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Because in every fight...LOVE always wins...


Leah, ang tagal ko itong inantay. But it was all worth the wait. It was worth every tear and every smile. It was worth every slap and every kiss. It was worth every sad and every happy memory. It was worth everytime that i lost you just to find myself back in your arms again. Destiny doesn’t always decide everything. It only gives us a little push in the right direction. We decide if it’s worth fighting for, worth waiting for. And Leah you are worth every fight and you are worth every wait. My promise to you is that my love will always be greater than the time i must wait and the distance i must travel to be with you. Sa'yo lang ako.


Yung kasal ko, yung dream wedding ko, kung anong gown na susuotin ko, kung saang simbahan ako ikakasal, kung anong kukunin kong mga bulaklak, kung papano ako maglalakad sa aisle, kung anong tugtog habang naglalakad ako. Ngayon, ngayong nandito ka na at nandito ako, hindi ko inakala na mas maganda pala ‘to, na mas magiging masaya ako ngayon kesa sa kasal sa panaginip ko. Thank you Clark. ‘Cause reality is finally better than my dreams. Kahit matupad ko ang mga pangarap ko, kung hindi kita kasama balewala yung mga yon. Your love made me soar higher than my dreams could ever take me. Pangako, hinding hindi kita iiwan. Parati kang nandito sa puso ko. Dahil mahal kita. Mahal na mahal kita Clark. Sayo lang ako Clark.
Clark: As this ring has no end, neither will my love for you
Leah: I give you this ring as a symbol of my commitment
Clark: I give you my promise, from this day forward, you shall never walk alone
Leah: I will share you my joy, that it will be multiplied
Clark: There’s no greater gift to give than my heart to be your home; my arms to be your shelter. We’ll walk together through all things.
Leah: I will share your pain – that it will be divided
Clark: And may we feel this joy forever…
Leah: I will walk beside you as we travel together through life’s changes
Clark: May you feel deeply loved, for indeed you are
Leah: I will sleep in your arms for your love is my home


Your love is my anchor. Your trust is my strength. You make me whole and make my life complete I will give you all my love. From now until eternity ends…

Clark and Leah’s wedding vows practically sums up all my thoughts and feelings about the entire series. All the pain and the tears we cried were worth the ending. It was magical in its own way. It just goes to show that love always finds a way, love always wins. There wasn’t a bit of a doubt in me that Clark and Leah would end up together. A love like that - deserves a happy ever after.

It’s not the first serye to have a live ending. We’ve seen Judy Anne’s Basta’t Kasama Kita and DongYan’s MariMar. But for the first time in Philippine Entertainment history, we’ve seen a live ending sandwiched between pre-taped scenes. It managed to give what the viewers want without sacrificing the honesty to the storyline. It’s the first time a series ended with 1500 people in attendance, getting live performance treat from the entire cast. It’s the first time a Filipino series engaged that much audience in a once in a lifetime viewing experience. 

The beautiful thing about On the Wings of Love is that it transcends through multiple generations. From the elders down to the teens - everyone can relate to a character. They made it so realistic and so phenomenal that it would be totally hard to measure up to it. Have you ever seen a TV series that you just find so perfect it’s difficult to move on from it? I have actually. One Tree Hill - the only TV series I can never tire of watching over and over again. It ran for 9 years it grew on me that it was just so hard to move on, I’d watch bloopers and deleted scenes online just to tide over the separation anxiety. I was too invested in the story that I had to keep replaying the episodes. For the first time, I have found an equal in Philippine TV series - On The Wings of Love. OTWOL, in spite of the short run, grew on me. I wasn’t just a mere audience. I found myself being part of the journey of the characters.

My most favorite scene for the entire run of On the Wings of Love would have to be the break up scene. When Clark set an ultimatum for Leah to choose between him and her career and she expectedly chose her career. It made a mark as the highlight of Nadine and James’ acting evolution. Also, it was the turning point of the story. After that pivotal scene, everything changed. When Leah chose her career over Clark, it wasn’t much of a surprise. We’ve all seen it coming. From the lack of focus in every Skype call, the time difference that makes it all the more difficult to catch up with each other, the few and far between calls….the hasty talks. Just like what Leah said to Tatang, it was a long time coming, they’ve just been avoiding to face it head on. But just because you’ve seen the SanFo teaser, just 'cause you knew the breakup was inevitable, that doesn’t make the scene any less painful. You were part of it. The writers and the directors made very well sure of that. When they broke it off, you felt your heart getting ripped into tiny little shreds. When Leah did that walling scene, admit it, you wanted to slide down your own wall or door and cry your heart out. When Clark broke down and he took off his ring, his knuckles painfully clenched, you felt his anguish. Every time they would wallow in their own pain and let their tears fall, you can’t help your tears from flowing. You cried right along with them, you felt their hurt, their anger, their regret, you felt their heart breaking as if it was your own. You felt devastated because what they have was a beautiful thing, it was the kind of love that’s worth fighting for. And you ask over and over, why? Why does it have to happen? Why? After everything they’ve been through, after all the struggles they succeeded, after fighting against all odds, why now? When everything was fine, when they’re supposed to be planning their second wedding, when Clark fought nail and tooth to be the perfect guy for our Leah, when Leah chose Clark over Dubai (erm - before Tatang had a heart attack anyway) why does it have to happen to these two people who are so in love with each other? Why does Tatang have to be in the brink of death once more? Why does it have to be Leah making all these sacrifices for the family? And then you breathe in and out…slow deep breaths to calm your mind…your tension slowly easing a bit. And your mind starting to clear up. And the logical and analytical side of your brain tells you in clear bold letters: BECAUSE THAT’S LIFE.

And it’s true too. Life gets in the way. When you think it’s the end of something, it turns out to be just the beginning of an even greater thing - whether it be a greater blessing or a greater conflict. You don’t decide what you get out of life. Fate does. What you can only get ahold of is how you deal with whatever life throws at you.

Clark: Excuse me?! I’m fine, right here. You think hindi ako umaasenso then you’re wrong. Tingin mo smalltime tong ginagawa ko? Ano? Kinakaya mo ako? Sa Dubai, nagiging bigtime ka. Ako, magsisimula ako from scratch. Gusto mo lalong ipamukha sakin na mas malayo ang narating mo sakin? Is that it?

Leah: Si Simon na naman Clark? Clark ano ba issue pa rin ba yang si Simon hanggang ngayon? Ilang beses ko bang sasabihin sayo na walang namamagitan samin ni Simon? Bakit ba ayaw mong maniwala? Eh ano kung meron syang gusto sakin?! Ano kung gusto nya'ko? Ako wala akong gusto sa kanya. Hindi ko sya mahal Clark. Ikaw ang mahal ko!

Leah: Oo pangarap ko yun anong masama don? Anong masamakung matupad ko yung pangarap ko ha? Ikaw nga natutupad mo na yung sayo eh bakit ako bawal?

Clark: Iba na rin ang priorities mo, hindi na ako.

Clark: If you go back to Dubai, tuluyan nang masisira ang relationship natin. So it’s time for you to choose. It’s me or your career.

Clark: You know what it’s funny, galit na galit ka sa nanay mo sa ginawa nya non, yung umalis at iniwan nya ang pamilya nya for a better life? Well guess what? You’re doung just the exact same thing. You’re no better than she is. You’re just like her.

Leah: Thank you ha? Thank you kasi madali na'kong makakapagdecide ngayon. Siguro nga hindi pa natin time. Mahal kita, mahal moko pero hindi yun enough para sa isang relationship. Tapusin na natin to Clark. Nakakapagod na eh. Bago pa natin saktanang isa’t isa.

Leah: At kung sa tingin mo selfish ako, kasi mas mahal mo'ko kesa sa mas mahal kita, kasi inuuna ko yung pamilya ko, at yung sarili ko kesa sayo, kesa satin, mas selfish ka. Kasi pinipigilan mo'ko na maabot ko yung pangarap ko. Pangarap ko para sating dalawa. Tinatanggalan mo'ko ng paraan para matulungan si Tatang at yung pamilya ko. Sorry ha? Hindi ko kasi alam na hindi pala ako pwedeng magkaron ng pangarap eh. Na ikaw lang pala pwede eh! Hindi ko alam eh pero ngayon alam ko na kaya okay lang. Thank you ha! Thank you sa lahat!

That accompanied by Daryl Ong’s Stay was just too much to handle. Never mind that you know they’d eventually reunite in SanFo. Nadine was spectacular in that walling scene, the heartbreak was legit. But I think it’s hard to dismiss that breakdown scene in Dubai when she was alone in the office and she looked so helpless; she looked like she was losing all her strength that she had to sit down just to cry again - it seemed too realistic to me. It reminded me of those days when pain gets a little too much that you think your heart’s constricting and you find it a little hard to breathe. James deserves a standing ovation in his very own breakdown scene. Admit it, those tears while he slowly removed his wedding ring? It shook you to the core. These two has improved so much you can’t help but be proud in spite of the pain they’ve been inflicting as Clark and Leah.

I was proven right with my initial prediction for how Simon’s character will turn out. He’s exactly how I’ve always pictured Sir Simon would be the moment they announced he’s going to be Leah’s new boss. In spite of all the hatred directed towards him, I think he’s the only constant in the series: he’s logical and mature and he will help Leah in all the ways I expected him to. No matter how much you loathe him, I stand by my opinion: he’s the rational choice for Leah. The only thing wedging between them is the marriage which could have been easily dissolved and of course the fact that Leah is still and will always be very much in love with Clark. But if we are to disregard the marriage, he’s the ideal choice. He’s the guy you would want to fall in love with in real life: he’s mature, he’s confident, he’s rich, he’s successful, he’s changed for you, he wouldn’t make your dreams come true - he will push you to reach for it because he knows you have it in you to do it. It wasn’t so bad that he turned out to be really good looking too. He will support you no matter what and love you without asking for you to return that love in the exact same intensity. He will patiently wait for you to be ready, but he will not back down and will continue showing you how much he loves you. And he will want you to be happy - even if that happiness does not include him in the equation. His character is that which was overused in Korean dramas - the guy who could have been; who might have been - but will never be. If you listen to that analytical and logical part of your brain, it will tell you to choose Simon. But love’s not like that. Life’s not like that. The heart wants what it wants and for Leah, it was Clark, it has always been Clark, and it will always be Clark. 

I love the idea of notes that will never see the light of day. It was one of the best advice Simon has ever given Leah. It helped her vent out in a way. It fooled her into thinking she’s been moving on when all it actually did was give her a chance and a way to say whatever was left unsaid. Tita Jack was our “Leah’s letters to Clark” personified. She gave voice to all the Otwolistas who get why Leah had to do what she did, why she chose the options that she did even if it hurt. And just like the oldest love stories, these insights always come up when it’s already too late and you are left with that hole in your chest that tells you you weren’t the only one hurt because while she took away a part of you, you carried a part of hers too.

Remember that old adage, ignorance is bliss? It’s true, wasn’t it? When they saw each other again, for a moment Clark was too happy to just see Leah and there was that spark that says “yes! a do-over” written all over his face only to see Simon and have to rehash all the pain he’s felt all those years and doubt once more that Leah chose Simon over him. 

I’m thankful for the breakup. Because once again, they showed us the real deal. What was that Direk Tonet once said about going through a painful breakup? Write, paint, or do whatever you feel like doing, whatever art you feel like creating, because who knows? One day, that simple outlet of your pain might turn into a masterpiece like The Arrow with a Heart Pierced Through Him. That was what happened with Leah and Clark. They both exhausted their misery and devastation in their work that Leah proved to be even more credible in the advertising industry and Clark becoming the true blue artist he was always destined to become. If they didn’t separate, they would never be where they are at present. 

I love how OTWOL emphasized on how much love contributes to why people change. You saw how a love lost changed Jigs and Simon - drastically. Jigs turned into this manic person - the worst version of himself only to realize eventually that he and Leah would have been miserable if they were still together. Finding love again - with Angela this time - has made his life more colorful. Whereas with Simon, we were given a glimpse of how fun and easy go lucky he used to be with Juliet. Losing that love turned him into this all too serious “all work and no play” kind of guy who just wants everything around him to be perfect. Falling in love with Leah transformed him to the Simon who learns to enjoy life once more - he smiles more often, he’s not as perfectionist anymore, and he has loosened up. Realizing he will never get that love back, I was a bit scared he’d turn back into the monster he used to be, but no, he chose to be the bigger person and listen to the rational part of him that says he will never make Leah happy and Clark and Leah deserve that happy ever after waiting under the wings.

Even Clark and Leah changed because of love. They both learned to enjoy life when they first got together. When they met they were both focused on just giving the best life possible for their families. When they first separated, Clark became the guy everybody loves (who Leah used to be) and Leah became the calculating and distant girl (who ironically used to be Clark’s persona) Giving love another chance transformed them into the happiest tandem you thought possible. Losing that love - has contributed a lot to their maturity. They became the best versions of their selves. They both reached their full potential. And finally reaching their last destination - the happy ending we all prayed for them to achieve, you see two completely whole individuals coming together to make the perfect love story: it’s not a perfect love, it’s the kind of relationship that still needs work, but it’s got two people who are willing to compromise, to make sacrifices, to bend to one another, to willingly admit mistakes, to be open and honest with each other, to two people who are mature enough to understand that to be truly happy, you have to let love win - always. 

I have given up on seeing the whole Mekeni back story but it was quite amusing to have them discover it eventually. If anything, all it proved is that which James wrote for his wedding vows as Clark: Destiny doesn’t always decide everything, it just gives that push in the right direction. Because it’s true too. Unlike all the cliche love stories that centered on childhood sweethearts finding their way back to each other, that Mekeni plot didn’t do much for our Clark and Leah. Even without Mekeni, it would still end up with them back together. 

I wouldn’t dwell much on the painful scenes anymore, I think we’ve all seen enough of those. But…who else here felt like they were robbed of a could have been the best love scene in the history of Philippine TV series? It started out as a scene that could very well have been taken right out of Ghost movie only to bring out all the pent up frustrations Leah had the moment Clark waltzed right back into her life. Then we were treated to a make out scene and when they lay down on that bed, you held your breath while waiting for the next move, then just when they were about to kiss again, boom! the door bell rings and just like that, the moment was gone. Only, they failed to realize the cut was too obvious what with Leah losing her white polo cover-up all of a sudden and Clark losing his belt. So I wonder whatever happened to the few seconds (or was it minutes?) they deleted? Tell you what though, if you were frustrated, then just imagine what it was like for Clark and Leah. LOL

Clark giving up the fight and handing all the cards down to Leah was exactly what their relationship needed. It wouldn’t have worked as well as it did if he was the one who had to ask for another chance again. Leah needed to find that courage in her to finally stand up for love and for Clark. The best thing about the airport scene is that it managed to give you all sorts of emotions all at once. You cracked up at that scene when she asked the airport personnel to announce her intentions for the entire airport to hear. I was particularly fond of her “Seryoso?” when Leah asked her to voice out that she loves Clark. Another amusing moment was when Leah proposed, instead of crying, my tears were suspended when she uttered “Sa ikalawa at sana naman sa ikahuling pagkakataon..” the way Nadine said it was just too funny and cute! And was it just me or is there a sign in James’ boots that says “okay everybody squeal now!”? Because the first time I saw it during his arrival in SanFo while Gege’s words play out “Andito na ang tahanan mo…susunduin kita” I literally squealed like a baby. Then once again while Leah cries and frantically tries calling him again and his boots appeared on the walkway, it elicited the same reaction from me. And then there’s that “awww” moment when Clark said “No Leah” only to have to bend his knees and propose to her again. 

The finale was more than a dream come true for me. I don’t know how many of you has read my tweets and my previous review with a post note requesting for a live ending and for James and Nadine to write their own vows, as well as my tweet requesting for a same day edit wedding video courtesy of Nice Print Photography. They didn’t just made my wishes come true. For me, they gave us an ending that was worth every tear we’ve shed, every pain we’ve ever had to endear for the show, every sad memory that reminds us how hard their journey was. It was what I’ve dreamt for the show and so much more. I have no more words but THANK YOU - REALLY.

Thank you so much for On The Wings of Love. Thank you for giving us a chance to be part of the ending. (Yes, I was there. VIP mind you, so thank you, shout out to sir EJ Salut for the great opportunity to witness the entire thing up close!) thank you James and Nadine. Thank you Dreamsape. Thank you to the writers and the directors and the Creative Team for including us in the CLeah journey. It was a journey I would love to take over and over again. 


Thanks for the OTWOL Reel to Real. I’m sure with the open letter for the special episode everyone’s been promoting (and yes, I had to promote that suggestion too!whoever thought of that one was amazing) you had no choice but to grant it. Thank you for reading tweets and blog articles and suggestions from audiences.You don’t know how much it means to a lot of us. I hope to ride the next JaDine journey with you…^,^

To my readers,

Thank you so much for bearing with me. My reviews are always tedious to read. I can never find a way to shorten it but you’ve all been so very supportive and really just patient. Thank you for being with me all through out. This was a great experience. Hopefully, I can review the next JaDine movie and the next JaDine series and you’d still watch out for it. And I really hope I can still voice out whatever thoughts and feelings you might have. I want nothing more than to shed light and understanding to whatever I can sink my teeth into. This ends my OTWOL reviews. I hope to see you again in the next JaDine related review my friends! 


Just Janee

(Credits to Nice Print Photography, Nadine Lustre and James Reid’s facebook page for the pictures used)

Current Pregnancys & Baby Boom 2015 (Update!)

Alba Álvarez & Ádrian López: They expect their first child. It’ll be a girl, who’ll be named Carla. She’ll be born in February 2016.

Carlota Ruiz & Álvaro Arbeloa: They expect their third child. It’ll be a girl, who’ll be named Vega. She’ll be born in early 2016.

Elena Galera & Sergio Busquets: They expect their first child. It’ll be a boy, who’ll be born in early 2016.

Imane Feger & Isaac Cuenca: They expect their first child. It’ll be a girl, who’ll be born in February 2016.

Nuria Cunillera & Xavi Herández: They expect their first child. It’ll be a girl, who’ll be named Asia. She’ll be born in December 2015.

Patrizia Ruiz & Miguel Ángel Moyà: They expect their second child. It’ll be a boy, who’ll be named Dorian. He’ll be born in December 2015.

Sara Carbonero & Iker Casillas: They expect their second child. It’ll be born in spring 2016.

Vanesa Lorenzo & Carles Puyol: They expect their second child. It’ll be a girl, who’ll be born in January 2016.

Sira Reina Ruiz (*15.01.2015) is the fifth child of Yolanda Ruiz & Pepe Reina. She was born in Córdoba, Spain.

Sasha Piqué Mebarak (*29.01.2015) is the second child of Shakira & Gerard Piqué. He was born in Barcelona, Spain.

Iker Muniain Sesma (*20.02.2015) is the first child of Andrea Sesma & Iker Muniain. He was born in Bilbao, Spain.

Vega García Sánchez (*15.03.2015) is the first child of Ines Sánchez & Raúl García. She was born in Madrid, Spain.

Álvaro Callejón Vazquez (*14.04.2015) is the first child of Alba Vazquez & Juanmi Callejón. He was born in La Paz, Bolivia.

Bianca López Otero (*23.04.2015) is the second child of Iria Otero & Diego López. She was born in Milan, Italy.

Alejandra Fernández Cortés (*13.05.2015) is the first child of María Cortés & Nacho Fernández. She was born in Madrid, Spain.

Martina Romero Venegas (*26.05.2015) is the first child of Patricia Venegas & Luis Alberto Romero. She was born in Málaga, Spain.

Paolo Andrea Iniesta Ortiz (*31.05.2015) is the second child of Anna Ortiz & Andrés Iniesta. He was born in Barcelona, Spain.

Capri Fàbregas Semaan (*10.07.2015) is the second common child of Daniella Semaan & Cesc Fàbregas. She was born in London, UK.

Gala Bartra Jiménez (*18.08.2015) is the first child of Melissa Jiménez and Marc Bartra. She was born in Barcelona, Spain.

Alexia Torres Sierras (*05.10.2015) is the second child of Verónica Sierras and Juanfran Torres. She was born in Madrid, Spain.

Elsa Torres Domínguez (*26.10.2015) is the third child of Olalla Domínguez and Fernando Torres. She was born in Madrid, Spain.

Manuela & Valentina Iraizoz Hernández (*10.11.2015) are the twin-girls of Carmen Hernández and Gorka Iraizoz. They were born in Bilbao, Spain.

Marco Ramos Rubio (*14.11.2015) is the second child of Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos. He was born in Madrid, Spain.


#SDTG POV RANT POST Part 2. Stop complaining! Really pissed off

If you really want to have the movie on your own way, then CREATE YOUR OWN SDTG MOVIE - Buy it on Star Cinema and Ms. Bianca Bernardino then produce your own movie using your imagination - because you want Kenji to be the perfect gangster that you pictured in your imagination. Find your own artists that would give a damn justice on the characters of SDTG. Then find a sponsor, people who’ll watch your movie and who will support it. And make sure you can level your imagination with the works of the most prominent people in the industry, Ms. Cathy and Ms. Carmi.

Pardon if some of my statement seems to be rude of approach but I’ve really had enough. The management and the author of the book will not give this kind of trust to this project if they don’t believe in the people behind SDTG the movie.

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