Birth of modern art

 I chose Sandro Boticelli’s Birth of Venus because it is a well-known work in the Renaissance period. In that period, western art was limited to the styles and genres that were common in that period such as realism, while the subjects were mostly religious depictions.  Since then, art styles, art forms, media and genres have multiplied. Art has added applications such as commercial art, crafts and design. Often, art now has specific functions such as to sell/advertise, to bring about a social or political change, to criticize the norm/anarchy, to entertain (such as video games and movies and theater), etc.  I added the tats and gave it a sort of graphic design style because what’s considered art nowadays has broadened; blurring the line separating what’s considered ‘art’ from what’s 'not art’ even more.


I also chose this painting because Venus was the symbol of beauty and femininity. The modern audience, especially our generation, is so concerned with superficial beauty. I know even I am. Everyone wants to be cooler, smarter, more popular, more beautiful, more interesting, have better tastes in music and fashion, have higher scores in games, etc. Along with art, the criteria of beauty has loosened with the times.