy he has toward avilio is honestly astounding and why so many people ship them. can we all just take a moment to remember that nero is 21. i think it’s easy to forget that when he’s animated like an adult male near his 30′s but he’s twenty-one. like holy shit. nero displays conduct that far belies his twenty-one years. let’s take a look at a few key moments in the final episode. 


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13 times Donald Trump could have said "stop it" to bias-fueled violence, but chose not to

1. In Richmond, California, a white man began shouting at Muslims leaving a mosque after prayer services on Dec. 4 and shouted, “I’m going to kill you all.” The man, who later pled guilty to making terrorist threats and was sentenced to 90 days in jail with three years probation, made several Facebook posts before the attack praising Trump.  (src)

2. During a basketball game at Andrean High School in Merrillville, Indiana, students held up a poster of Donald Trump’s face and chanted, “Build a wall,” at Latino basketball players on Feb. 27. (src)

3. A white Trump supporter assaulted two male Wichita State University students — a Muslim American and a Latino — at a local Kwik shop. He reportedly began chanting “Trump! Trump! Trump!” Before driving off, the attacker added, “Make America great again! You guys are the losers! You guys, we’ll throw you over the wall!"  (src)

4. At Beloit Memorial High School in Beloit, Wisconsin, on April 8, black and Latino soccer players walked off the field when opposing fans chanted, "Donald Trump, build that wall!” (src)

5. A 20-year-old black man was visiting his elderly grandfather in Cleveland, Ohio, on June 3 when a white neighbor threatened the pair with a knife. The perpetrator reportedly said to police officers, “The RNC will take care of them, Donald Trump will fix them because they are scared of Donald Trump.” (src)

6. A black father of three was verbally and physically assaulted by a white hospital worker when she saw him talk to a white mother with reportedly biracial-looking children. The woman also allegedly said: “Get your black kids out of here. Do you even have a job? Do you know what a job is, n*gger? This is what Donald Trump’s talking about, people like you.” (src)

7. While riding a New York City subway, two hijab-wearing Muslim women were berated by a white man who told them to “go back home and take their bombs with them.” He also reportedly said “Donald Trump is right,” in reference to the president-elect’s anti-Muslim rhetoric. (src)

8. A white man on a New York City Subway verbally assaulted two black women in July 2015. “Worthless stupid fucking stupid cunt,” he said. “Donald Trump 2016! Put them back in the fucking fields where they belong.” (src)

9. Black Lives Matter activist Mercutio Southall was choked and beaten by Trump supporters at a Birmingham, Alabama, campaign rally in August 2015. (src)

10. A black man and his white girlfriend kissing were stabbed by a self-described white supremacist in Olympia, Washington, on Aug. 16. The assailant reportedly told law enforcement that he had planned on attending a Trump rally to “stomp out” the Black Lives Matter group. (src)

13 and 14 are among the most frightening and violent on the list.

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Rules: With each letter of any of your bias’s real (or stage) name, put a song starting with that letter that either reminds you of them or how you feel about them.

tagged by @roses4ksoo, thank u!

k - killing me softly with his song - fugees

i - into you (ft. fabolous) - tamia (one of my favorite vines of jongin were made with this song and everytime i would watch it my heart would get sooooo so warm so now when i hear this song i think of him and i feel all warm and im just :((((((( fuck i lvoe him ??????/)

m - my lady - exo

j - just one day - bts

o - one and only - exo

n - never knew i needed - ne-yo

g - get it shawty - lloyd (this is the song that plays every time he makes that rude ass face that says “come and get it” i wanna die)

i - i feel it coming - the weekend 

n - no one - alicia keys

i tag: @suavesehun @suholuv @bbhsthighs @unpopularblackgirl @boycottsm @kyungsohs @starlightkai @baekhyunbday @pcysmixedgf @honeymyeon & whoever else wants to do it!