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was 9lo dressed as piccolo and, as a followup question, does this mean 9lo has watched/at least knows of DBZ because holy Shit

yes, and yes - when 9Lo watches the girls, he by extension watches what they are watching. when kaiko and jenny where stuck at home for their pupa stage and all they could really do was watch cartoons, cleo and bianca kept them company. and that meant a few solid months of cartoons for 9Lo.


Bianca, Cleo, and Silky as they were designed back in 2009 and the characters were all mostly naked and chibi-ish.

Now, it should be noted that while this was how they all looked originally, Bianca existed for a few years before ever being drawn. In the old ooold old version of TGf, she was only described in words, and it was never indicated she was cybornetic, and she may have in fact been human. This was back when Timothy was pretty much the only character, and he never actually met Bianca, he merely discovers her corpse and waits by it for days hoping she will respawn so he won’t be totally alone, but instead her body merely rots, and he eventually moves on.

Did I mention the original TGf was even more horrendously bleak and depressing than it is now?