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I honestly think that Snape would be more likable if Harry was not the narrator. That's what's bad about writing in first person, you only see things throught the eyes of the character, with all his bias. Let's be real, Harry was blinded with hatred and may have painted Snape worse than he actually was. if it was third person, we would see things from another perspective

first off to clear this up - hp is actually told from third person (he/she/it) but it’s what we call limited or close third person, in that it only follows the thoughts and feelings of one character (in hp’s case, very close since we are literally immersed in harry’s feelings). the opposite of this would be omniscient third person, which can jump to a variety of characters or stay at a removed distance from all the characters and develop a distinct narrator’s voice that way. first person is when a character uses ‘i’ and it’s usually close (we only follow the one character) so i can get why you’d get them mixed up - they’re very similar. 

but as to your point - absolutely harry colors our perception of snape. harry is an unreliable narrator, something rowling uses to her advantage several times throughout the novel for dramatic effect. he doesn’t know everything and the incomplete judgements he makes based on his partial knowledge aren’t always correct. he has his own biases and preconceptions and that colors the way he not only reacts to characters, but how he interprets them.

for example: harry thinks snape seems disappointed that he doesn’t get to poison neville’s toad. but snape doesn’t tell harry that and harry is basing his interpretation on his reading of snape’s facial expression - so snape may or may not actually feel disappointed. we can’t know for sure bc we’re viewing snape through harry’s lens and harry isn’t infallible or objective. 

i’ve said this before, but characters who aren’t pov characters are really only autonomous through dialogue - that’s when they are speaking for themselves. obviously that can be tricky - take snape, who literally cannot say what he’s thinking a lot of the time due to his spying work - but pretending that harry’s interpretation of snape’s facial expression or what harry thinks snape is feeling is somehow rock hard evidence for who snape is as a person is ridiculous. harry can’t know and we can’t know unless snape tells us. 

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Im not sure which one I want more,a Steven and lapis fusion,or a lapidot fusion. They would both help lapis accept fusion more,but the shipper in me is DYING for lapidot...

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Seriously, I do think that they’re both going to happen eventually!

I’m leaning heavily towards her fusing with Peridot first; not because of a shipper’s bias or anything, but because it seems to make sense given how much emphassis has been put on Lapis’ relationship with Peridot recently (and even in the SDCC trailer, it’s there again at the forefront).

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Not being petty or anything but what does Sid have to do to be #1? Anyways fuck the NHL lists it's all recency bias / who's had the best recent season everyone knows that 87 is already a top 15 player all time and doesn't give a fuck what they say because he has three Cup rings plugging his ears + a legacy secured. Plus most of the time the best players aren't even ranked by network lists as #1

These lists are Who is the Best “whatever” Right Now and Right Now who is the back to back Stanley Cup Champion and Conn Smythe winner and who’s team bounced out in the second round?

Last weeks list was even dumber because they were counting down wingers and Phil was only #12 and Jake wasn’t even on the thing.

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What's your opinion on bts? (If you like them who's your bias)

ya i like bts!! i don’t know a lot about the members though. my initial bias was jungkook but then my attention kinda drifted over to tae and rapmon and then back again so?? who knows who my bias is

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unpopular opinion: idek if this counts but I feel like maknae line is incredibly overrated like don't get me wrong I love them but ppl obsess over them so much that they completely ignore the other four members like lol I hate it. Not to distance myself from the fan base but I also think that a lot of armys take the fun out of liking bts by being obnoxious and rude. Fan wars are super stupid but I get why a lot of ppl dislike armys. Ugh it sucks sometimes.

yeah it can count. there is a lot of stigma around it and obsession is present. being a stan of tWO of the maknae line members, it does hurt all this stigma surrounding it, and i have received some nasty comments before about being such a hardcore jk stan. but all you maknae line stanners: everyone’s opinion doesn’t matter, what matters is whether you know yourself the extent of your affection to your bias and that’s all you ever need. but i agree on the hyung line somewhat being a little under appreciated, and i definitely see that. THOUGH TAKE THIS FROM ME: A double biaser of two maknae line members, not all maknae stanners are narrow minded. I LOVE ALL OF THE HYUNG LINE. like yoongi hoseok and jin are my bias wreckers… but i can see that there are some questionable fans but all you can do about it is keep to yourself and avoid that drama because we don’t need more of it

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Yo, idk if you've seen this is the BTS fandom but have you seen some people get super protective of their Bias? Because at my school when I got into bts and I picked a bias all my friends were like "oh no1!1!1! Thats (Friends name) bias1!1!1!!1 And it just irks me so bad since they "claim" when literally there are thousands of people who share the exact same bias but it's a problem when people you know have the same favorite?! Not here my friend but other crazy ass "fangirls"

I haven’t really seen it on tumblr but I deadass feel you. I would be urked too.

@lthyl i will think twice before introducing you to jimin at the wedding hehe i will sit you next to kookie instead /evil laugh/ lol yes, when you get a new bias, it’s all heart eyes at the begining,, lets see if the magic lasts ~


The new comers: Guys HALP! Why are they slapping each others’ butts? 

The inspectors: Yes judging from his shadow it is Jimin in the BS&T era and judging from V’s Gucci slippers it was taken the second week of december of last year #TrueStory. 

The  theorists: They sold their souls to the evil to understand BIGHIT’s Bullsh*t.

The fanwar soldiers: Don’t start an argument with them, they have loads of clap-backs ready and are as savage as yoongi.

The shippers: “OMG their pinky fingers touched ME DEAD”. they gathered more proof about their ship than the FBI would ever.

The aristocrat: No I am not like those basic, crazy fangirls. *She/He is*.

The bias ho*s: Changes a bias on every comeback, but no one can blame her… We have loads of those btw

The content makers: The last time they slept was when BTS had a hiatus aka never.

The promoters: If you are a liiittle bit known in the interweb. Don’t you EVER DARE use the word “BTS” or your comment section will turn into “You should check BTS out, they are very talented, they can sing and dance, plz collab …”.

The broke: Considers water a meal after spending all the money on anything BigSnake throw at them.

The poors:  feed their passion through fancams and salty tears.

The delusional: If I was in korea my bias would have fallen for me. *flips hair*. “Beach he is taken” said the shippers.

The youtubers: React to BTS mainly for views but tell us they are fans.  

The FAKE fans: If you see “I used to like BTS but …” It is them. Stay away! the fanwar soldiers will take care of them.

The dancers/singers: They shoot vdeos everywhere and it turns out either super cool or super cringy. there is no in between

The seasonals: They know two things about BTS: their names and main tracks. They appear twice a year when BTS have a comeback. 

The horny: Dangerously reads smut in public. Gets horny over the weirdest body parts “Look at Jungkook’s elbow bone SHOKE ME daddy”

The fansites: If you see someone with a latter and a high definition camera that can probably shoot the aliens on Mars running in an airport. It is them! Their favorite color is white as they looooove turning BTS into A4-white papers.   

The basic fans: Are here mainly for the music/dancing. Always educating and judging all the above. They start all their sentences by “DON’Tbecause *insert BTS human rights*” 

I hope I didn’t forget anyone ^^ Gotta love our fandom!
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