bianca shepard

Do not challenge her.

(Bianca Shepard.)   

“Okay, but was shoving the poor guy out of a window on that one mission really necessary, Shepard?” Garrus sighed.   

She laughed for a while. “Yes. Absolutely. No other way it was going down. Had to save ammo.”   

“Are a few bullets worth more than the chance to give him a fair fight?” Samara grumbled.   

“You obviously don’t understand how I work, Sammy. It is a balance of precisision and…blow shit up,” Shepard explained.   

“Well said, Bianca,” Garrus teased.   

“I know where you sleep, Garry. I will find you. And I will choke you out,” she promised.   

“I don’t doubt it, commander. If I may only leave with my life-“   

“Maybe. Y’know, given this whole sewercide mission et all,” Shepard said.   

“Sewercide? I don’t believe I’m familiar with that word, Shepard,” Samara mumbled.   

“Sorry I’m drunk,” she sighed, leaning back and laying on the floor.   

“No wonder you’re being so nice,” Garrus said.   

“I could still kill you if I wanted to,” Shepard growled.   

“Humans are soft and squishy anyways,” he replied. She sat up again and shoved him hard in the chest.   

“That’s it. When I’m soberer, we’re doing this. You and me. One on one. Mano e mano,” she promised. 

“Alright, I’ll play, Shepard. Sounds like fun.”   


“Alright! I give!” Garrus chirped.   

“Say it! I’m not gonna stop until you say it,” Bianca whispered. She wrenched his arm back a little further.   

“Human women are not soft and squishy! There. I said. Please let me go,” he pleaded.   

Thane placed a hand on her shoulder. She looked up at him with a sheepish smile and released her hold on Garrus.   

“I will never cross you again,” Garrus promised, more to himself than to anyone else.   

“Don’t worry, Garrus. This was mostly to strike fear into the hearts of those who would,” Bianca sighed.   

“You would nearly beat me, your best friend, within an inch of my life just to make a point?” he grumbled, still lying face-down on the floor. 

“If the Reapers weren’t scared of her before, they are now,” Thane commented.  

“You’re the best, Shepard!” Garrus said.   

“And don’t you fucking forget it,” Bianca yelled over her shoulder as she walked to the elevator with Thane right behind her.