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You said that neither Jungkook nor Jimin is your favorite member, so just curious who's your bias? :)

I don’t really have a bias, but I’m attracted to RM’s intelligence ;)

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Ever since plain DA:I I cannot get over the fact that Morrigan was just chilling at the castle like: There are seven wonders within the world and three of them are me

Because she’s right

Morrigan is Queen
And yes I’m bias

i think it’s important to understand that upsetting writing isn’t equal to bad writing. upsetting writing that allows the characters to grow or highlights problematic aspects of the society and one that addresses those issues appropriately isn’t inherently bad just because it’s upsetting for the audience, on the contrary - that’s the characteristic of a well-written piece that evokes emotion and prompts the audience towards reflection upon their understanding of characters, but also their own bias or prejudice. 

EXO Bias a Day -- Masterlist

Writings (( Reactions // Imagines // Scenarios ))


  1. Intervention 3            (Chanyeol)
  2. XiuMAN (repost)            (Xiumin)
  3. Baek Tells More            (Baekhyun)
  4. Body Rolls            (???)
  5. Chen’s Crush            (Chen)
  6. Let’s Appreciate Xiumin’s Abs (repost)          (Xiumin)
  7. D.O’s Crush            (D.O)
  8. Sehun’s Crush            (Sehun)


  1. Summoning Satansoo            (D.O)
  2. It’s My Birthday            (ME)
  3. It’s The Day After My Birthday            (ME)
  4. Chanyeol’s Crush            (Chanyeol)
  5. Drunk Chen            (Chen)
  6. Chanyeol’s Date            (Chanyeol)
  7. Baekhoe            (Baekhyun)
  8. Kai’s Muscles (repost)           (Kai)
  9. WE LOVE LAY (repost)           (Lay)
  10. Mullet            (Baekhyun)
  11. ChanPink In Your Area            (Chanyeol)
  12. Carrot Top            (Sehun)
  13. Island Getaway            (Suho)
  14. Late            (Xiumin)
  15. Chen’s Blond Brain             (Chen)
  16. Lost            (D.O)
  17. Kai’s Teaser            (Kai)
  18. Chen’s Blond Brain (repost)            (Chen)
  19. Intervention            (Chanyeol)
  20. Touch It            (Chen)
  21. The Eve of Yixing            (Lay)
  22. Hypocritical Suho            (Suho)
  23. Rude AF Kai            (Kai)
  24. Baek Tells All            (Baekhyun)
  25. The Hard Knock Life            (Suho)
  26. Intervention 2            (Chanyeol)
  27. Chanyeol Can’t Hear            (Chanyeol)
  28. Danceysoo (repost)            (D.O)
  29. Maknae            (Sehun)
  30. Sexy or Cute            (Lay)
  31. TOBEN VS VIVI            (Toben)


  1. Chen Thirst           (Chen)
  2. Crazy Night with EXO            (Suho)
  3. Chanyeol’s Arms            (Chanyeol)
  4. Puppy Love            (Sehun)
  5. D.O’s Darkest Secret            (D.O)
  6. Big Baozi            (Xiumin)
  7. Yixing Be Like…            (Lay)
  8. Boyfriend Baek            (Baekhyun)
  9. Sehun the Dancer            (Sehun)
  10. I Want the D.O            (D.O)
  11. Blind Trust            (Kai)
  12. Kai Abs (repost)             (Kai)
  13. Fun Times with Suho            (Suho)
  14. Bored-yeol            (Chanyeol)
  15. BaekBama            (Baekhyun)
  16. Baek’s Dae            (Chen)
  17. I See Xiu            (Xiumin)
  18. Yixing is Two-Faced (repost)            (Lay)
  19. Smileysoo 2            (D.O)
  20. Dancer            (Xiumin)
  21. Suho’s Gift            (Suho)
  22. Vivi In Charge            (Sehun)
  23. WE LOVE LAY            (Lay)
  24. Xiuminnie (repost)            (Xiumin)
  25. Chen’s Arms.  OMG (repost)            (Chen)
  26. Jongin Is Two-Faced            (Kai)
  27. Chanyeol Goes to Jail            (Chanyeol)
  28. Sehun on the Spot            (Sehun)
  29. Cheeky Minnie            (Xiumin)
  30. Allowance            (Suho)


  1. Let’s Appreciate Xiumin’s Abs          (Xiumin)
  2. Danceysoo         (D.O)
  3. Suho’s Got Jokes          (Suho)
  4. Shy-yeol            (Chanyeol)
  5. Baekhyun Options (repost)            (Baekhyun)
  6. Chefsoo            (D.O)
  7. The Handsome Sheep            (Lay)
  8. Who is the Bias??            (Suho)
  9. Kai Feels            (Kai)
  10. Kai’s Laugh            (Kai)
  11. Love Xiu Right            (Xiumin)
  12. Chen and Xiu            (Chen)
  13. “Look Into My Eyes” (repost)          (D.O)
  14. Deception            (Sehun)
  15. Lay Baek and Relax            (Baekhyun)
  16. Chen’s Arms.  OMG            (Chen)
  17. Hair-pocolypse 2            (Kai)
  18. Handsome!!!!!            (Suho)
  19. Finding Booty            (Chen)
  20. Healing Unicorn            (Lay)
  21. Funsoo            (D.O)
  22. Chanyeol Is Awesome            (Chanyeol)
  23. It’s Xiumin’s Turn            (Xiumin)
  24. Kai’s Muscles            (Kai)
  25. Always Choose Sehun            (Sehun)
  26. Let’s Appreciate Lay’s Abs            (Lay)
  27. BaekMoney            (Baekhyun)
  28. We Need To Talk About Kai            (Kai)
  29. Have a Bootiful Day (repost)           (Sehun)
  30. (A Reblog)             (Lay)
  31. Hey, Playboy (repost)            (Kai)


  1. (Not So) Innocent Unicorn            (Lay)
  2. Suhomygoodness            (Suho)
  3. Fight for Love            (Kris)
  4. Manly Lulu            (Luhan)
  5. XiuMAN            (Xiumin)
  6. The Revenge            (Chen)
  7. Chanyeol’s Idea            (Chanyeol)
  8. Yixing is Two-Faced            (Lay)
  9. Hey, Playboy            (Kai)
  10. Tao Is Your Boyfriend            (Tao)
  11. No Aegyo Today            (Baekhyun)
  12. Sebooty Strikes Again            (Sehun)
  13. Kissysoo            (D.O)
  14. Supiggy Has Abs            (Suho)
  15. The Smile of an Angel            (Chen)
  16. Coolyeol            (Chanyeol)
  17. Xiuminnie            (Xiumin)
  18. You’re My Style            (Kris)
  19. Lose Control Mode            (Lay)
  20. Hair-pocolypse            (Kai)
  21. Chen’s Arms.  My goodness.            (Chen)
  22. Silly Suho            (Suho)
  23. Xiudaddy            (Xiumin)
  24. Chanyeol’s A Player            (Chanyeol)
  25. Smileysoo            (D.O)
  26. BAEkhyun            (Baekhyun)
  27. Sheep Mode            (Lay)
  28. ***Kai’s Dancing***            (Kai)
  29. Sehunnie’s Smile            (Sehun)
  30. Chensing Machine            (Chen)


people can wax poetic about how m/m fandom bias is actually just lgbt women who are suffering and not deep rooted fandom misogyny but tell me why, then, m/f ships are still WILDLY more popular than f/f. like if there’s No Misogyny in fandom why pray tell is there so much fucking het fic to the point where it’s impossible to filter out in any god damn fandom on ao3. i can’t even get karkat/terezi out of my view when looking for vriska/terezi fic – the latter being the actual canon fucking pairing

i could let the overwhelming m/m bias slide a lot more if the statistics didn’t show how miserable the state of these things really are. i mean jesus beyond the fact that m/f is still leagues ahead of f/f in most fandoms femslash makes up less than 5% of all fic. there are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of fics that feature literally no women, much less gay women. statistically the vast majority of fanfic and fanart involving women will involve them being in love with men.

sure, there’s demographic discrepancy there (many m/m writers and consumers will be lgbt women whereas m/f will feature more straight men and women) but with statistics that show an entire category of gay relationships involving women so underrepresented they make up less than 10% eventually we’re gonna have to say “hm. maybe this is fucked up and sucks”

and yes i know many lgbt women PREFER m/m… but that’s not all of us. and for those of us that don’t the state of things is so depressing. i’m 10 years older than many of the lgbt girls interacting with fandom these days – and the precedent i (and others my age) grew up with and doesn’t NEED to be the standard. “relate to men or just die i guess” doesn’t NEED to continue to be the way in which lgbt women & girls interact w fandom. we could stand to make a fucking effort to change it instead of obstinately insisting it isn’t an issue lol

like it’s ok to move past that mindset and admit it sucks! it sure did for me when i was Growing Up Gay and it will for other girls too!

fandom in general regardless of the canon source material can take minor white characters with limited screentime and created thousands of fanworks for them as well as complex stories and personalities. then turn around and say they just don’t find a poc lead “compelling or interesting enough to waste any time writing for them, but it is totally not a racial bias”.

EXO Runs a Strip Club

((  Click here for the Yelp reviews of XXX O.   [1]   [2]   [3]   [4]   [5]  ))

[  // Masterlist //  ]

// Xiumin

  • has two jobs: the bouncer; also a late-night stripper once the doors close and no more customers are allowed inside
    • has a death stare that sends away the riffraff and a seductive lip bite that draws in more customers
    • he has one show per night, often the closer, and customers who know about it always stay to see it
    • hangs out behind the bar with The Dragon when he isn’t working
    • likes to listen to customers tell him about their day, and sometimes will let them touch his abs for free to cheer them up
    • he is rarely available for lap dances, and those who buy them pay top dollar
  • official stripper name:
    • “Sexy Hyung”
  • unofficial stripper names:
    • “Bodyroll Central”
    • “XiuDaddy”
    • “Bao Chika Wow“
    • “He Was So Cute Before, What Happened?!”

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// Suho

  • job: club owner
    • gives his employees pep talks every evening before opening hours
    • talks to customers to make sure they’re having fun, asks them what improvements they could make to the club
    • also gives private shows on weekends to high-paying customers
    • “Touch $uDaddy’s abs for five minutes in a private room” is available for only $50
    • “Touch $uDaddy’s abs for five minutes in a private room while he sings to you” costs quite a bit more
    • dad jokes are always free
    • he treats his employees and frequent customers like a family
  • official stripper name:
    • “$uDaddy”
  • unofficial stripper names:
    • “JunMoney”
    • “The One Who Had Abs Like A Greek God But Still Managed To Turn Me Off With The Dad Jokes”

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// Lay

  • job: main stripper
    • when dancing on stage, he’s been known to make customers fall out of their seats, and then he breaks character to rush over and make sure they’re okay
    • doesn’t seem to understand the impact he has on customers
    • choreographs new dance routines every week
    • once in a while, he will dress up in a multi-piece sheep costume and dance while taking it off
    • was surprised when he was awarded “Employee of the Month” the first month the club was open
    • his private strip show consists of him doing certain parts of the MYM choreography on customers (costs $250)
  • official stripper name:
    • “Z Y XXX”
  • unofficial stripper names:
    • “Sex Devil in Sheep’s Clothing”
    • “180 Degree Yixing“
    • “The Really Nice One Who Always Grabs His Crotch”

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// Baekhyun

  • job: bartender
    • takes frequent breaks to visit the DJ’s booth, claiming he has to make sure the DJ is properly hydrated
    • is good at making drinks quickly, but makes the most messes and drops a lot of ice on the floor
    • flirts his way to very, very high tips
    • also lets customers spank him for tips
    • makes customers feel like they haven’t spent anything so they spend more
    • strips on slower days, when the bar doesn’t need as much attention
  • official stripper name:
    • “BaekBomb“
  • unofficial stripper names:
    • “Delicious Bacon“
    • “Baekhung”

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// Chen

  • job: bartender
    • always excited to come to work
    • teases the customers about their orders, but they always forgive him when they see his smile
    • talks to sad customers and cheers them up, sometimes gives free drinks
    • makes customers blush with compliments and when he says he wishes he could give them lap dances, but he has to stay behind the bar
    • is good at keeping track of who has and hasn’t paid, and gets Sexy Hyung to kick out the bad customers
    • cheers loudly for Sexy Hyung’s closing show
    • also strips on slower days, and likes to show off his booty
  • official stripper name:
    • “The Dragon“
  • unofficial stripper names: 
    • “Bicep God“
    • “Seriously, Look At His Arms”
    • “Tyrannosaurus Sex”

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// Chanyeol

  • job: DJ
    • winks and smiles at customers from the DJ booth, can only flirt with body language since he’s far from them
    • is a really good hype man for the shows, and has a great voice for announcements
    • sometimes he plays his own compositions instead of the playlist approved the managers
    • once, he got up on stage to dance and everyone stopped what they were doing and stared.  He was almost fired that day
    • so now, he does his own little shows from the booth, unbuttoning his shirt and biting his lip at customers.  $uDaddy allows it
  • official stripper name:
    • N/A
  • unofficial stripper name:
    • N/A

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// D.O

  • job: manager
    • works with $uDaddy to keep the club running
    • his advertising methods have brought the club more customers than they can sometimes handle
    • keeps the club very, very clean
    • always wears a suit, no one has ever seen him without clothes on
    • never tries to seduce the customers, and is usually out of sight
    • once in a while, a customer will request him for a lap dance and when he declines, they get so sad that he gives them a free drink pass
    • frequent customers have made it their mission to see him strip one day, and he claims it’ll never happen
    • the most he gives is a shy hip thrust or joking body roll, which gets them excited anyway
    • sometimes often always watches Silver Wolf’s shows and gives him praise afterwards
  • official stripper name:
    • N/A
  • unofficial stripper name:
    • N/A

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// Kai

  • job: main stripper
    • his routines last the longest, and he does the same ones over and over, but they always keep the customers’ attention
    • prefers to be on stage rather than to give lap dances, so his lap dances cost the most
    • $uDaddy has had to tell him to tone down the sexy because he’s too damn sexy and he doesn’t want customers to get hurt from fainting
    • he claims it’s impossible to turn down the sexy, and has to apologize to customers every night for making them faint
    • when he’s on the floor with customers, he makes them feel good by laughing for ten minutes at their jokes
    • when he’s not dancing or on the floor with customers, he’s keeping the manager company
  • official stripper name:
    • “Silver Wolf”
  • unofficial stripper names:
    • “Rude Boy”
    • “Extremely Rude Boy”
    • “So Flexible, So Sweaty“
    • “The One Who Made Me Fall Over Because He Winked At Me”

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// Sehun

  • job: stripper
    • customers underestimate him until he gets on stage, then they throw all their remaining money, sometimes their entire wallets
    • is the most requested stripper for lap dances
    • sometimes likes to talk and laugh with customers when he’s supposed to be giving them the booty, but they usually don’t mind
    • gives customers sass when they tip him with coins
    • $uDaddy watches him to make sure he isn’t too sassy the customers who aren’t as nice
    • few customers who request “The Maknae Thunder Experience” can talk about it, until weeks after (it’s very intense, and very expensive)
  • official stripper name:
    • “Maknae Thunder”
  • unofficial stripper names:
    • “Boba Butt“
    • “Cheeky Devil” (because of his booty butt cheeks and his cheekiness with the customers)

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Who would you request for a lap dance?

Hot & Bothered (M)

You decide to slightly tease your close friend Minhyuk, but things take a turn…

Protagonists: Minhyuk (MX) & you

Word Count: 2,5k

Genre: Friends to lovers - Smut

Lyly’s note: This a repost of my first fic. I got inspired by the photo teaser for MX’s Beautiful comeback. I was worthy of being their first win, so I didn’t fix the storyline. Minhyuk is dangerously climbing my bias list… HWAITING ;)


From where you are standing, you can just see the back of his newly red hair, moving excitedly as he talks nonstop about how awesome it’s going to be. You only imagine how bright his expression is and you know very well the night is going to be constant babbling about Monsta X’s new comeback. You don’t mind though. If Minhyuk has free time, you are pleased to hang out with him. His next few months are going to be hectic and you will probably not be able to see each other often.

“Did you?” He turns his attention away from the coffee pot, questioning you with a raised eyebrow.

“Enh? Sorry.”

“Did you see my teaser picture, it got released today?” He smiles brightly.

“Oh yeah, the fans loved it, it was everywhere on the internet and my Instagram feed.”

“Soooo, y/n what did you think?! Did you love it?! Didn’t I look fine!?” He yells excitedly, making Jooheon in the living room loudly sigh.

A faint blush creeps on your cheeks at the thought of that picture. When you opened your Instagram that morning, you almost choked on your coffee. Yes, you had eyes and had always been conscious that Minhyuk was gorgeous. But that picture blew the cute and fluffy image you had of him. It was somewhat mesmerizing and sexy; you never thought you could see him like that. You guys had been instant best friends since he talked to you on a broadcast a year ago, loud as ever and a mess of giggles.

“Well, yeah. I kind of… loved it… I guess.” The corners of your mouth curl up to a little smile as you watch him get confused and a bit worried.

“Wait, did you love it or not?” He pouts.

Here’s the catch about being an Idol. No matter how hot and adored you are, that kind of spotlight brings out self-consciousness and deep insecurities. You give a quick glance at Wonho, who is watching a movie with Jooheon on the couch. That man is the epitome of that statement. Turning your attention back to your friend Minhyuk, you decide to tease him in a different way. You abruptly close the space between you in the kitchen, grab his shoulders and tiptoe to his ears.

“It got me all hot and bothered.” You whisper, breathing out a little too much to make sure it tickles him. He fidgets and opens his mouth in surprise. With a smirk, you release his shoulders and turn around to grab a mug. After all, you were both there to get some coffee. As you are stretching your right arm above your head, you feel Minhyuk lean close against your back. The heat of his body warms you through your thin t-shirt as he whispers in your ear.

“And are you hot right now?”  The tickling sensation sends shivers down your spine. You always friendly teased each other, but this feels somewhat different. Normally, he would have blushed, laughed it up and complained loudly about how he doesn’t like being tickled. You didn’t expect him to tease you right back. Before you can form a coherent response, he closes his arms around your waist and you feel his breath slowly go down in the curve of your neck.

“Because… I am.” He is close enough for you to feel the vibrations of his voice in his chest. You are hot. It is damn hot right now. The gasp that escapes your mouth gives him the confidence to push the teasing a bit further; he grabs your hips pressing you onto him even more and hums in your neck as he drops little wet pecks.

The guys in the living room burst out laughing and you both freeze, before realizing it’s about their movie and has nothing to do with you. Minhyuk seems to start to breathe again and moves an adventurous hand up your skirt, his touch leaving your warm skin on fire. He moans faintly in your neck as he reaches your ass, turning you on even more. Now you are really bothered.

“Minhyuk-ah…” You spin around to face him, putting you hand over his chest to look at him. He holds your gaze for a few seconds that feel like an eternity and hesitantly leans in to kiss you. His lips are soft and wet and you let yourself melt against his chest. You don’t know how. You never saw him as more than a friend before, but he has managed to ignite something in your stomach. You hear him chuckle proudly at the effect he has on you, so you push him away just enough to lift your right thigh in-between his legs and gently press his erection. You stare at him, blinking innocently as he frowns and let out a small grunt. You rub back and forth leisurely and you can feel him getting harder in his tight pants. You are enjoying the friction just as much, but this little game has to end quickly before you both get caught.

“It’s warm right now, but isn’t your room even more heated?” You playfully ask, brushing against his lips. His giggle reassures you, so familiar and comforting, clashing with your whole new dynamic. He turns his head to observe Jooheon and Wonho, seemingly remembering they were there the whole time. Thankfully, the boys are still absorbed in their action movie. Without a word, Minhyuk leaves you there hanging, his spot filling up with cold air. The sudden absence of his body against yours makes you crave him even more. You follow closely behind him, crossing the dorm, trying to look as normal as you could.

“Guys, you have the living room, so we’re gonna watch a horror movie in my room.” He knows very well neither of those scaredy-cats will ask to join in, but as he opens the door Wonho cries out. “Yah!” You stop right in your tracks and give a panicked look to Minhyuk. Is he being suspicious of something? Has he seen you in the kitchen just now? Oh god. Why else would he react, you already watched plenty of movies alone in that same room before.

“Do you guys want the rest of the popcorn?” Wonho doesn’t even take his gaze away from the screen and you step in the room with an audible sigh of relief, followed by Minhyuk. “No need, thanks hyung!” As soon as he closes the door, Mr. Cool-Guy pushes you against the wall and fierly kisses your lips. “Wow y/n, you looked like a little kid being caught doing something illegal!” He laughs in your half-opened mouth and you slap his arm to make him stop.

A somewhat more serious Minhyuk starts to explore your mouth with his tongue, bringing his finger under your chin to lift your head up. One of your hands begins to get lost in his hair, still abnormally soft from the new dye, while your other is making a way under his shirt. He lets out a grunt when you touch his boiling skin and you feel his abs contracting as you trail your fingers to his back, grabbing his shoulder. He abandons your lips to nib on your ear, leaving you panting for more.

You decide that his pants are probably very uncomfortable by now and successfully lower them enough to expose the bulge of his erection in his tight briefs. He sighs in relief, pressing himself on your leg, while his fingers are unclasping your bra. Well trying to unclasp your bra. It’s your turn to giggle now. “Don’t laugh.” He warns you with authority as he succeeds against the hooks. But he just laughed at me. You lean in and bite the base of his neck as revenge. “Did you just bite me?” Frowning from the slight ache Minhyuk backs away and sits on his bed, taking off his pants.

“You were right; it’s scorching hot in here.” He smiles and playfully throws his t-shirt at you. You hold his lustful gaze, slowly taking off your t-shirt and your unhooked bra, walking towards him. He stretches out a hand and pulls you on the bed. You can’t help but to remember in disbelief, all the nights you laid there next to him actually watching a movie. Minhyuk brings you back in the present cupping one of your breasts, teasing your nipple with his tongue, while one of his hands reaches underneath your skirt. You moan his name and he hums on your skin in approval, his fingers painfully slowly trailing up your inner thigh. You are panting in anticipation as he reaches your soaked panties but he stops and peeks up at you, an accusing look on his face. “You always come here wearing those kinds of skirts, I’m a man too. You know?” Oh, you know.  Maybe you didn’t pay much attention to it before, but you definitely know better now. “Point taken, I will wear skirts more often.”

You whine as he smiles and dig your nails in his shoulders hoping he will take the hint. He climbs back up to kiss your lips and presses his thumb to your panties. You gasp in the kiss and slide one hand to grab one of his ass cheeks, feeling the muscle contract under your touch. He grunts and starts to trail kisses down your chest and stomach. In no time, your skirt is toss to a corner of his room and he is down, kissing the soft skin of your inner thighs. He lets out a short laugh when he sees your cute panda panties before tossing them away and reality hits you. Why did I have to wear unsexy underwear today? You hide your face in your elbow in embarrassment.

“By the way, I’m keeping those…” Minhyuk blows his sizzling breath on your core to tease you a bit more, visibly enjoying how aroused he’s got you. You whine again and he gives you a first long lick, tasting you. He then firmly presses his tongue on your clit, making you moan loudly. Working on you with his mouth, Minhyuk starts to pump one finger inside you at a building pace. You curl your fingers in his hair, moaning more and more loudly as you feel the familiar knot in your stomach slowly beginning to untie. He adds a finger and begins to nibble on your sensitive spot until you’re dripping. Your thighs start clenching around his head and he moans against your throbbing wet core, sending you over. Your high hits you like a wave and you begin to shake uncontrollably. He holds you down, licking you until you ride off your orgasm and then climbs up next to you, panting for a few minutes.

“I never guessed you were that loud. We should have put on some music” Amused, he watches you cover your pink face with your hands.

“Do you think the guys heard?” You faintly ask.

“I certainly hope they did. Then they’ll have to stop teasing me so much about taking more than a year to make a move on you.” You can hear the smile in his voice.

“Well we haven’t known each other for more than a year…”

“… I did, that’s what I’m saying. That’s why I talked to you on The Show.” Minhyuk gets up and puts some music on, letting the information of his little crush sinks in.

“We said we were watching a horror movie…” You protest as music fills the tiny room.

“Trust me. I don’t care how entertaining their movie is, by now they know what we are doing” He laughs seeing you blush again and grabs your chin to kiss you. Might as well. You climb over him in the bed, prolonging the kiss into a passionate one. One of his hands holds onto your naked hips, tracing small circles with his thumb, and the other one wanders on your back.  You start to gently rock yourself on his erection through his briefs and he grunts. His head falls in your neck and he gives you little pecks. “Gosh, I can feel how hot you are.” He muffles into your shoulder. He pushes you back on the bed, taking off his underwear. As he positions himself on top of you, he gives you a silent questioning look and you wrap your legs around his hips, already begging for him. He smirks and leans in to peck your lips before finally entering you. He starts to move after a few seconds, his grunts turning you even more on. You bite his neck again, trying to contain your own sounds as he sets pace inside you.

“Are you going to keep biting me like a kitten?” He asks you, heavily panting. You whine in his skin, trying to suppress the urge to bite him again, digging your nails in his back instead. “Don’t stop then.” He begs. You happily oblige and keep lightly biting his traps while he sinks faster and deeper with each thrust. You raise your pelvis, allowing him even deeper inside you and you both gasp. After a moment, his grunts turn into moaning your name in incoherent sentences and, as he reaches his high, he becomes a moaning mess. He thrusts harshly a few more times, making you convulse in pleasure under him before he comes undone inside you. He collapses next to you and you both wait, content, as the waves of pleasure slowly fade away. He’s even louder, at least we had music on.

After a minute, the air in the room feels cool against the sweat on your skin and it makes your body shiver. Minhyuk turns to look to you, bringing you closer in his arms. “Why are you shivering, kitten? I thought we said this room was blazing hot.” He laughs softly at your new pet name.

You get half up on one elbow, putting your head in your hand. You eye him down, admiring the small drops of sweat on his chest and the faint marks that your teeth left.

“What are you looking at kitten?” He has a faint blush on his cheeks and sounds a bit shy, even though he’s trying to be funny. His more familiar embarrassment makes you wonder how things escalated like that.

“So how the hell did you get all that glitter off?” You ask, really curious. He breaks into a contagious laugh.

“Does glitter turn you on? I should have tried that sooner” He winks. “So, you really did like that picture, enh?” He lets out his signature giggle and you hide your embarrassment in his embrace. “I think this means good luck. It’s going to be a great comeback.”

“I believe it’s going to be your first win, but what do I know? Until today, I thought you were just a friend. Nothing makes sense anymore.” You smile in his neck.

“I don’t know. I think it makes perfect sense, you and me.”



public shaming 1/12

  1. hyper
  2. really scary if you piss them off
  3. probably one of the bigger baekhyun stans
  4. if you see a mob of baek stans u better know your place
  5. honestly we’re all baek stans because
  6. who doesn’t stan him just even a lil bit
  7. they like posting funny content which is great because:
  8. it keeps you entertained at 2am on a school night
  9. it makes you procrastinate living your life
  10. honestly i wouldn’t be surprised if you were wishing u were living his life
  11. they’re always screaming
  12. if they’re not screaming they’re yelling
  13. they’re blessed everyday
  14. every single second actually
  15. praying that baek is happy
  16. most of them ship either chanbaek or baeksoo but
  17. u know baekxing exists right !!
  18. probably write smut
  19. or read smut
  20. or can sniff out a quality smut
  21. they’re probably an extrovert
  22. but their tumblr says they’re introverted??
  23. honestly they’re somewhere in the middle
  24. ability to convert friends into kpop fans
  25. but if u start stanning baek fuck off
  26. will defend their puppy like its a real puppy
  27. probably stan someone else in the beagle line but don’t know it
  28. their exo-m bias was either luhan yixing or minseok ??
  29. love watching their lil baek get bullied by kyungsoo
  30. honestly they know the beagle line isn’t safe from soo
  31. live for baek smile
  32. honestly they probs have an album with baek smile pics
  33. because it makes them smile
  34. honestly if they are sick they’re sick w/ baek’s smile disease
  35. baekhyun is their sunshine
  36. blessed with vocals
  37. honestly they’re still in shock over those vocals
  38. lowkey feel bad for exo
  39. would pay baek to punch them in the face
  40. would also pay baek to sneeze on them
  41. and will pay him to puke on them ??
  42. honestly baekhyun is just their guardian angel
  43. favourite song is probably something deep from exo
  44. have worshipped baek’s eyeliner
  45. have also tried shopping for his eyeliner ??
  46. were in tears when they saw baek consoling the crying tao over yifan
  47. always loud now bc baek made them that way
  48. really kinky
  49. honestly i can’t tell you how many nsfw baek blogs i’ve seen
  50. baek smut is their shit
  51. probably like fluffy smut
  52. but mafia baek smut is just as good
  53. creative
  54. okay they’re creatively kinky and probably have:
  55. imagined having shower sex with baek
  56. imagined being fucked in the nose with baek
  57. okay maybe not that one but you caught my drift
  58. live for baek giggle compilations
  59. and baek being loud while playing video games
  60. and baek getting bullied
  61. and honestly anything where baek is doing something other than pissing
  62. well no they’d watch that too ngl
  63. always want their dash flooded with baek pics
  64. live for baekhyun everything
  65. would buy a baekhyun dildo if they could find one
  66. perverted
  67. if they’re not perverted they’re denying it
  68. even if they don’t know it they are perverted
  69. every baek stan is perverted
  70. whether they like it or not they’ve read a chanbaek smut at least twice
  71. even if they don’t like chanbaek they’ll still find it endearing
  72. want an @easybaekoven in their kitchen
  73. have probably imagined what it’d be like if they had a dog named baek
  74. have also considered getting a dog and naming it baek
  75. if they haven’t now they’re thinking about it
  76. honestly they’re fluff balls of love but
  77. like all the other exo stans if u fuck with them or baek
  78. they will not hesitate to send a shitstorm your way
  79. just don’t provoke an exo stan in general i’ve been there it isn’t fun
  80. best reactions to shit ever
  81. honestly befriend a baek stan because you’ll never get bored
  82. probably the type to set exo quotes as their lockscreens
  83. follow funny baek blogs because they’re always in the mood for a laugh
  84. if you see a sad baek blog please send them a smiling baek
  85. but in all seriousness they’re the sweetest
  86. they’re also probably scary irl !!
  87. no but their love for baek is
  88. but that isn’t a bad thing
  89. want to punch antis in the face
  90. will fight antis
  91. honestly they do it because they love exo as a whole
  92. imagined baek naked at least seven times
  93. don’t worry we’ve all been there
  94. want baek to walk in on them showering
  95. it’d be the best day of their life
  96. super giggly and whenever they see something dirty they’ll just giggle
  97. probably wet when they think of baek
  98. thought of baek fingering them
  99. really they just need help 24/7 lmao
  100. make great friends bc of their passion for the things like like

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Mark will probably be kinda calm after a while but will be slightly salty at first. He would act as if he didn’t care but then he made the mistake of asking you who it was, which you replied with Haechan. He wouldn’t have cared if it was anyone else but Haechan??? He’d end up giving you both the cold shoulder for a while and be sarcastic af with you both, especially because he knows Haechan will tease the fudge outta him.

‘Why Haechan? Why not Renjun he’s an angel, but Haechan???’

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Would be the calmest one tbh, he’d be slightly pouty that he wasn’t your initial first bias, and even more when he finds out it was Chenle. Instead of getting mad or annoyed at you he would become insecure and maybe even a little clingy, he’d ask you so many questions about if you love him anymore. If you even look in Chenle’s direction prepare to have deal with sulky JunJun.

‘Is it because he’s loud? Maybe it’s because he’s cuter right? Are you going to leave me?’

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If anything he would just laugh it off, it’s not like Mark is still your bias so he would be fine with it. Well on the inside he’s a tiddy bit hurt that he, your boyfriend, wasn’t your first bias. He’d probably unconsciously give Mark the silent treatment until Mark confronts him like wth dude??? After he’d be fine and would just live life, however expect a more clingier Jeno from now on.

‘Meh I guess it doesn’t bother me too much, I mean I’m your bias now right.’

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Yeah you shouldn’t have told him full stop. He would give you so much shit, gives you the silent treatment and if you ask him for something he’d either be really sarcastic or tell you to go get Jaemin. It doesn’t help that Jaemin is practically another Haechan and would tease him as soon as he found out he was your first bias. This would go on until you complain to one of his hyungs and would get scolded for ignoring you.

‘Haechan cuddle me~’

‘Haechan isn’t in right now but he’s pretty sure Na Jaemin is, go find him.’

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Jaemin would be super similar to Haechan, he’d give you the silent treatment once you had told him your first bias was Renjun and ended up walking out of the room. Anytime he saw you looking at Renjun or talking to him he’d make little comments and would walk out before you had the chance to speak to him. He eventually got scolded by Renjun and would apologise when he saw he hurt you, just know he’s gonna be 100x more clingy which I didn’t think would be possible.

‘Oh would you look at that guys, she’s talking to her bias Renjun yet again.’

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Que the high pitched dolphin laugh, if anything he would tease you so much for having had Jisung as your first bias. He wouldn’t even care that it wasn’t him, he would solely mock you for liking Jisung and he’d never let you live it down. He’d tell all the members that you used to have little baby Jisung as a bias and would just embarrass you tbh.

‘Jisung was your bias? Park Jisung? NCT’s baby?’ *Dolphin laughter*

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Jisung would be in pure shock when you told him your first bias was Jeno, he’d freeze and not really know what to do in this situation. I don’t think anything between you guys would change other than the odd couple of questions that Jisung would ask you about Jeno. However he would become a bit cold to Jeno or just tease him a lot more than usual and would just target him if it was yaja time. He soon gets caught though and scolded, that’s when he sucks it up and realises that he’s your bias now.

‘Is Jeno more handsome do you think? Or is it because he’s older? Actually why do I care, I’m your bias now.’

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I hope yall enjoyed this reaction and I kinda just felt in the mood to post one yanno? Requests will be opening again soon but in the mean time feel free to request edits, fake texts and nct drabbles. Also feel free to send us anything, any questions you may have or you just wanna talk then go ahead, we don’t bite!

We love you all so much and stay safe okay?

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170524 - Kai’s Muscles

Today’s bias is Kai!

Because we’ve never properly revered him for his wonderful arm muscles like we have for Chen and Chen.

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Kai: “Lemme take this off…”

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D.O: “Ohhhhh my Jongin, his arms are the beeest.
Ohhhhh, my Jongin, please give me huuugs.”

Chanyeol: “My arms are nice too…”

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