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Three pieces of headcanon for Bianca Grieve please :)

OOOH THANK YOU I HAVE SO MANY. Here is way more than three oops. 

- She falls in love with a woman - kisses a woman - when she’s nineteen; and its a revelation. She’d had a few boyfriends in high school, nothing serious, just for one or two months, but only because she felt like she had to, because all of her friends were. She always assumed she just hadn’t found the right boy. But then she falls in love with a woman at police college - all tattoos and bravado, soft smiles and short hair. She kisses her, late one night on the oval while they’re training together - cold and tired and enamoured - and she figures out she just hadn’t found the right girl. 

- She doesn’t speak to her parents.

- She moved from Canberra to Sydney for a job with the AFP, and she hates it at first - too loud, too busy, too lonely. But there’s nothing, no-one keeping her back home, and she makes herself settle down, finds the things she likes about it - good coffee, her work, Janet.

- Her apartment is barely lived in, is empty and quiet - so it’s a bit of a relief, staying in the motel in the room next to Janet, even though she knows she misses her kids like hell. It feels selfish, and she’s careful not to push, to tread carefully around her feelings for her, around their feelings for each other - but it was the most at home she’d felt in years, when Janet had asked her to stay the night, when she had woken up with her head in the gap between Janet’s shoulder and breast. 

- She lied when she said she was asked to be protection for Janet at her home. She asked them if she could. 

- She spends the weeks of mandatory leave, after everything with Peta and the Commission, building IKEA furniture in her apartment with Andy. She figures she should get settled in, figures she should leave Janet be. So she buys a case of beer for the two of them, and they only fight a few times over the instructions. Janet calls, asks her to come over, asks her to please stay, and she has to ask Andy back to help her dismantle everything. 

- She’s terrified by the idea of parenting, never really had it on the books. But she loves Janet’s kids like they were her own, revels in the way they love her back.

- She likes to have lunch with Janet, or at least bring her coffee if they’re pressed for time. But they’ll try, often enough, to share a meal across the mess of her table (her foot tracing her thigh underneath it) or go for a walk, or make out behind the closed curtains of her office, or in some abandoned corridor somewhere, her back pressed up against a desk or a wall, her hand tangled in Janet’s loosening ponytail.


i got really bored this morning and decided to make a fancast because i saw a few of these while lurking, and it looked fun to make. there’s more (that’s why crash, bianca, lance, etc. aren’t on here) that i’ll include in another post.

I really hope Disney treats this show as it’s own. It’s the best show on the channel rn by far and it should keep airing and be able to explore mature topics. Please don’t let this leave me in heartbreak like My Babysitter’s a Vampire, another perfect Canadian show that aired in Disney but ended too damn early.


Bianca and Nico di Angelo

“You have to promise to keep my sister safe.”
”I… That’s a big thing to promise, Nico, on a trip like this. Besides, she’s got Zoe, Grover, Thalia-”
”Promise,” he insisted.
”I’ll do my best. I promise that.”
”Get going then!” he said. “Good luck!”

Aesthetics for the di Angelo kids, and this is my present for @italianghostking but I screwed up so its now belated birthday present…. ish. I’ve seen so many people do aesthetics and I always thought it was easy, but its actually waaaay harder than I thought?!(wow look at all the excuses but in all honesty it was actually harder than I thought) Anyway, hAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY NICK/NICO! 
P.s. @italianhuntress this is kinda for you too. 

Big three moms

Nico and Bianca
Refused to hide defying Zeus for her children
Loved them and Hades

Jason and Thalia
Left Jason to the wolves at two
Lied to his sister
Did drugs
Demanded Zeus make her a goddess
Best mom ever
Paul is a great father
She married gabe to save her son
Believed in the God’s because even if they were wrong she wouldn’t tale that chance she wanted her baby safe
Accepts Percy lives a dangerous life and tries to help him
Loves and protects his friends
encourages Percy to do what he feels is right
Kicked monster ass alongside Paul

Jason and Thalia didn’t have anyone for so long so someone please please write something where Sally is their foster mom and Nico and Bianca are those nice kids who’s mom is friend with Sally
Because Beryl Grace did not deserve her children they deserve so much better

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Ok but Bianca di Angelo could have been easily brought back in a later chapter or in the next book I mean if Percy and Annabeth and Nico could survive Tartarus then she could easily survive falling down in a giant metal robot what if it was insulated and she didn't get electrocuted I bet a fall from that height wouldn't have killed her besides the prophecy said "one will be lost in the land without rain" lost doesn't mean dead it means lost they could have just lost her we could have had a happy Nico di Angelo and a great female character Bianca did not have to die just to add to everyone's angst and Percy and Nico's manpain she did not