bianchi celeste


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The first image here is a repost of one that featured a few weeks ago. It shows Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle leading Paris-roubaix in 1994.

Note the front suspension used on all three bikes. Just visible on the second bike, ridden by GB MG’s Johan Museeuw, is the compact position of the top tube, part of Bianchi’s dual suspension system.

The second image shows the 1994 bike used by Museeuw. The third image is an updated version from 1996, built from titanium rather than aluminium and with redesigned rear suspension.

A nice Bianchi, possibly a 1990s Reparto Corse. The paint job and cabling look right, but it appears to have weld seams rather than the lugs one would expect. Alternatively, it might be a Columbus Genius, but that would probably have mounts for downtube shifters, which can’t be seen here - though the routing of the shifter cables suggests they might be there.

Also: Sahara Ray in a white Queen of Hearts swimsuit, getting in the way of the bike…