A Chance in Hell (Biadore) - Chapter 4 - Heather

Nothing ever happens like they do in the movies - not even sex.  Especially not sex.

content advice: Smut, intoxication, mild degradation play (use of the word ‘slut’), vomiting (the vomiting happens AFTER the smut, don’t worry)

A/N: Oh, y’all wanted a twist?  Come on, chapter 4, let’s get sickening!  Please make sure you read the tags!  Enjoy!

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mbti rupaul’s drag race

INFP: yekaterina petrovna zamolodchikova

ENFP: thorgy thor

ENTJ: bob the drag queen

INTJ: acid betty

ENTP: trixie mattel

INTP: raja

INFJ: jujubee

ENFJ: latrice royale

ESTJ: bianca del rio

ISTJ: raven

ISFP: kim chi

ESFP: adore delano

ESTP: willam

ISTP: kennedy davenport

ISFJ: ivy winters

ESFJ: chad michaels

Original OTPs

Quinn and Logan 

Clare and Eli 

Steve and Laura

Lilly and Oliver

Kim and Ron

Drew and Bianca

Josh and Mindy

JD and Elliot

Fiona and Steve

Sherlock and John

Queens I’m going to meet in the near future :

- Laganja Estranja
- Gia Gunn
- Raja
- Trixie Mattel
- Derrick Barry
- Naomi Smalls
- Kim chi
- Jaidynn Diore Fierce
- Max
- Kennedy Davenport
- Latrice Royale
- Cynthia Lee Fontaine
- Tyra Sanchez
- Kandy ho
- Mimi imfurst
- Chi chi devayne
- Mrs Kasha davis

Queens I have met :

- Detox
- Kim chi
- Bianca del rio
- Alyssa edwards
- Shangela
- Violet chachki
- Trinity Taylor
- Latrice royale

I’m sticking to RPDR girls in this post because I have met so many amazing local girls, I can’t quite name them all directly