10 People I Want To Know Better

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Name: Matthew Ryan Bacon

Time/Date: 10:58 Juny 18, 2015

Average hours of sleep: 6.75

Last thing I Googled: “HBO Now PS3″

Birthday: 2/2

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Height: 5″7′

Favourite Colour: Pine green, midnight blue, dark red, you get the gist…

One Place That Makes Me Happy: Disneyland

Favourite Movies: Forrest Gump, Toy Story 3, Up, The Grand Budapest Hotel, among many others… 

Last Book I Read: The Martian by Andy Weir

Most Used Phrases: I’m not really sure of this one actually!

What I Last said to a Family Member: See you in the morning.

Favourite Beverage: Coke Cola

Fav Food: Garlic Bread. Pesto-Garlic-Chicken Pizza, Wingstop Wings, etc.

Dream Vacation: Germany and Belgium

Dream Wedding: I dunno…

Dream Job: Screenwriter

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