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Queen of the night Sharon Needles swearing at protestors at Manchester Pride

The Signs as RPDR Queens

Aries - Raven
Taurus - Bianca Del Rio
Gemini - Raja
Cancer - Detox
Leo - Willam
Virgo - Ivy Winters
Libra - Adore Delano
Scorpio - Violet Chachki
Sagittarius - Trixie Mattel
Capricorn - Chad Michaels
Aquarius - Latrice Royale
Pisces - Alaska

Trixya HS au: teacher profiles

Here are some profiles for the teachers!
(I am not good at writing so don’t expect to much haha)

Miss Bianca:
She takes none of your bullshit and won’t hasitate to smack you in the head with a book if you get on her nerves. Everyone’s pretty scared of miss Bianca and her short temper. But you’ll get to know her and you’ll see she’s got the biggest heart. Her biggest weakness is she tend to fall for the wrong people. In this case it’s one of her students…

Miss Jinkx:
The drama teacher! Always getting the students to play out her favourite musicals. And even though she hosts the talent show, she always gets miss Ivy to preform bosom buddies from Mame with her every year.
As a narcoleptic, she isn’t always 100% awake, which has led her to become the laughing stock to some of her students. But those who get to know her instantly makes her their favourite teacher.

Miss Ivy:
She may look a bit harsh, but she’s got a heart of the purest gold. Her teaching technique has been criticised for being too dramatic. But she really wants her students to have fun when they learn. And she also really wants to impress miss Jinkx.

Miss Alyssa:
The all too glamorous Dance teacher. Everybody loves her. Not because they think she is the best teacher in the world, but because /she/ thinks she is.
She is always very serious. And she never really gets why her students thinks she’s funny. She is skilled and she is the number one dance teacher in the state…well if you count out that other teacher (at her old school) miss coco.

Miss Chad:
Gracious and beautiful. You either fall for her or want her to be your mother. She is fair and kind. And always on point. She has helped some of her students (mostly Sharon) through some rough times. Miss Chad is always there when you need her.
She is the fairy godmother, a professional. But if you hurt her or her students she could fucking demolish you.

Miss Raven:
“Cold hearted bitch” some call her. She’s got that look in her eyes that could make you turn to ice. But she’s also got a soft side. Her and miss Raja loves to gossip about the other teachers , and especially the students. They always whisper about what people are wearing and who they’re dating. Raven sees everything.

Miss Raja:
She’s the art teacher of your dreams. Kind and helpful. But she knows she is better than you. She’s got a soft spot for the weird kids and her main goal is to make them feel special. She’s a great mentor, but she’s also the teacher sneaking cigarettes to her students when they skip classes, as long as it’s not HER class.



We all knew that Yuzuru Hanyu has the most fans out there and the most popular representative in Asia. But could we give a little love to Michael Christian Martinez? This guy is called “the lone skater” because he’s the only one representing his own country and even with his asthma, he still wants to cope up with his dream. Damn, this kid, hardly had any gov’t support and has to mortage his own family house just to join the 2014 Sochi Olympics. HE ONLY TRAINED IN DECEMBER LAST YEAR BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF FUNDS. BUT STILL, LOOK HOW FLAWLESS HIS PERFORMANCE IS. Because there is lack of ice skating trainers in the Philippines, he had to train in Southern California which costs his family and friends a LOT of dollars. 

While he may be short on funds, Martinez is not short on prayers. He’s hoping for one more miracle on the ice that can score an Olympic medal not just for him but for the Philippines. GO MICHAEL!

Dang son, he’s an inspiration to every ice skaters out there who wants to show their talent to the whole world; whatever their current status is. Bless this guy. AND WHAT A CUTIE asdfghjkl ;A;


i got really bored this morning and decided to make a fancast because i saw a few of these while lurking, and it looked fun to make. there’s more (that’s why crash, bianca, lance, etc. aren’t on here) that i’ll include in another post.

Royals (A The Selection AU Fanfic) Chapter 4 - TheQuartzMermaid

A/N: BITCHES I’M BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! This was a wild end of semester, but I survived. Here’s Chapter Four (and yeah we’re meeting some new people today. YAY). Shoutout to Tiff and Vixen for running this blog and being awesome, and a special hiiiiiie to Shadowcat204 and Mr/Ms Anonymous, thanks for the support!

Again, if you’re not familiar with The Selection, I highly recommend you to read the prologue for this fanfic. If you like it enough, you can read the original books by Kiera Cass, they’re amazing.


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