bia's face

casual Johnny sketches


Me: you need to stop posting pics of jb there’s so many other idols that you have not even post once on your blog

Me: bitch do admire art ? How can’t I post about this man ?dafuq look at him stfu


JIN: Professional protestors: “Give Jin Oppa LINES BigSh*t !!!!”

SUGA: They think they can rap after singing that one line:”A to the G to the U to the STD”. They also hated saying “swag” now they love it?

JHOPE: Professional screamers: “JHOOOOoooOOooOOPE”. They are very emotional if anyone dares to diss JHope. Beware !

RAPMON: They cry all the time because of Namjoon even if 97 % don’t understand what he is talking about!

JIMIN: They were fine … They were innocent … Now they are all thirsty b*tches!

V: They have photos of feets and hands of V in their galleries and they refuse to call it a fetish?

JUNGKOOK: Mad fans! They all want to punch their bias in the face. Stay away from them if you want to be safe! 


hello hello, here’s another bias selfie tag since i was tagged by these 5 amazing and adorable people. ( @yugy @imeightout @jacksonwangblog @jj-peach @redgyeomie ) you are all so beautiful and wonderful!

these are my most recent selfies and obviously my biases have always been mark and jackson! (trust me i’m trying my best not to swerve. it’s killin me)

tagging my beautiful mutuals: @hoodiejungkook @pinkhoodiemark @kissbbom @kwon-dean @choiyoungjae @vernonymous @bambama1 @blndrgn @nctsjeffery @markificent @memento-moree @marksonislovely @mochimork @jingogi💕💕💕