List of Dream Roles (as of 4-20 😎)

Arnold Cunningham (BoM)
J. Pierrepont Finch (H2$)
Carmen Ghia (Producers)
Max Bialystock (Producers)
Leo Bloom (Producers)
Roger DeBris (Producers)
Michael Banks (Mary Poppins)
Bert (Mary Poppins)
Igor (Young Frankenstein)
Fredrick (Young Frankenstein)
Leaf Coneybear (25th)
William Barfeé (25th)
Boq (Wicked)
JD (Heathers)
Kurt (Heathers)
Background Nerds (Heathers)
Man in Chair (Drowsy)
Aldolpho (Drowsy)
Robert (Drowsy)
Pastry Chef (Drowsy)
Billy (Anything Goes)
Moonface (Anything Goes)
Rooster (Annie)
Henry (N2N)
Student (Matilda)
Mr. Wormwood (Matilda)
Newsie (Newsies)
Davey (Newsies)
Crutchie (Newsies)
Moritz (Spring Awakening)
Hanschen (Spring Awakening)
Psedolous (Funny Thing)
Patsy (Spamalot)
Nicely (Guys and Dolls)
Nathan (Guys and Dolls)
Princeton (Avenue Q)
Rod (Avenue Q)
The Roof (Fiddler)
Link (Hairspray)
Corny (Hairspray)
Jack (Into the Woods)
The Baker (Into the Woods)
Rapunzel’s Prince (Into the Woods)
Frankie Valli (Jersey Boys)
Emmet (Legally Blonde)
Seymour (Little Shop)
Joey’s Heart (MaMD)
Artful Dodger (Oliver)
Mark Cohen (Rent)
Kevin (Weird Romance)
Poison Boots (West Side Story)

So I am watching “The Producers,” one of my favorite movies of all time.




Varric is Max Bialystock.

Cassandra is Leo Bloom.

….Leliana is probably Ulla. But I’m going to stop here.

“I’m in pain. And I’m wet. And I’m still hysterical.”

I wish more people on here knew of/liked the Producers bc I always just wanna be like “*gently places Max Bialystock in the trash where he belongs*” or like “*begrudgingly keeps it gay*” or “about to launch (my/him)self into little old lady land” and “quick darling, back in the closet!!”

It’s so horrible and great

I’m condemned by a society that demands success when all I can offer is failure!
—  Max Bialystock