Okay but imagine Bianca acting like a mom to Nico when they were 12 and 10, because even though she’s only two years older then him she always finds herself responsible for him and would sneak over to his room when they were at Westover Hall and help him with his homework or when he was going to class she’d run over and fix his uniform before he got yelled out but it’d get her in trouble for being out of place and she’d smile and apologize and get back in line and always worry about him

Dear Bianca,

I miss you a lot, sis. Ti amo sorella. You were too young to die, too fragile. It should’ve been me. Your death still pains me to this day. I feel so alone here like no one understands me. I feel like you were the only one who understood me. Every night I sing your lullaby and it makes me feel a little better but I’m still in pain. I hope every thing is alright in Elysium. I will see you soon, Bianca. Addio per Ora.

Nico Di Angelo


Yo you guys be cray with your 600+ notes on my Nico thing wowee. But…thank you! It was nice to see my first post get so appreciated! (And some of you guys’ tags holy smokes!)

Whelp guess I’ll leave these guys here too. They’re designs for possible sticker sheets…as you can all probably tell but you know ayyyy.

Pokemon announcer voice: CAN YOU NAME ALL THESE DEMIGODS??

What if in The Lightening Thief, when Percy, Annabeth, and Grover were in the Lotus hotel & casino, the people who caused Percy to realize that something was wrong were Bianca and Nico. Then in The Titan’s Curse, when they’re at the dance at the school, he recognizes them, but only remembers where from in D.C. when they’re talking about being from the past.

“Crazy idea time,” I said. 

She turned and looked at me desperately. “Anything.”

I apologize for my pitiful attempt at drawing the junk-pile 

aw remember when my little cupcake was only thirteen years old and sneaked off to go on a quest to save annabeth but then bianca died 

good times, good times