This weekend, we took a very fast trip to NYC so I could participate in the Gambita fashion show at the Dreams Ph-d lounge. It was a petite clothing company’s event that I had entered on a whim several months earlier and was selected as a finalist for along with these 7 other ladies. We came from all over: Las Vegas, Washington D.C., Belize(!), Florida, New Jersey, and more.

It’s always weird at first when you meet new people, but these women were kind and welcoming. We got to know each other as the day went on and had a great time dancing out our nerves backstage before we got started.

I was lucky enough to be chosen as the “winner” (although we all were really just there for a fun experience, I think) which means I’ll be working with Gambita again in the future for a photo shoot featuring their beautiful petite-fitting clothes. 

Another bonus: meeting Sara and Bianca!


Rocking Out… on the L Train Platform - Subscene Style #TrackMarks Interview

A few weeks ago I was asked to do a Track Marks interview, for lifestyle/music/fashion outlet Subscene Style, which they conduct at different subway stations (get it? sub - scene… amazing).

Couldn’t have been happier to have done mine on the Bedford L train stop, since I spend a significant amount of time there, as someone who lives and works in Williamsburg and takes the L to hang out with my best friends in the East Village, go to meetings in the city, etc.  I run into people on that platform on a daily basis, I read on that platform (duh), I dance on that platform (for fun, not for money); and so doing an interview at the Bedford stop just seemed like a natural move.

Check out what Sophie and I chatted about - the age old story of how small girls started, why I love Mick Jagger, and my indecision on what you’ll find me wearing at this year’s music festivals (though truth be told- I’ve actually not been partaking in any of the festival madness this year, lest for work.)  

And to her note on you not having a soul unless you take me on a date to a dive bar showcasing the arcade gem “Buck Hunter”, if you follow my instagram, you’ll know I went through a phase where I spent my free time schooling bro-pponents in that game.  That.. and dancing.

K. Go watch it.

+ thanks to djbtips for sending me the stills!

Small Girls Vision: Bianca Vision (Week 1) 

We put our You-Vision Video Recording Glasses from photojojo (<3) to the test, as Bianca recorded some of her Small Girls office time last week.  

See the world through Bianca’s eyes (!), which involves:

  • HEARTS! (are you surprised?)
  • Handbags (Katherine Kwei), Shoes (The Odd Slipper)
  • Photoshoppin’
  • Newsletter makin’
  • Photoboothin’ (because it’s Bianca)
  • Pandora,
  • Bnter‘ing !
  • and looking in a mirror (again, because it’s Bianca)

BiancaRocksOut: Getting my Glitter Back SXSW10 Edition

The week started with getting off the plane and running to the tumblr party… from there, everything was a crazy awesome blur.  Lindsay welcomed me and giant pale Dutch Justin made a great partner in crime.

I love SXSW because most of my friends are in the same place at the same time (both internet and music) and I run around and adventure with them.

There were some other bands I caught and other people I partied with, and didn’t get video of because my phone and camera were dead half the time.  But I still love you guys.

Music: Wallpaper- I Got Soul, I’m So Wasted (appropriate for my SXSW on so many levels)