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[exit tunes presents actors: duets 1/?] blackjack – ichijoudani rei and kiyosu takato (cv. midorikawa hikaru and toriumi kosuke)

“we’ve been seeing each other a long time now. i know his hacks.”

Top 10 bias tag

or y’know, 10 people that make me think “wow” a lot

tagged by @ravb1t thank u dear!!

  1. Cha Hakyeon
  2. Han Sanghyuk
  3. Everyone else in VIXX?
  4. Yook Sungjae
  5. Shin Hyejeong
  6. Han Haebin
  7. Lee Soonkyu
  8. Kim Yujeong
  9. Seo Inguk (I can have at least one actor bias can’t I?)
  10. Lee Taemin

I’m going to tag: @bunny-hyuk @2jhw @taekwooniverse @ktracyface @hyuks-pink-turtleneck @leocked @lattaekwoonie

sorry if you already did it and i missed it, anyway love you all!

Mobile Masterlist

After realizing you couldn’t see the updated version of my masterlist!!!!! I’m making a Mobile one too! I hope this isn’t a fucking waste!!!!

P.s - I do right angst, it’s just I don’t have a fuck ton of it so I slide it into Etc, it will be labeled as either // Angst or (Angst) on the title

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