I’m Turning 30! And throwing a “HS Reunion Themed”/“Dress with Class” Themed Birthday Party!

**I meant to have this HS Reunion themed Bday Party last year bc my HS dropped the ball on a 10 year reunion… but apparently I dropped the ball on a party last year, sooo I’m reviving the theme!**

Break out your letterman sweaters and varsity jackets / channel your inner HS clique, to celebrate my 30th birthday! OR dress with class (i.e. fancy)… because we’re mature adults who can be classy now.

Tuesday, August 26th 2014 @ Blind Barber

339 E. 10th Street @ Ave B //  9PM-12AM

DJ Omri S. Quire // Photos by Nicky Digital // in party-nership with East Side Social Club

~*~ In lieu of buying me a bday drink [bc no] - I’m in the midst of choosing a charity for you to donate to [so stay tuned] ~*~