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meet bangtan.

His name is Kim Namjoon.

An intelligent boy who was a bit wiser than his age and sees the world in many perspectives. With his poetic words, he conveyed his messages through music and rap. This is him now:

His name is Kim Seokjin.

A boy who dreamed of expressing his emotions on screen–someone who finds passion in acting. It was an encounter by fate, he wasn’t expecting for it–he’s not searching for music, but music found him. This is him now:

His name is Min Yoongi.

He’s a boy who suffered from his inner demons, causing him to leave his love for music, but as he was walking this uneven road, he found his way back. Along the path, he realised that there were seven of them and he wasn’t alone. This is him now:

His name is Jung Hoseok.

A boy who was made for dancing, a boy who wanted to express his emotions with his body. His light had never flickered once for he believed that his voice is gonna reach his hopes and dreams. This is him now:

His name is Park Jimin.

A boy who passionately moves his body with the music. He fought his insecurities with his movements and his voice, and so he became more ambitious and gained confidence. This is him now:

His name is Kim Taehyung.

An innocent boy who was satisfied with the love he receives from his family and friends. He has simple dreams, but then he realised that he wanted more–to be on stage and show everyone what he can do. This is him now:

His name is Jeon Jungkook.

A quiet boy who feared of opening up to people and showing his real emotions. An introvert who surprisingly has a burning passion for music. With the help of his six brothers, he let his new found voice be heard. This is him now:

Their name is Bangtan.

Brought together by fate, they established their friendship and brotherhood. They experienced struggles and criticisms, laughs and bliss, depression and disappointment, sadness and frustration. Many people didn’t believe in them, and so they fulfilled the hopes of the few people who had faith in them. 

And this is them now:

“We hope that our stage,our performances, and our music could be the hopes and dreams of many people in the world.” -Kim Namjoon, 2016

can we please just talk about how bianca di angelo wanted to have a life of her own so badly but still sacrificed herself for the sake of other people can we please just talk about that

Something REALLY annoying!!!

People who complain about Unova being the worst gen because of design when design is DEFINITELY subjective and EVERY gen has bad designs …same with pokemon names people who complain that Ducklett and Vanilluxe are lazy names but don’t say anything abt mew mewtwo hypno jynx gastly etc literally English words just spelled differently or the sound a cat makes and you add a two at the end .-. Still wondering why gen 5 is so ridiculed it had the most realistic evil organization and the gym leaders played important roles in the story unlike other gens where u fought them then forgot them the gen 5 gym leaders helped the protagonist throughout the story outside of gym battles and helped take down team plasma as well as the Seven Sages and the whole theme of it’s not always simply right and wrong sometimes there’s an inbetween (it’s not always black and white) was awesome I loved that each character struggled with the question “ am I forcing my pokemon to do something it doesn’t want to do? Am I taking something away from it such as it’s hopes and dreams for my personal gain? It actually had character developement between characters like Cheren Bianca and N unlike in other gens also it had some of the most diverse pokemon it contains the most competitive pokemon of any gen and is home to my fave ball the DREAM BALL it’s also the region that introduced the season system which is the most realistic of all the systems … It also had the most diverse cast with numerous POC …I do understand the quality of the anime and spinoff games were low quality but the gen itself isn’t bad at all still waiting for actual good reasons of why this gen is SOOO bad (and waiting for it’s remake to put your faves to sleep)

Reply with your thoughts please and thank you
Get you a curly hair chick?

I’ve been keeping so many of my thoughts to my self lately because usually when I have shit to say no one really gives a fuck. Lately this is something that I have been seeing a lot and something that I’ve noticed is growing. Believe it or not black men have a lot to do about how black women look at each other, how we view our selves and how other races view us. LATELY these fucking dumb ass post have been going around like ” GET YOU A CURLY HAIR CHICK ITS LIKE HAVING 2 GIRLS?” and then guys commenting being thirsty as fuck like ” need me one of them, tired of these girls who wear weaves “. Wait so since when did wearing weaves make girls less attractive? How is a hair texture a benefit to you? Like am I fucking missing something or what? It also fucking kills me to see BLACK MEN posting shit like “Natural aint for everyone some of you girls need to stick to your weaves” Like okay first of all every black women on this earth was born with natural hair so you can’t ” Go natural”. So that shit is invalid. Sadly the media has clouded everyone’s view of natural to be “Big, curly coils” when in reality natural hair comes in a lot of different textures. Its sad to see our men talk bad about us. When we wear weaves, we are fake and superficial. When we wear our natural hair, it doesn’t look “Right”. So what do you want us to do? smh man I’m rambling right now but how are we supposed to move forward when the black society doesn’t even accept each other? We constantly divide ourselves over petty little things that usually have to do with appearance and wealth. How are black women suppose to feel confident when our own men put us down constantly? How do you think that impacts how other races look at us? If black men aren’t loving their women what does that say TO EVERYONE ELSE. Smh Either way Black women are absolutely breathtaking, I MEAN HELLLOOOO, we don’t NEED validation to know that, but some respect would be nice. I may make no sense or some of you may agree. I love black men, and the truth is I feel like I don’t fit the standards that many of them have. I mean I guess its to each its own. I just really wish that we would change this now so the next generation of kids growing up won’t have to deal with this.

Thanks for reading!.

remember how we all hold onto our seats whenever yamamori mika releases a chapter of hirunaka no ryuusei every week? everyone in manga/anime tumblr are going nuts to whoever suzume would end up with and then eventually…bam! a second lead ending! (quite unusual, but it was good). it’s been about 3 years since its ending (can you believe?) and mamura and suzume is about to get married! I was 14-15 when I first read it, and now I’m 18, damn. time sure flies. glad that yamamori mika made this masterpiece. 

anonymous asked:

Angsty fic about Hunt being jealous of MC and Ethan's relationship and when he confronts her all jealous he realizes they're just friends (Hunt and MC aren't together yet they're in their weird angsty state)

hehheheh this was actually pretty close to a fic i had in mind but i dont see a reason why i cant do both. i actually love writing friendships too! also, i might get to your other request soon. B)

It had been a busy day for the entourage, especially for her and Ethan. He promised he would tag along with whatever she had to do (”It’s a poor agent who would make his client attend all her gigs alone!”) and so he had. The day had started with an early consultation with one of Lisa and Aria’s old Lisa Mermaid costars who wanted a custom dress for her upcoming 21st birthday. After the designs were discussed and the measurements taken, it was off to race traffic back to the university for an exhibition with Crash and his team of stuntmen. They had to pick up Addison from her internship, where she justifiably ranted about Bianca the entire time, and then attended a class at noon. They had another class that evening, their seminar with Hunt, but luckily had a moment to spare to grab something to eat.

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We all knew that Yuzuru Hanyu has the most fans out there and the most popular representative in Asia. But could we give a little love to Michael Christian Martinez? This guy is called “the lone skater” because he’s the only one representing his own country and even with his asthma, he still wants to cope up with his dream. Damn, this kid, hardly had any gov’t support and has to mortage his own family house just to join the 2014 Sochi Olympics. HE ONLY TRAINED IN DECEMBER LAST YEAR BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF FUNDS. BUT STILL, LOOK HOW FLAWLESS HIS PERFORMANCE IS. Because there is lack of ice skating trainers in the Philippines, he had to train in Southern California which costs his family and friends a LOT of dollars. 

While he may be short on funds, Martinez is not short on prayers. He’s hoping for one more miracle on the ice that can score an Olympic medal not just for him but for the Philippines. GO MICHAEL!

Dang son, he’s an inspiration to every ice skaters out there who wants to show their talent to the whole world; whatever their current status is. Bless this guy. AND WHAT A CUTIE asdfghjkl ;A;


If you want to know BTS more, here is a list of what BTS talks about in their songs. (the songs could be listed twice, under two different topics). All are recommended, but those with ‘★’ are my personal faves, and are probably one of the best; lyrics-wise. 

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here are some of my highly recommended must watch japanese series and movies! I have included my personal thoughts about it and some pictures would contain spoilers! 

BE READY TO CRY, LAUGH, GET MAD, AND GO CRAZY if you start to watch japanese dramas and movies. I swear to god they’re the best thing ever. everything is unique on it’s own. my favourites would be the tear jerker films though. 

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please read/watch kyoukai no rinne

ok this is only the THIRD time i’m recommending everyone a manga i really love. (first was donten ni warau, second was akatsuki no yona)

ok so i see that not anyone was interested in it because well there’s this new amazeball series along with it like owari no seraph, yamada-kun, shokugeki, etc, but i would like everyone to give this one a shot!

are you an inuyasha fan? or maybe a ranma fan? then this one’s for you. though, the plot’s a lot lighter than inuyasha’s dark/tragic series of events. it’s more like inuyasha/ranma combined with a bit of bleach because of the shinigami reference.  and the protagonists were A LOT DIFFERENT THAN THE PREVIOUS ONES. i mean inuyasha is a hot headed and rash dude and kagome’s super annoying and she talks too much. while rinne was more of a gentleman and sakura is more understanding; less blabbering.

i swear to god u r gonna enjoy the series.



this otp killed me so much 

and btw rinne has an amazing shinigami scythe 

it had an ad back in 2009 which i feel like the animation’s a lot better and the voice actor as well because tsukishima’s va voiced him in the 2009 ad. (well he is now voiced by kageyama’s va tho)



#SDTG POV RANT POST Part 2. Stop complaining! Really pissed off

If you really want to have the movie on your own way, then CREATE YOUR OWN SDTG MOVIE - Buy it on Star Cinema and Ms. Bianca Bernardino then produce your own movie using your imagination - because you want Kenji to be the perfect gangster that you pictured in your imagination. Find your own artists that would give a damn justice on the characters of SDTG. Then find a sponsor, people who’ll watch your movie and who will support it. And make sure you can level your imagination with the works of the most prominent people in the industry, Ms. Cathy and Ms. Carmi.

Pardon if some of my statement seems to be rude of approach but I’ve really had enough. The management and the author of the book will not give this kind of trust to this project if they don’t believe in the people behind SDTG the movie.

ok so psycho pass movie comes with:

- tsunemori BADASS akane

- kougami shinya (he’s BACK EVERYONE)

- ginoza in a ponytail jfc ahahaha LMAO

- some sort of world war idk

- mentions of makishima shougo (we know he’s dead but him being mentioned is making me happy oh god)

- terrorists

- ling tosite sigure sings the theme once again 


what i really, really love about the latest hnr chapter would be suzume’s honesty. I think, because of the unsaid feelings and mistakes she had with sensei; finally, she learned from them and will try her best for it not to happen again this time with mamura. So she went to his house just to tell him that it was herself who wants mamura to come with her at Okinawa. 

“I did my best to move myself. I’m heading towards a good direction.This is the first time I’ve had this feeling.” IT IS HER FIRST TIME TO FEEL THIS. It means, she had the confidence to say it and it’s something new–something she never felt with sensei and that makes me extremely happy.

“This feeling. It was also there with Sensei.This vague, fear, anxiety, I didn’t mention any of it. And so, it suddenly came to an end." she thought that if she don’t speak, it would come to an end like what happened between her and sensei. She didn’t want that to happen between her and mamura because not even realizing it, she loved mamura all along.

and dang, mazume in Okinawa for 4 days and 3 nights? oh my god, i wonder what’ll will happen tbh


so after reading the translations for chapter 75…i feel bad for sensei because it feels as if he’s already in the verge of giving up and finally letting go of suzume. but then suzume’s uncle called telling suzume that shishio’s been hospitalized–of course suzume panicked and she was in complete shock, but WHAT REALLY MADE ME SMILE WAS MAMURA’S SUPPORTIVE-NESS. look, instead of getting worked up and annoyed by it…he was surprisingly calm. he closed his eyes, then remembered the time suzume told him to “come with me in okinawa!” most especially, the time she asked him “would you go out with me?” and with just those memories, he was confident enough that suzume is trying her best to face him. at first, we all know that mamura’s very reluctant of suzume because of her feelings for sensei and also because of her half-hearted feelings towards him. but now is DIFFERENT, after the “go with me in okinawa!” his perspective changed. instead of saying “do what you want.” or something that would only have suzume deciding…he said: “LET’S GO.” this just proves that he is not selfish and will always be there whatever suzume’s decision will be.

to every mazume fan out there..

so it seems that the last hnr chapter is out but other people tend not to spoil it due to yamamori sensei’s wishes. JUST A FEW DAYS AND WE WILL FINALLY KNOW THE FATE OF THIS MANGA, but there are keywords given to us: recollection, KISS and shooting star.

ok so recollection could be memories with sensei or the things mamura have done for suzume. of course whichever that is, it would lead to a kiss.

the shooting star could be shizume’s first. or mazume’s second shooting star.

prayer circle for mazume everyone and cry with me

This is pretty much a dramatic story, but I’m going to share it anyways. Probably just because of the Final Fantasy VII REMAKE, I got pretty nostalgic and teary eyed.

So, I have this uncle, a very close one who’s an intense gaming fan. He literally introduced me to all video games, from the good old PS1 games up till the PS3 games. I remember he first told me about Resident Evil, Silent Hill and some bunch of horror video games. He also re-introduced me to Tomb Raider (my mom was the one who plays TR when I was younger and told me a lot about it.), Then finally, he told me about the Final Fantasy franchise. He first played Final Fantasy X which is like the first FF game that I laid my eyes upon. I have the biggest crush on Tidus, because well—that tan skin and nice eyes and childish smile…it makes me swoon. It makes me want to be Yuna tbh.

But then, he always has this Final Fantasy favorite. And it’s the Final Fantasy VII. He has some Tifa Lockhart and Cloud Strife figurines and I even remember he told me that he wants to go to Japan to buy a lot of collectibles from that series. Whenever I watch him play it, he was always focused and obviously enjoying. He told me the summary of the game, but never understood it, because I was like—what? 7-8 years old? I surely remember Cloud and Tifa. I don’t know, but I’ve always known them, despite just watching the game being played by someone. He goes on and on about how cool if a Final Fantasy 7 REMAKE would be. When he heard of the Crisis Core release, he was so excited. The Advent Children made him super happy too. He’s one of those fans who wants “The FF7 REMAKE” so bad.

Then in 2012, he died at the age of 34. From brain cancer.

Up until now, I always thought that if I haven’t watch him play his games, I wouldn’t be even looking forward to Final Fantasy or any other games, and hearing the announcement of a confirmed and real FF7 remake, it brought tears to my eyes.

My uncle was soooo looking forward to it, too bad he ran out of time. Imagine what his reaction would be if he heard the news about it. He’ll be the happiest man on earth. Even though it’s just a game, he was so personally attached to it. I feel like somehow, this game had connected us even though, he’s already gone for 3 years. Whenever I talk about FF7, I vividly remember those magazines, figurines and CDs he have for the franchise.

Thank you so much Square Enix. You made every gamer’s dream come true with the FF7 REMAKE, dead or alive.

OKAY OKAY GUYS, can we talk about the latest hnr chapter? yes that chapter 69.

It was a good chapter it actually gave me the chills. Yeah, totally mazume moment right there–the hug, the headband and suzume’s blushing face to mamura’s move.

I WILL BASH ON SHISHIO SENSEI because what he said to mamura really ticked me off. Like, seriously? you’ll not give up? I see what’s his point but that would be rather rude. He’s trying to get mamura’s girl for christ’s sake. Not to mention they’re in a relationship. It’s pretty normal for mamura to get hostile and call him “bastard” because whoa dude, who won’t get angry if some guy who has the potential to get your girl came up to you and said: “She’ll going to be mine.” (its not what shishio said, but its obviously what he’s pointing out) 

I know sensei is all honest now, but man, it’s too late. I wished you could’ve said those things earlier. You wasted all your chances, its your fault, to be honest. Now you’re getting mad when someone gets your (former) girl? That’s really ticking me off. And that attitude, emotionless, so straightforward. Doesn’t he realize he’s hurting both Mamura’s and Suzume’s feelings? before he was careful, but now he grew way too open without even thinking what he’s about to do or say. I hope he’ll consider suzume’s feelings, as well as mamura’s because you can’t always get what you want with just petty words that must’ve been buried in the past. 

But in the end, it will always be suzume’s choice. but i would be highly disappointed if she makes a wrong choice.

this is probably the first chapter ever where I got so pissed off at shishio sensei. I’m sorry, but I’m not a pretentious person.