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I didn’t think I could love Clexa anymore than I already do...

But knowing now that Clexa led to ClexaCon which brought back the 2 most meaningful wlw ships in my life is unbelievable. I swear I would have neeever expected a reunion with these ships, and ClexaCon made them both happen in a single day. THANK YOU ClexaCon <3

BAM, Bianca and Maggie, 2002-2007

Elizabeth Hendrickson and Eden Riegel, ClexaCon 2017

Spashley, Spencer and Ashley, 2005-2008

Gabrielle Christian and Mandy Musgrave, ClexaCon 2017

#Legends #TheOGs #Memories 

Me trying to explain Pretty Little Liars to someone
Every 5 years I’m lucky enough to find another fave wlw ship...

Fave WLW Ship Between 2000-2005: BAM

Fave WLW Ship Between 2005-2010: Spashley

Fave WLW Ship Between 2010-2015: Emison & Paily (I ship both¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Fave WLW Ship Between 2015-2020: Clexa <3

Me, patiently waiting until 2020 for my next fave wlw ship to come along…

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Different Perspectives Come Into Play Like Aria/Ezra’s Relationship & Spencer With All Those Older Guys. Because We’re So Use To Seeing How Old They Look, We Tend To Forget Their Actual Ages.

But A Few Things Remain. Sasha Being Nearly The Same Age As Alison, Emily Still Getting All The Girls & BIANCA LOOKING THE EXACT SAME FROM 18 YEARS AGO. 


☂ MARY POPPINS the musical: All the London + Broadway + UK and US Tour + My favourite foreign Mary’s.

Laura Michelle Kelly: Original London Cast + Broadway
Scarlett Strallen: London + Broadway + Australian Tour
Lisa O’Hare: London + UK Tour + Australian Tour

Ashley Brown: Original Broadway Cast + US Tour
Caroline Sheen: UK Tour + US Tour
Steffanie Leigh: US Tour + Broadway (last Mary!)

Rachel Wallace: US Tour + New Zealand Tour
Madeline Trumble: US Tour
Verity Hunt-Ballard: Original Australian Cast + Australian Tour

Noortje Herlaar: Original Dutch Cast
Bianca Marroquín: Original Mexican Cast
Annemieke Van Dam: Original Austrian Cast

Lesbian TV/Webseries/YouTube Couples :-)

I’ve been putting the list together for a while and I keep on adding to it! Please feel free to add any :-) I’ll watch them lol

Tv Shows
Clara & Marina
Marlene & Rebecca
Julia & Mariana
Pepa & Silvia
Arizona & Callie
Bianca & Marissa/Maggie
Spencer & Ashley
Emily & Paige/Samara/Maya
Frankie & Cat
Tilly & Jen/Esther
Gail & Holly
Bo & Lauren
Emily & Naomi
Brittany & Santana
Kerstin & Juliette
Patricia & Lucia
Karma & Amy

Jelly & Day
Rose & Rosie
Lucy & Kaelyn
Whitney & Megan
Katy & Eilis
Stef & Chloe


Women’s Rugby Sevens - Bronze

Brittany Benn, Hannah Darling, Bianca Farella, Jennifer Kish, Ghislaine Landry, Megan Lukan, Kayla Moleschi, Karen Paquin, Kelly Russell, Ashley Steacy, Natasha Watcham-Roy, Charity Williams

It’s like super obvious that they re-write the finale. After all these Wren being A and Maya coming back spoilers got leaked, Marlene changed the script. That’s what i think. The doll house was also leaked but it was so much fun and intense to watch it. I don’t understand why would they change the script and make it the worst plot twist ever. Cece being A is one thing but Sara being red coat and black widow is just so stupid. How did she meet Cece, why did she help her? If she really wanted to help the girls, she didn’t even know them, why would she want to help them? So yeah Marlene, thanks for the most dumb episode ever.

Bianca Lawson Aka Maya Being Shown In The Previews For The Halloween Special. Y'ALL … If Maya Comes Back …