Star Trek meets Broadway

Okay, so unintentional timing is awesome. Fridays are your AU days, right? If so, perfect. If not, still a fun thing to share.

A while ago, I was rewatching the 2005 version of ‘The Producers’. If you are unfamiliar with it, to summarize: Two guys attempt to produce the worst musical ever in hopes to commit felony tax evasion. As I was watching, my brain supplied the notion that Bones is named Leonard and imagine if Jim called him Leo in fondness. Thus, Star Trek Producers AU.

Jim as a version of Max Bialystock. He finds productions fascinating. He sees them as a whole other world, a way to tell beautiful stories that no one has experienced before, a way to connect people in a shared, unique experience. However, he is not always great at denying requests to produce works and has thus gone from a world-renowned producer to something of an infamous flop, forced to make ends meet by serving as something of a gigolo.

Bones as a version of Leo Bloom. People see him as a sad old country doctor. While he does love helping people, he gave up a dream of being a producer when he became a single father. After Joanna grew up, he felt as though he was stuck in a clinic he doesn’t have his heart set on and felt like he was truly alone. Until he meets Jim and Spock.

Spock as a version of Ulla. After deciding to come to Earth to find an existence outside of being the son of a Vulcan ambassador, at the advice of one Nyota Uhura, he decides to attempt moving into show business (“You have a great voice, Spock, and legs people would die for! What have you got to lose?”), a business that leads him to two men he won’t soon be away from.


We Can Do It: link
“Come on, Leo! Can’t you see-oh?” “You see Reo, I see jail!”

Keep It Gay: link
Uhura as Roger De Bris and Chapel as Carmen Ghia, insisting that shows should be more gay. Also, Scotty as Shirley the lighting designer? ;)

When You’ve Got It, Flaunt It: link
Instead of Spock singing it, Jim and Bones singing it to Spock, insisting that he has the appearance people want in productions, so he should show off. (Also: “When I was just a little boy on Vulcan, my thoughtful mother gave me this advice…”)

That Face: link
Bones finally realizing that he actually likes Spock

Til Him: link
Bones and Jim admitting their feelings, leaving it open to McSpirk.

Also I may have drawn something for this and I’m in too deep. (link here!)

@riddleblack246 this is absolutely fantastic!!!! I had an absolute blast listening to these songs and imagining the crew! My favorite was That Face, holy shit I’m so in love. I really need to see that movie.

And your art is stellar!!!! Thank you so much for submitting this!!