Frank Oceans Fashion References in Blonde & Endless

Frank Ocean is one of the best songwriters of our time and an element that makes him special is his ability to use movies, art, fashion and connect it to his personal experiences. In Channel Orange, Frank created stories around the first summer he fell in love and he did so by using a lot of his favorite movies as clear and sometimes subtle metaphors. Channel Orange was fantasy with a hint of reality, he was at freedom to create characters, storylines and environment but with Blonde & Endless, he was limited to reality with a touch of fantasy as he stated he wanted to make it autobiographical. Frank was always seen at some of the biggest fashion shows around the world in New York and Paris and it’s interesting to see him trickle it into his music as in early works he relied solely on cars and movies.

This is the fashion of Blonde and Endless.

#.1 Alabama

“Vasoline and Reebok classics
Take the bully on his math classes
Her name was Remy we was cool after
Back when had some pairs of Air Maxes”

#2. U-N-I-T-Y

“Peace to Moschino, cover your ass, your rectum showing
Peace to the boys that we used to be though
Geto Boy North Face too cold on these hoes”

#3. Comme Des Garçons

“Feelings come, feelings go
Comme des Garçons, Comme des Garçons, Comme des”

#1. Nikes

“These bitches want Nikes
They looking for a check”

“I know that your nigga came with you
But he ain’t with you we only human and it’s humid in these Balmains" 

The music video features a variety of Nikes and exotic fashion peices: 

Frank is wearing the Nike Cortez in this scene

In the Heavens Gate scene he switches it up and wears the Nike Internationalists

Bianca Chandon Lover Hoodie

Jenny Holzer Truisms Tee 

Couture Embellished Leather Jumpsuit designed by Olivier Rousteing

#2. Pink + White

"Bending up my Nikes
Running out the melpomene, nicotine
Stealing granny cigs ”


#3. Futura Free

“Sometimes I feel like I’m a god but I’m not a god”

“I Am Not A God But I Am Something Similar”

Frank not only uses fashion as a symbol of status but more of a nostalgia trip and reality check. The Reebok classics remind him of his tough childhood whereas the Nikes and Balmain remind him that even know he has this much money, he’s just another guy.

“We only human and its humid in these Balmains”


I just uploaded a rare Frank Ocean set. It’s his last live performance to date and took place at the 2014 Pemberton Festival in Canada.