bialetti moka

The moka pot - macchinetta del caffè - is a stove-top coffee maker that produces coffee by passing boiling water pressurized by steam through ground coffee. It was patented in Italy by inventor Luigi De Ponti for the Alfonso Bialetti brand in 1933. Bialetti continues to produce the same model under the name “Moka Express”. It’s most commonly used in Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Latin America. It has become such an iconic design that it is displayed in modern industrial art & design museums.

mynameisgoliath  asked:

Mirko, I have a very important question. What would you consider to be the national food of Napoli and what would you consider to be the national food of Italy?

Hey! Well, pizza was invented in Naples, so I’d say pizza! :D

But we’re also famous for pastries and sweets… One of the most famous patisserie shops in Naples is called Scaturchio:

 Some very famous pastries are sfogliatelle (left) and babbà (right):

(Look at this cute Vesuvius shaped babbà though….)

Pastiera, which we eat around Easter:

Zeppole di San Giuseppe on Saint Joseph day:

Struffoliroccocòmostaccioli, raffiuoli, and susanielli around Christmas:

and many other delicious dishes like casatiello:

and pizza fritta (fried pizza):

Naples is also known for its coffee. People used to use the Neapolitan moka to make one, although we now all (or almost all) use the normal Bialetti moka. This is a Neapolitan moka:

And here is a video of how coffee is made in a Neapolitan moka, 

while here are two v important videos about the Neap moka in films [x], [x] (God bless Sophia Loren; she’s bae).