bianca and maggie

I didn’t think I could love Clexa anymore than I already do...

But knowing now that Clexa led to ClexaCon which brought back the 2 most meaningful wlw ships in my life is unbelievable. I swear I would have neeever expected a reunion with these ships, and ClexaCon made them both happen in a single day. THANK YOU ClexaCon <3

BAM, Bianca and Maggie, 2002-2007

Elizabeth Hendrickson and Eden Riegel, ClexaCon 2017

Spashley, Spencer and Ashley, 2005-2008

Gabrielle Christian and Mandy Musgrave, ClexaCon 2017

#Legends #TheOGs #Memories 

You make me forget how to breathe

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Every 5 years I’m lucky enough to find another fave wlw ship...

Fave WLW Ship Between 2000-2005: BAM

Fave WLW Ship Between 2005-2010: Spashley

Fave WLW Ship Between 2010-2015: Emison & Paily (I ship both¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Fave WLW Ship Between 2015-2020: Clexa <3

Me, patiently waiting until 2020 for my next fave wlw ship to come along…

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Daytime TV Gaydom

Daytime TV is not known for its gay content, but as a viewer of it, I had to acknowledge the two couples who have appeared in my gay soap opera universe.

First, the ultimate and one of my favorite gay couples ever: Bianca and Maggie

External image

Youtube has an amazing catalog of all of their awesomeness, which I review from time to time.  Sadly, both actresses are on another soap I watch - the Young and the Restless - and are straight characters.  

As I am now watching All My Children in its death spiral, I have become aware of a new couple that is still in the making: Bianca and Marissa (yes, same Bianca character, just different actress).

External image

Dear God, I hope we get to actually see Bianca in a happy couple before the show ends.

Surviving soaps: PICK UP THE GAY PACE.


Bianca & Maggie - February 2002 - First Meeting


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First kiss

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Lesbian TV/Webseries/YouTube Couples :-)

I’ve been putting the list together for a while and I keep on adding to it! Please feel free to add any :-) I’ll watch them lol

Tv Shows
Clara & Marina
Marlene & Rebecca
Julia & Mariana
Pepa & Silvia
Arizona & Callie
Bianca & Marissa/Maggie
Spencer & Ashley
Emily & Paige/Samara/Maya
Frankie & Cat
Tilly & Jen/Esther
Gail & Holly
Bo & Lauren
Emily & Naomi
Brittany & Santana
Kerstin & Juliette
Patricia & Lucia
Karma & Amy

Jelly & Day
Rose & Rosie
Lucy & Kaelyn
Whitney & Megan
Katy & Eilis
Stef & Chloe