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kpop journal ideas

ive seen that recently many of my mutuals started making bullet journals and recently i made a kpop one so i wanted to share some ideas so you can all use them!!

my kpop journal

1. birthday pages

- if your bias or just a member you like has his/her birthday dedicate the page to them! write down wishes or reasons why theyre great

2. produce 101 

- if you watched it you can make a list of your favorite contestants and some details you remember about the show

3. episode counter 

- korean drama fan? you can write down which ones you’re watching and mark which episodes you already watched

4. korean shows 

- it’s the same thing with drama, keep count on your episodes

5. playlists 

- weekly or even daily playlists of some of your current favorite songs are a nice wait to keep track of how your tastes change 

6. lists 

- it can be anything, list of your favorite groups or vocals or even performances

7. korean 

- i know many of you try to learn korean so why dont you dedicate some pages to useful language or some vocabulary 

8. concerts/events 

- if you went to any concert or an event with kpop idols then write your thoights down, how was the experience? thoughts on their outfits? and stuff like that 

9. new groups 

- if you want to get to know some group then make their profile! use pictures to remember their faceta and write down their position or some faceta about each member 

10. imaginary group 

- this is a really creative one, think of a new group, think of their debiut date, entertainment, concept or even music videos 

feel free to add some more ideas!!

If EXO members had a youtube channel
  • LeaderSuhoEXO1: Confessions of the leader/mother/dad of eleven crazy boys.
  • ChenChenPrince: How to reach high notes and be funny at the same time.
  • SehunIsSoHot: "Welcome to my world, I'm about to change your whole life and ruin your bias list" ;))))
  • LuLuLuCats: Hundreds of funny videos of his cats and how much Luhan loves them
  • KyungsooDO12: "Today I'm going to show you how to make Nachos" *uploads a new cooking video every week*
  • LayUnicornLove: "Channel dedicated to all my fans, to show and spread all my love. You are the best, all angels I love you! We are one!" (Also some videos of him finally going to Baek's grandma's house)
  • Real_PYC: Music videos. Music videos. Some video without a shirt. Music videos. Music videos. ChanBaek. Music Videos. Music videos. Trips with Sehun. Oh look that's Kyungsoo Sleeping.
  • TaoGucci123: "Fashion tutorial: 10 ways to wear that Gucci jacket and look flawless like me" *Perfection*
  • BaekhyunnieLOL2: Videos of him playing LOL alone, with Xiumin, with Kai, with everyone. Videos of him playing LOL singing, and eating. Videos of him just teasing exo-ls and melting their hearts.
  • XiuminMinnieforYou: Lots of everything. Funny moments with EXO, me singing here and there, helping Kyungsoo in the kitchen, helping Suho with the laundry, videos to our EXO-Ls... Lots of Minnie for you all!
  • KimKaiJongin: Probably would look like a dance studio youtube channel. Tutorials of how to dance EXO's choreos.
  • Galaxy88KrisWu: "This is not my style" videos and loving everything he says he doesn't. "I'm a cool person, gotta maintain my cool image... But I love chicken"
Youtuber! Park Woojin

Check out my Masterlist here

Youtuber x Brand New Boys:
Youtuber! Im Youngmin II Youtuber! Kim Donghyun II Youtuber! Lee Daehwi

“Love is a lot like dancing, you surrender yourself to the music.” 

  • Youtuber who mainly uploads dance covers
  • But he also does vlogs where he doesn’t speak and it’s in first person pov and there’s just really chill music playing in the background
  • Uses youtube as a platform for him to express his creativity in editing cause in college, he minors in filming so his videos always come up really unique and different as he applies a lot of techniques he learned from his lecturers
  • He definitely prefers filming others rather than himself so it’s more likely you will see close up shots of his best friend, Jihoon, more than Woojin in some of his videos
  • He tried doing a q&a video but it just failed immediately cause he just became super shy when he faced the camera directly and he couldn’t even look straight at it
  • Replies to all his subscribers’ comments and is literally the sweetest person ever and is always downplaying how good he is at dancing
  • “I’m really not that good in dancing, you guys are too sweet.”
  • Yet he uploads a cover of bts’ fire the same day it was released which meant he only took 3 hours to learn and perfect the entire routine and that was super impressive considering how hard the dance was????
  • His behind the scenes video is also really funny cause he is such a dork in it
  • Repeats ‘cut’ like 101 times when he tries to do an intro
  • But his fan base grew when he became part of the youtube group: Brand New Boys where it was basically 4 boys uploading covers
  • Youngmin, Donghyun, Woojin & Daehwi were childhood friends who decided to create the account since they have been composing/choreographing music and dances since they were young
  • They realized they had to film 4 new videos with entirely different content each time they collab and they didn’t relly have time for that so Brand new Boys was formed
  • The four of them would do q&a and sometimes even vlogs  
  • So you were a dancer yourself who mainly does covers & create original choreography
  • You were pretty popular on youtube as you were part of a well-known dance studio (think 1 million studio) and you were one of the main dancers despite your young age as you had trained there since you were little hence you are always on their videos doing demos
  • But your main account wasn’t really popular since you barely uploaded and there were only 3-4 videos
  • One day you suddenly received a lot of subscribers and @ on a youtube channel
  • when you click on it, a bunch of girls was basically saying something about shipping you and a certain someone
  • Basically, Brand New Boys had been doing a live q&a when Daehwi basically exposed how Woojin was a huge fan of yours when the four of them was asked to tell a secret of another member
  • Their subscribers along with your fans from the dance studio just started freaking out and asked you two to collab
  • You were sort of freaking out cause if you had to pick out of the 4 of them, Woojin was undeniably your favourite cause he was so good at dancing
  • Like the thought of dancing with came up before you but you were so embarrassed knowing that he was super popular that you just shook it off
  • But you received a message right after that from Woojin’s personal youtube channel, saying that he was super sorry for disturbing you but if you were actually free, maybe you guys could work together on a dance
  • You honestly didn’t have much to do anyway so you said yes and you guys decided to do work on a cover of Jay Park’s ‘All I Wanna Do’ (guys I did not plan this lmao)
  • Your first meeting was cute
  • Like you guys will just awkwardly make small talks
  • But when it comes to dancing, something in you two just ignite
  • You guys only took one try after the rehearsal to get everything right
  • You were more shocked at how that shy boy just instantly changed right in front of you??? He was literally the definition of hot when he danced
  • Your heart was burning up at how his two different personalities like it was sooo charming to watch
  • So while uploading the video, you guys just spoke to each other about dancing
  • You learned at what age he learned dancing and his favorite dancing icons  
  • In turn, Woojin also learned a lot about you but you mostly did the talking cause he was still super stunned at how pretty you were
  • He did ask you out on a study date after the practice
  • The rest is history after he asked you to be his girlfriend through this super cheesy dance which he uploaded on youtube later on
  • Obviously, you said yes cause who could say no when he smiles with his snaggletooth
  • You will be appearing a lot more on Woojin’s youtube channel
  • There will be times where he just uploads a choreography to for a song that came out back in 2008  to surprise you as that was a song you have been recently listening to a lot
  • You guys will also be doing a lot of dances and you decided to revive your channel and your first video was the ‘boyfriend does my makeup challenge’ which ends up with your face being a mess but it’s okay you still love him
  • Whenever you guys finish filming a cover, silly dance battles will start
  • Woojin will be your dance partner whenever there was a couple part when you filmed for your studio cause that boy gets low key jealous whenever he sees someone else dancing with you
  • Pizza & Netflix is both you and Woojin’s kind of date
  • He will always be sending you song recommendations or his new spotify playlist
  • Eskimo kisses are both your favourite type of kisses

A/N: Thank you so much to the anon who requested for Youtuber! Woojin. I will be doing a Youtuber! au for all 4 members of Brand New Boys so 3 more to go ^^ Also, dedicated to @baeijns who is literally the sweetest mutual like she writes the nicest things when she reblogs and her wanna one’s incorrect text messages gives me life <3


RIGHT, with the influx of new Minhyun fans, a few crazies like this are expected. However, I have also seen idea’s like this before…

The statement above is deeply offensive to loves and to Minhyun himself. Whoever thinks this is clearly blind and know nothing about the history and deep bond of the Nu’ boys. Wanna One Minhyun and NU’EST Minhyun are the same person honey. Yes stan-ing him after being introduced to him in Pd101/Wanna One IS TOTALLY OK, that’s the reason why they went on the show, to gain fans. HOWEVER, forgetting that in 18 months he will re-join NU’EST and basically admitting you will drop Minhyun after 18 months is DISGUSTING.

These are the type of people who don’t see him as a person, not a singer who wants to live his dream, but rather as a pawn (tbh the way mnet and ymc ent. see him) who they can drop as soon as he finishes his role in this project group.  

If you love his talent and personality and bias Minhyun, then you should bias him after Wanna one when he returns to NU’EST.

Let me tell you straight NU’EST are Minhyun’s beloved family, his baby who he puts his heart into, the four boys are his life who he has loved for almost Eight friggin years and NO ONE CAN REPLACE THEM.

This bond is evident in the “Hello 2017 Version” which they poured so much emotion into and was clearly dedicated to their fans as well as Minhyun himself.

Last the most important note. I’m sick of accommodating for these elitist stans who think they know better. I tried to not mention it, but I realize at some point in the next 1.5 years I’ll have to say it so why not now?? It’s time to talk about the reality of Minhyun in Wanna One which everyone is glossing over

The ONLY REASON Minhyun joined Wanna One and joined PD101 was out of desperation to save NU’EST, his family, from disbandment. Yes, they were really doing that badly and they really were this desperate to stay together. Many groups might have given up after 4-5 years on continuous failure right? But NU’EST are an integral part of all five members life’s so they FOUGHT HARD for their final chance.

YES, he will make friends with the Wanna One members, and he might have a super fun time promoting with them. But DO NOT forget NU’EST are his home and he will return to them. He did not join OUT OF FUN, he joined this group for the sake of NU’EST and NOTHING ELSE.

Wanna One are gonna be superstars but don’t disrespect yourself by dismissing the purpose of this group. The purpose is to make YMC and MNET money alongside setting up the careers of all 11 members after it ends, and gaining them fans.

I have faith the fans who said the statement in picture above won’t last long as a Minhyun stan, and you know what? GOOD RIDDANCE.

If I see anyone else saying bullshit about Minhyun being better in/liking Wanna One better I will take it upon myself to personally remove your head from your ass.

I wish the best to BOTH Wanna One and NU’EST and will diligently supporting both groups.

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I never really listen to 4Minute, KARA, 2NE1, Wonder Girls, etc., that much but I cannot deny that these girls have made a huge impact on the K-Pop world. Each of them have their one (or more) song(s) that will not be forgotten any time soon. When I saw the news that each one of them were disbanding, it felt as if one of my bias groups were disbanding. Thank you girls for all that you’ve done and for dedicating so much of your life making music for us. You won’t be forgotten.


Happy Birthday ZHANG YIXING!🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳

You are the light of my life! I never wanted a Bias because I wanted to love EVERYONE equally, but something about you always made me gravitate towards you and I never noticed (well accepted) that you had stole my heart for a very long time. You’re very special and unique from others. I wish you would get appreciated more because of your HARD WORK and DEDICATION. You deserve all the achievements and awards that you’ll get in the future! I’m sure that you’ll be the one to create a new & better path for Chinese Music! As a Xingmi and an EXO-L, I always support you. I LOVE YOU.



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{Imagine} Jinyoung Wanting to be your Bias

Note: An imagine no one asked for but I wanted to make. I dedicate this to @nvevr because she never fails to hit me with the bias wrecker feels. Ily tho. I hope you like it ♥

Jinyoung tilted his head to the side, eyes wandering over your face now that he’d cornered you against his body and the wall. It wasn’t intimidating, no, nothing like that. But his eye emulated with passion as they looked upon your face. His glassy orbs glistened in the dim lighting of the room as he rose his hand to place it against the wall beside your head as he hung over you. 

“So, you bias Yugyeom, huh?”

You swallowed hard as a heat rushed to your cheeks. How was it Jinyoung could be so charming and enchanting all at once. You’d been loyal, so loyal to your bias since the moment you listened to your very first Got7 song, but recently, the man with the dark hair and the savage personality had been playing on your mind like a broken record.

“Perhaps I can change your mind.” He smirked. 

Let the wrecking game commence. 

Underground Band! Lee Daehwi

Masterlist can be found (here)

Requested: Hihi!! can I request an underground group/band au for Daehwi please :D - anon
Genre: underground/punk band! au + high school! au 
A/N: Dedicating this to @hwinkinghwi (I gave you spoilers so pls don’t die on me okok) and also for @markcherrybaksu to stay loyal to her w1 bias!!! But I never realized I would like writing this au so much (it’s prob because boys in choker LOL) Do leave me some feedback on this!!! 

“I’ll gift you the world, you just have to be the owner of it.”

  • Daehwi is the lead singer for an underground band
  • They were a fixed act at one of the really popular bars downtown but they also had their fair share of gigs at equally cool events
  • Rather than the usual grunge band t-shirt, he was dressed in a slick white buttoned up paired with black, ripped skinny jeans along with a velvet choker and combat boots
  • The band leader, Sewoon, had recruited Daehwi when he saw a video he uploaded a cover of DAY6″s I Loved You (i love day6 so much, i have no shame)
  • Their band instantly became a hit when they joined a talent competition with a rock cover of BLACKPINK’s Playing With Fire
  • He has a very unique microphone which has his name printed on it that given by a fan
  • He loves it so so much that he uses it for whichever event he performs
  • Daehwi and his band were all someone girls fawn over, all the boys wish they could be
  • Like all of them could compose and produce their own music (plus they were pretty hot y’all know)
  • Daehwi could also play more than one instrument which he showed when their drummer was sick so he just replaced him while still singing his part
  • Like definition of talent is LEE DAEHWI
  • Blows a lot of kisses and throws a lot of winks when he performs
  • There are times when he even blows confetti or flower petals when he feels like it’s a really special day
  • More like once a week when Dongho reads him his horoscopes and it says that today is his lucky day LMAO  
  • People have even said that if one those petals land on you, you will be blessed with the voice of angel;;;;
  • Composes and arranged a lot of the music with the rest of the band
  • But he is pretty mysterious as he doesn’ use any social media, appearing mostly on others which make people really curious about his whereabouts
  • He was technically not of age but the club owner really liked their band so he let Daehwi in with the condition that he doesn’t try to drink
  • Not like he wanted to since he always hated the taste of it and was more of a strawberry milk sort of guy
  • But he’s in charge of dragging drunk Dongho and Minki into designated driver, Sewoon’s car
  • As a bartender in the bar, you had seen your fair share of girls getting their hearts broken over these boys in bands, who flirt and brag about their talent
  • The girls eat up their stories and become super engrossed that they don’t realise the hidden motive of their actions
  • That was when you told yourself that you did stay away from their mischievous intentions
  • Much like Daehwi, you weren’t allowed to be at a bar
  • But your uncle owns the place and when you needed quick cash to fund your shopping habits and tuition, he had chipped in saying that he could offer you a job
  • You only needed to serve drinks and learned a few recipes and the job came with great tips and good music
  • You had always been a fan of the underground music scene
  • Hence when you first saw the band entering, you were excited and even had a little fangirl moment yourself
  • You would watch Daehwi from afar, always admiring his singing
  • It could have been a chance to be friends with him, but you realized he would have found it weird if he knew you were in this club well, illegally
  • But fate seemed to have plans for the two of you when you accidentally spilt a drink on him
  • It was clearly an accident as one the girls around him had swung her arm around and hit you
  • But obviously, the blame was on you
  • Surprisingly, Daehwi didn’t seem mad at you and told you it’s okay as he changed to an extra shirt Minki had brought
  • Your impression of him became better when you realized he didn’t have one of those ‘star diseases’ and didn’t make use of his popularity to mess with others
  • It was 3 days later when you met him again
  • You were transferring to one of the elite schools in the country
  • While it was the middle of the year, your results in the national maths quiz had secured you a space as not only were you the champ, you set a new time record for being the fastest to finish
  • You immediately accepted when the school had offered you a space along with a full scholarship
  • Before you started school the headmaster had informed you that you will be given a tour by the Student Council President 
  • As you walked in, you were greeted by the last person you expected to meet: Lee Daehwi
  • Rather than his ripped jeans, he had on black slacks, the chocker replaced with a blue tie and the crest on his tidy white shirt was clearly shown
  • The blue tie represented his power in school which was the student council president
  • When he saw you, his eyes nearly bugled out of sockets
  • “Why are you here?”
  • He actually knew you before the spilt drink happened
  • You were always the bartender who flat out refused to serve any drinks to him when other girls wanted to buy him a drink
  • Sure you were nice but it took a whole new level of nice for him to think that you wouldn’t leak out his at night activities
  • You were taken aback because you definitely didn’t know that he was the same age as you
  • You never served him alcohol because you were under strict instructions from your uncle that he had an alcohol allergy and would pass out if he drank any
  • You saw how his piercings were all gone along with his messy yet stylish brown hair but instead, a pair of glasses stood in his face and his hair was parted neatly and tidily
  • But that was until he pulled you into the Student Council and literally told you that he would make your school life a living hell if you said anything
  • You shrugged and nodded
  • After all, it didn’t benefit you in any ways and leaking out his secret in return, would you lose your job too
  • As it was easy to find out who else from this school was in the bar too
  • Rocker at Night, Preppy School Boy by Day
  • That’s what you made out of Lee Daehwi’s persona
  • As he promised, he didn’t do anything to you as long as you didn’t mention about him being in a band
  • But like his different persona, his approach to you was different at night
  • While you were bartending, he will take the opportunity to speak to you a lot
  • It started when he found you helping Sewoon to test the instruments and he realized you actually liked the same genre of music and could play the instruments too
  • Even if you were usually the one just listening but Daehwi appreciated it since he didn’t have anyone to share his frustration;;;;
  • In the school you both go to, rock music was frown upon and classical music was something everyone listened to
  • But besides school-related things, you guys also spoke to each other on rock legends and recommending music with each other
  • Daehwi realized he really liked you when you weren’t in work one day and he missed you a lot esecill since he composed a new song and wanted you to be the first one to listen to it 
  • He kept pouting and Dongho had to asked him what was up
  • He basically said he missed speaking to you and Dongho was like “Kid that’s called a crush.“ 
  • Let’s face it, Daehwi clearly isn’t the most experienced in love
  • So rather than being outright with his feelings, he chooses to show it another way
  • That was you found yourself landed in detention when you swore a bit too loudly when you found your locker filled with a bunch of band posters and CDs
  • They were all from Daehwi but you were scared rather than touched tbh
  • You thought someone had found yours and Daehwi’s secret
  • Rather than worrying about losing your job, you were scared that Daehwi would no longer be able to perform
  • Not only was this person attempting to steal the infectious smile that brightened your day
  • They will be taking away all the cute text messages and his voice from you
  • You couldn’t imagine a day without Daehwi’s silly stories or him being embarrassed when he thought he spoke too much about his interest
  • In reality, he could listen to him go on and on for hours
  • But Daehwi thought you didn’t like his present at all LOL
  • Which implied that you pretty much rejected his confession
  • Don’t blame him tho cause the first thing you said when you opened your locker was “what the fuck???”
  • He was sad about it and he was hoping to avoid you but a teacher came in to ask Daehwi to took over detention since she had a family emergency
  • Usually, they would ask other teachers, but she was in such a hurry that the Student Council President would do
  • You were thinking of plans on how to hunt this person down during detention when Daehwi stepped in
  • He was so not ready to see you
  • You called him over and told him seriously that you think someone has a clue of his other persona
  • He was confused when you pulled out the CDs he gave you and told him another thing
  • That was when he realized how dense you were lmao but it was also pretty adorable of you to make a mistake like him
  • You wondered why was Daehwi looking so chill about it while you were freaking out until he seemed to sigh and said
  • “That’s actually …… my confession to you.”
  • Cue you having a mini heart attack 
  • He could see your confusion until he pulled out one of the CDs which had a sticky note which read that it was from him
  • You were stunned and pretty much trying to find a hole to hide in
  • Seeing as you haven’t said no yet, he leaned in closer to you
  • You could smell his cologne and saw how the holes on his ears where he usually had his flashy earrings on
  • You swore you two almost kissed until a teacher knocked and stepped in
  • what great timing am i right 
  • “Detention is over! Make sure not to break the rules again.”
  • Daehwi cursed inwardly when he realized he too was running late for his band practice so he left
  • But not before leaving you with a cute smile  
  • “Think about it okay? I meant what I say.”
  • Later at the club, you blushed when you saw him again
  • No matter how many times you saw him, you could never be used to his ‘night’ look where he was the epitome of a midnight star
  • It didn’t help that you could literally picture how close he was to you this afternoon
  • You could even remember how his faint his musky cologne had smelled like and your fingers dug into your head as you tried to focus on your job
  • That was until the voice of the person haunting your mind voice cut through your ears
  • “I’m playing this for a girl I really really like and I hope our feelings are mutual.”
  • When those words left his mouth, the girls in the audience started shrieking
  • You were pretty far away from the stage but you two met eyes and he winked and a smirk played on his lips

I’m the only one for you
And you’re the only one for me, girl
You already know I want you
I know that you want me too, girl

  • When the song ended, Daehwi literally ran from the stage to the bar
  • He looked at you confidently in the eye as words rolled out of his tongue
  • “Can I have my answer?”
  • You chuckled as you nodded
  • “Didn’t you already say you knew that I want you too?”

Requests are always open & Feel free to inbox me anything at all  ♡



Summary: Kihyun gets a new hairstyle and isn’t overly fond of it. Wonho really likes it, maybe more than he should. 

Fandom: Monsta X

Pairing: Wonho/Kihyun (Kiho)

Rating: Explict 18+

Genre: Realistic Fiction, Smut

Word Count: 5,736

Characters: Wonho, Kihyun (May be written slightly out of character)

Disclaimer: Any writing submitted by myself does not reflect the real members of Monsta X or Starship Entertainment. Any dialog or actions written in this piece is based solely on fiction and does not infer that the members would act this way. This was created purposely for fan entertainment and is not factual.

This fic is dedicated to all of you thirsty Kihyun stans, whether Kihyun is your actual bias or your wrecker. He be messing with your lives and I’m here just to make it worse~ 

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Fangirls language

This is a guide for those who try to read a fangirl’s blog and understand it.

  1. “Bias” = the person you like the most
  2. “Guns” = arm muscles
  3. “I hate you” = I fucking love you but you ruin my life
  4. “Asdfghjkl” = I’m so excited I can’t write real words
  5. “I wanna punch you in the face” = another way to say you ruin my life
  6. “to ship” = from relationship, term used when you pair 2 people you would like to be together
  7. “OTP” = One True Pair, but fangirls have more than one
  8. “Life ruiner” = your bias and his talent/charm/look makes you dedicate your life to him so tha’t why he/she ruins your life
  9. “I can’t” = when you’re too fascinated by sth your bias does
  10. “What is air” = 1. when you see a hot picture/gif and you literally can’t breath; 2. when you see a funny post/picture/gif and you can’t breath bc of how much you laugh
  11. “I’m crying” = whenever your bias does sth
  12. “Ultimate bias” = that one person you will forever love no matter how many biases you already have
  13. “Are you even real?” = when you see a nice picture of your bias
  14. “Comeback” = when your favorite artist/band release a new song/album
  15. “Why are you doing this to me?” = whenever your bias do sth
  16. “Fandom” = second family

You can add more of those. 

Duality of Man

Request: Can u please write Yoongi + 18.? I dont really like pain but I know you can write it really beautifully and stories like that are needed too and I think this theme fit Yoongi a lot :) Thank you for your amazing work and dedication to your fans ♡

18) Two mini fics in one: The first time you see your bias. The last time you see your bias.

Member: BTS Yoongi x Y/N

Type: angst

The first time…

You moved slowly and carefully across the room, cautious not to drop the box you were holding. The records housed in your arms shifted back and forth haphazardly, causing you to cringe as you moved. The speakers above you bumped a new artist’s mixtape, just loud enough to catch your attention. You grooved along, allowing your footsteps to move in the same rhythm as the song surrounding you. Your hands became steady as you carried the heavy box, giving you the steps you needed. That’s why you loved working at a music store, it always gave you some flow.

You bent your knees, attempting to find the table about a foot below your grip. Your knuckles finally hit the wood surface just as noise erupted in the front half of the store. You furrowed your brows, dropping the box in surprise, and completely slammed your fingers. 

“Shit,” you hissed, sliding your fingers out, and instantly beginning to shake them in the air.  

You shuffled toward the entrance of the stock room, moving the beaded curtain to the side to glance out. A crowd was beginning to gather on the sidewalk, but nothing in the actual store seemed to be concerning. You caught the eye of the cashier who only shrugged. If she wasn’t concerned, you wouldn’t be either. 

You disappeared behind the curtain again and examined your fingers. You sighed, noticing one of your nails had begun to bleed. You groaned as you navigated to the bathroom and turned on the cold water. Immediately sticking your fingers beneath it, you were hoping for some form of relief. You cringed, a moan escaping your lips as the water stung the wounded area. 

“Damnit,” you hissed. “Son of a bitch. Mother f-”

You turned the corner out of the bathroom and halted as soon as you did. Your eyes grew wide as a light haired boy stared back at you, his own eyes panicked. Your froze, your fingers still in the air, midway to your mouth. He began to shake his head slowly, bringing a finger up to his mouth as a signal to remain quiet. 

You had several thoughts about the situation, most of them involving him being a burglar. 

But were burglars that attractive? 

Against your better judgement, you began to nod in return, waiting quietly in your spot. 

A soft roar began to emanate from the front of the shop, it’s small quarters were quickly being filled by potential customers. You made a move to join your coworker, but the strange man caught you by the wrist. 

“You don’t want to go out there,” he whispered huskily. 

You opened your mouth to respond, only to close it again as your coworker’s voice cut through the noise. 

“No, if you aren’t in here buying something, get the hell out! I don’t even know who the hell you’re looking for, but he’s not here!” your coworker shouted. “Out! Out! Shouldn’t you be in school? Do your parents know you’re here?” 

“Who are you?” you asked, furrowing your brows as you focused on the could-be burglar. 

“Not anyone worth knowing,” he hummed, exhaling a deep breath. He began to slide down the wall he was leaning against, plopping to the ground with a groan. 

You crouched beside him and let out a chuckle. “Apparently, you’re mistaken.” 

“My name is Min Yoongi,” he said after a moment. 

“Where are you from, Min Yoongi?” you smiled. 

“Daegu,” he nodded surely. 

“Then what are you doing in Seoul if you’re from Daegu?” you continued to pry. 

“Honestly, I don’t know anymore,” he sighed. “I do know that I am very, very tired.” 

“Are you going to force me to google you? Or are you going to give me the whole story?” you grumbled, finally falling to the floor next to him. 

He bit his lip, dropping his face in his hands. 

“I’m not sure who needs to take out the trash here, but it ain’t me,” your coworker grumbled, sticking her head through the beads. “I just handled a rabid bunch of tweens, so you can see him out.” 

“Right,” you nodded, taking a deep breath. “Give me a second.”

“No, give me now, help me pick up this mess,” she hissed. “Please and thank you.”

“She’s charming,” Yoongi muttered, sending a wary look over his shoulder. 

“I know after experiencing how polite I am, you’re shocked,” you grinned. “But in all earnesty, if you don’t at least tell me why you are on the run, I’m going to have to kick you out.” 

“I’m not a fugitive,” he sneered, squinting at your name tag. “Y/N.” 

“I wouldn’t know,” you said with a small shrug. “So let’s get you out of here.”

“My name is Min Yoongi,” he repeated again. “Min Yoongi.”

“I’ve heard,” you hummed, pulling yourself up. You gripped at the hood of his jacket and gave a light tug. “Come on, Min Yoongi.” 

“But I’m known by my stage names. Suga or Agust D,” he whispered, looking away from you. 

“Suga,” you said quietly, tilting your head. You searched your mind for the name. “Suga…suga…BTS Suga?” 

“BTS Suga,” he repeated with a small nod. 

“I heard your mixtape,” you grinned. “It wasn’t bad.” 

Yoongi let out a small scoff. “Gee, thanks.” 

“That’s a compliment from me,” you grinned. “I’m not easily impressed.” 

“Obviously,” he muttered. “They wrote an article about it for Billboard.” 

“They write something about you in XXL? Vibe?” you teased. 

He shot you a dirty look, but quickly grinned. “Do I look like Kendrick Lamar to you?” 

“Nah, cause I would have known if he was hiding in my stock room,” you grinned. You sat back down beside him and hit his knee with yours. “That is a pretty big deal though. I mean…I don’t have an article about me written by anyone at Billboard.” 

“Thanks,” he nodded, his smile fading to a smirk, but not disappearing. “I’ve worked hard.” 

“It shows, dozens of teen girls stampeded into this place for you,” you nodded. “I don’t think half of them even know what records are to be honest.” 

“I didn’t become a musician so I could hide,” he sighed.”Sorry, I don’t mean to take up your time. Who likes a stranger telling them their problems. I’ll just…uh…see myself out.” 

He moved to lift himself up, but you yanked his wrist back down again. “The best thing about venting to strangers is they have no preconceived bias about who you are. So I mean…you can hide in the stock room anytime.” 

Yoongi grinned and crossed his arms, searching your face for something you were unsure of. “Really?” 

“No,” you chuckled, sticking your tongue out at him. “Get the hell out of my store.” 

But really, it was only the beginning. 

In the end…

You moved slowly and carefully across the room, cautious not to drop the box you were holding. A portion of your life lived in that box and you didn’t intend on dropping it. Just because you had chosen to end that part of your life, did not mean it was not important to you. 

You shuffled through the silence, keeping your eyes cemented on Yoongi’s sleeping form. You were a coward, but you knew that. You never thought you would be the one sneaking away after an argument. 

The argument. 

The argument to end all arguments. 

When you and Yoongi were sitting on the floor in the stock room of the music store you had worked at, you had hearts in your eyes. As he vented to you about the woes of an idol and the duality of his personalities, you had listened with an attentive ear. 

You hadn’t realized how that would impact your possible future with Yoongi. 

But boy, did it. 

You had never intended on entering a relationship with him. You had never intended on being together for as long as you had. But as time passed, you learned more and more about the difference between work Suga and at home Yoongi. And you were tired. 

Just as tired as he was when you had first met. 

It was 2 a.m. when he had struggled in that evening. You had left nearly every light in the apartment on, anticipating his arrival for hours. You slept sitting up on the couch, ready to strike as soon as you heard keys in the door. 

Just because he was an idol, didn’t mean he got the pass to be an asshole. 

“Whoa, for a minute I thought you had forgotten where you lived,” you yawned, wiping the sleep from your eyes. 

“Can you not,” he grumbled. “It’s been a long day.” 

“No kidding!” you gasped. “I have those too, but I mean, you wouldn’t know because you aren’t around to see them.” 

“Look, don’t be a jerk,” he muttered. “Seriously, I’m not in the mood for it.” 

You bit your lip and took a deep breath in. So maybe you were being harsh. 

“You might not want to have this conversation right now,” you nodded. “But when are we going to have it, Yoongi?” 

He dropped his bag by the door and made his way to the couch, falling beside you. He went to place his head on your shoulder, but you quickly moved away. “Y/N,” he grumbled. “Why are you acting like this?” 

“The scary part is you think this came out of no where,” you whispered. “Why would I be acting like this?” 

“I’m guessing because I’m not home to cater to you,” he muttered. 

“Do you want to retry your choice of verb or are you going to leave it?” you asked, lifting your brows. 

“Seriously, what do you want from me? I’m tired. I told you that,” he hissed. “But please, let’s argue after the day I’ve had. I really appreciate it.” 

“After the day you’ve had, after the day you’ve had,” you repeated. “What about the day I’ve had, Yoongi? When do I get to peer out from behind your shadow?” 

“It’s not like that,” he sighed. 

“Then tell me what it’s like, please,” you nodded. “When we first met, you told me that your music was your first love. I understood. You told me that you had dual pieces to your personality. You had your stage presence, the person you were when you were working. Then you had your true self, Min Yoongi, the soft and considerate man I had in my heart. That part is a little bit harder to swallow.” 

“The man you have in your heart…” he whispered. “So you don’t love me as a whole?” 

“How am I supposed to?” you sighed. “When Suga of BTS literally is someone I’ve never gotten to know. I only know that he ignores me and picks just about everything over me.” 

“I told you that I was career driven,” Yoongi grumbled. “Before we ever got into this. I told you how it would be.” 

“And I was so in love with Min Yoongi that it didn’t even matter,” you said quietly. “I’m not saying you’re a bad person. I’m not saying your a bad boyfriend. All I’m saying is you could be more considerate. Suga could be more considerate.” 

“I’m one person,” Yoongi sighed. “And I’m sorry, Y/N…but I don’t plan on changing things. I can’t.”

“No matter how self destructive?” you croaked. “No matter how relationship damaging?” 

“Until I am ready to make a lifestyle change…I just can’t,” he whispered. “I’ll have to ask you to take it or leave it.” 

And you were leaving it. 

You slid one shoe on, followed by another, cringing as the floorboards beneath you creaked under your weight. Yoongi was a fairly heavy sleeper, so you weren’t really concerned about waking him. Heavy thoughts kept his head in the pillow, so it was your own paranoia driving the fear. 

You took your supporting hand from the box for a moment, digging in your back pocket to find the one last thing that tied you to Yoongi. 

Your key. 

You slid it from the denim and placed it lightly on the table near the door. You nodded to yourself as Yoongi shifted sleepily on the couch, but still not waking up completely. You bit your lip, attempting to keep the tears from falling, but failing miserably. 

You tugged open the door, not caring if it whined as you did. You hurried through the frame and shut it behind you, shutting this chapter of your life as well. 

You took the stairs by two, clinging to the buckling cardboard in your grasp as you moved like your life depended on it. You could make it back to your apartment in fifteen minutes if you walked quickly. Maybe in two or three blocks you could manage to calm down enough to call a cab. 

Hopefully you could burn off energy and guilt in the walk. 

You knew you were equally as fault. You didn’t want to work with Yoongi’s lifestyle just as much as he didn’t want to change it. Just because a man is an idol doesn’t make him any more or less of a human. And when it came down to it, if you had both grown unhappy in the relationship, it was time for it to end. 

You just wish you had been brave enough to leave while he was there. 

But as you went to bed that evening, he didn’t need to be told verbally. He knew you would be gone when he woke. 

You took a deep breath as you stood on the sidewalk below the building. You paused for a moment, closing your eyes to internalize what you were actually doing. You exhaled, chancing a glance to the windows above, and instantly felt a pang of regret instead. 

Yoongi’s silhouette stood firmly in the window, three floors up, in the same apartment where you had left him. He looked down at you, his pale hand pressed against the glass as a silent plea, 

You cleared your throat, trying to inhibit the whimper beginning to choke your breaths. You shook your head slowly, barely able to make out Yoongi through your tears. Shifting, you balanced the box again, and placed one foot before the other. You looked back down to it’s contents and then up to the street before you. 

This was over.

But really, it was only a new beginning. 

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Jungkook roommates!au
  • the kind of roommate who wakes you up at 8am even though you don’t have a lesson until 12pm singing “we‘re all in this together”
  • you sending him death glares through the bathroom door because damn it
  • him poking you when you try to sleep again
  • “don’t be salty y/n :)) your are the gabriella to my troy :))”
  • and ofc you just can’t stay mad at him
  • also the kind of roommate who can’t breath without making it look funny
  • which is why you were so shocked when he showed up at school the first day looking like a model walking down the catwalk
  • you thought he could have a twin brother or something
  • until he turned to you with his damn meme face making you trip over your own feet
  • 100% sure he has a secret collection of anime figures
  • and that’s because once you came home with friends just to find him rolling around in his pikachu onesie 
  • ..singing the pokémon opening
  • your friends being like ?? we thought he was different ?? 
  • “welcome to my world”
  • him being really pouty for the whole week because that was rEALLY EMBARRASSING Y/N !! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME
  • “i didn’t plan it okay don’t be salty troy :)))”
  • him mentally planning revenge
  • which resulted in you falling down thanks to a banana peel left on the floor
  • yes
  • a banana peel
  • jungkook feeling really guilty because !! it was supposed to be an harmless joke !!
  • so he basically became your personal hairstylist for the whole month
  • a flirty hairstylist
  • “you need to stay still y/n”
  • you feeling really embarrassed because really jungkook ?? keep your face at safe distance then ??
  • jimin and taehyung coming to visit and staring at you because gurl calm down he is just washing your hair
  • he isn’t ?? he is clearly trying to make you flustered ??
  • you asking yourself why because he obviously wasn’t like this before ??
  • so you blame the fact that he feels guilty :)) he can’t have a crush on you lmao :)) you are being delusional :))
  • so you just keep telling yourself that but it’s getting out of hand okay
  • you catch him randomly staring at you when you watch a film or read something
  • and it’s not like “oh you have something in your hair and i’m trying to make it go away with my mind control” nO IT’S THE STARE
  • so you casually question him about his love life like
  • “i heard you went out with the girl who came to give you those notes”
  • and he is laughing because lmao no why would anyone say that
  • you get to the point of asking jin for help because yOU CAN’T LIVE THIS LIFE ANYMORE !! YOUR HEART WILL EXPLODE !!
  • but no jin won’t help because he is jungkook’s friend too :)) u kno :))
  • so one day you hear someone talking outside and it’s a girl’s voice and oH MY GOD IS THAT JUNGKOOK TALKING WITH HER
  • and your heart drops a little because the truth is that you were hoping for something ?? even if you were pep talking yourself into believing the opposite ??
  • so you just do your best to be nonchalant because nO YOU WEREN’T EAVESDROPPING
  • but haha :)) when he enters the room you are reading and looking really concentrated :)) you are safe :))
  • “your book is upside down y/n”
  • :)) no way
  • “yeah but let’s not talk about me :)) was your date good?? :))”
  • him grinning because is that why your book is upside down ??
  • so you just go to sleep because there’s no way you are talking about his date why did you even ask
  • the next day you are walking more like dragging yourself to your lesson and you bump into a girl
  • and she widens her eyes when she sees you because !!! i know you !!
  • ?? you know who ?? bUT WAIT YOU KNOW THIS VOICE 
  • “you are jungkook’s roommate !!”
  • your mind is blank at this point because.. what
  • “did jungkook confess already?? he said yesterday was the right moment :))”
  • so while you are trying to process all these informations she quickly waves her hands and says goodbye while smiling and you are like ?? i’m here dead and you leave me ?? what if i faint gurl
  • “ahem”
  • you mentally tell yourself that no way this can’t be happening we are real people and this is not a movie right
  • “aHEM”
  • he is behind you isn’t he
  • “yes i am”
  • you said that aloud didn’t you
  • “you did”
  • so you turn around and he is trying not to laugh 
  • rude
  • “she spilled the beans before i could so i guess i don’t have to say it again”
  • and you get the urge to scream and laugh and cry at the same time because ?? emotions ?? 
  • but there’s no way you are letting him get away with this without being at least a little bit embarrassed
  • and he probably understand by looking at your face because in the matter of a second he is pulling out of his jeans a little bracelet with a few pendants that look like your whole relationship put together
  • wait
  • “you put a banana pendant on the bracelet you are using to confess ?? really jungkook ?? really ??”
  • he just shrugs his shoulders and smiles
  • and ofc you laugh because don’t they say that birds of a feather flock together :))

SO, I’ll just get to it and tell you about my experience seeing BTS Wings in Newark. Luna and I went together so when I say “we” that’s who i’m referring to.
We got to the line at 9 am and it was already wrapped around to the other side of the building. The day started out cold but it got even colder to the point that the rain that started to fall became snow momentarily. There was also a St. Patrick’s Day Parade happening for some of the waiting. We all had to wait in line until about 1 pm for the Prudential Employees to hand out numbered wrist bands, that way we could leave the line and come back later and have the same spot. I was #819 in line. There was a really nice Japanese fansite girl who spoke Korean and a little English behind us. She said she flew from Japan. JAPAN! dedication man… anyways she gave our little line group a pack of really awesome Jungkook photocards she had taken. Her fansite is 하트트리‏ @HEARTTREE_JK on Twitter. Here the cute Photocards (Just the JK ones, Luna got me the Yoongi ones and I don’t know who made those)

After we got our wristbands we finally went to the bathroom and ate lunch and stood in line for that photo booth that has the video of your bias. After standing in line, you go up to a table with two girls and they check to see if you filled out the survey before they let you pick a ball blindly from a box. If you pick an orange ball you get a photocard and a personal photo with your bias. If you get a white ball, you just get the photocard. I happened to get an orange ball :D !
When you get the orange ball you wait in line again and they direct you to one of the photo booths where you enter and they close the curtain. You choose which member you want on a touch screen and then a countdown begins. So obviously I chose yoongi. He entered from the right speaking korean so I couldn’t fucking understand but I mean he was cute I think he was just telling me to do the poses he was doing or something, I hope someone took video of it and translated it anyways. He was too cute. I chose the V pose picture, you had the option of choosing which of the two photos you liked the most. I’ll show you his part of the photo because I look atrocious. 

Yeah, he cute.

One of the girls who went in after me absolutely freaked out and was screaming and laughing like crazy, I wonder who her bias was… I bet it was Jimin….
 All the staff for the photo booth were laughing with the rest of us. It was cute.
After that, we wanted to get some merch but the line was freaking HUGE and they were running out quick so instead we asked a couple girls at the front to buy what we wanted in exchange for some extra cash.

Then we went back to the hotel to warm up and change and headed back to the line a little later. They started letting us in through security check around 5:30 I think. It took an hour for us to get to the security check. 

Here is where I want to point out the extraordinary amount of trash and debris that was strewn all over the ground, increasing as we got closer to the doors. No doubt left behind by the people that camped out overnight or early in the morning. There was blankets, trash, makeup, and food spilled everywhere and i was highly disappointed and embarrassed by our fandom. There were trashcans and trash bags everywhere that they could have used so there was ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE FOR THAT MESS. And even though some of us tried to clean up there was just TOO MUCH. And the line kept moving toward security check. I hope BTS didn’t see it :( . 

Once we passed security we flat out ran to the pit to try and get as close as possible. We got pretty darn close, maybe 15 rows of bodies?
There were two screens on either side of the stage playing BTS’S mvs in chronological order of their release. We all sang along and watched while we waited until 8 pm. The energy increased as we got closer to showtime.
I can’t exactly remember but I think the show started directly after BS&T MV ended. Immediately as the lights dimmed we were forcefully shoved and pushed closer as a video reel began playing. I will break that up in two or more videos and post on tumblr soon so you can watch.
The pushing and shoving was absolutely REDICULOUS. Not to sound like the old person in the room but OMG. There were people falling and fainting and I literally was holding the people in front of me so we both didn’t fall. Do not get pit tickets if you needs space or are clostrophobic. 

Your body is pressed against strangers harder than it’s ever been, I mean I got to third base with everybody around me.

Every time a member moved across the stage, the crowd would shove that way, I ASSUME so they could follow with their phones. Wtf, just turn your phone, NOT YOUR FUCKING BODY YOU ANIMALS. Anyways. It got bad enough that the security was repeatedly telling us to back up and a move so they could help people who had fainted and fallen and almost NO ONE was listening. EVEN BTS AND NAMJOON HAD TO STOP AFTER THEIR SONG AND TELL US TO STOP AND BACK UP AND CALM DOWN I MEAN COME THE FUCK ON PEOPLE. I’m embarrassed for American ARMY.

So I’m not gonna go through the song order because I could never even begin to try and remember that. Especially since I couldn’t see half of it. 😡
But I will describe as much as I can.
Omg where do I start.
The most memorable thing for me was HOBI surprisingly because he’s not even on my bias list, he’s like that best friend that I would never be attracted to but OMG he was so flirty and sweet and cute and I could tell he was enjoying himself the most. All those smile and cheeky grins.
“I’m your hope…… you’re MY hope….. I’m Jhope!!!”
Omg I love him so much. He did something to me that night. I wanna squeeze him and hug him till he pops.

FUCKING JIMIN WAS RUDE AS ALWAYS. he bent down and interacted with the front rows the most, with that stupid sexy grin and face and aaaaaaahhhh!!!! He killed.
Kookie was the one who bent down and interacted the most after Jimin with that cute smile and bright doe eyes I can’t even begin to describe how much I love him.
Tae was being cheeky and cute the whole time as expected. He did that tongue bite and smile and I can’t believe I fucking saw that 15 feet away from my face I’M DEAD. he also had that rude, intense glare a lot too, but let’s not talk about that AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ha.
I didn’t see much of Nams or Yoongi unfortunately but every time I saw Nams he was amazing. His dimples. Ugh. During cypher he did that dorky but adorable jumping he does, you know what I’m talking about. At some point I was in the middle and so was he and he was turned to the side and I’m just gonna say that I had a clear and up close view of that crotch AHHHH FUCKKKKKKK. he also smiled and laughed a couple times like a cutie.
I barely saw Jin. I’m sorry for you Jin stans reading this but he killed his solo song. He did beautifully and we all sang with him. UGH, MY HEART.

 SO. Kookie’s solo. That fancy footwork, I mean damn. He killed it. And not to mention he was wearing a white satin shirt that was immediately soaked in sweat and sticking to his chest YAS! Literally during the second or third song, he did a turn in the choreography, I don’t remember what song it was sorry but as he turned I could literally see the sweat fly off the ends of his hair. Sadly, it did not hit me in the face. I saw his beautiful hands and his mouth moving as he sang, ugh. I will never not appreciate every moment.

 Namjoons solo was chill and deep as fuck. He told us to
“feel the flow and rhythem”
and let his hand just dance in the air as he rapped/sang with closed eyes and it was so beautiful and I did. I felt the music. When it came to his “I wish I could love myself” we all shouted “WE LOVE YOU” after each time. I hope he really knows how much we meant it. 😢

 Yoongi’s solo was also chill and heavy. His song always makes me too emotional to the point that I barely listen to it. I cant, it’s just too much. As expected he rapped so passionately and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. There were live instrumental and I was so excited for that. It was beautiful BUT they didn’t play the end of his song the same, so that drawn out violin/cello wasn’t there, I was kind of disappointed because that’s my favorite part. But it was still amazing.

 Jimin’s solo. I mean. Yes. So. Fucking. Good. I. Cant. Even. Begin. To. Explain. The lighting was on point. He was on point. The dancing was flawless, the blindfold part was so fucking good, he is amazing. It was sexy and powerful and just right. Jimin stans, how are you still

 Taehyung’s solo was so great, he hit that high note from what I could hear, which some people said he didn’t do in the previous concert. I’m not sure if that’s true though. At some point he was wearing a silver choker and… omg. Like, hah, like, I’m so speechless. I’m sorry but Taehyung is so gorgeous, he really is the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen and I can’t understand it yet. His voice was smooth and soulful and So Fucking Good.

 Jhopes solo was amazing, the dancing was on point as always and during the middle there was a breakdown way different from just the original song, I wish I had taken more videos. I’m sure you can find it. Watch it. We all sang with him especially the end chorus of “hey mama!”, you know. He just did do amazing, he was so memorable, omg and gorgeous. I’ll say that Hoseok looks the best in person compared to photos or videos. Some people just look better in person and he’s one of those people. His hair for this concert was perfect for him, the color, the parted and flippy style. Mm, so good.

As I said, Jin did so amazing on his solo, he hit all the notes and he wasn’t shaky or messed up from what I could hear and remember. He was just chilled up on stage and singing out his heart with us. I managed to get a little bit of video with him at center stage and he was dancing with an ARMY bomb as always lmao I love him ahhh.

I only noticed one mistake the whole concert. At one point, kookie went to move from his position and he needed to cross to the other side of the stage as Namjoon was coming up the middle, they bumped into each other slightly but it was so small and they carried on so smoothly it was barely anything but it made me smile for some reason. Also, Jimin was just slightly off key at like ONE point but I mean, they’re singing and dancing live. I expect that. The others might have had a moment or two but I just can’t recall if they did.

I want to talk about their backup dancers for a second. Not only did they do amazing, they were so fucking adorable! Some of them were really interacting with the fans and it made me laugh so much. They would look at us, laugh, smile, and I could tell they were just really loving it. I assume they all want to either be dancers or performers/musicians like BTS and I could see the joy in their face at being on the stage and seeing the crowds reactions and energy. They really enjoyed themselves and I hope they can one day get a stage for themselves if that’s what they desire. Ah, they were so cute. 😁

 Towards the end, Namjoon kept saying “this is the last song” and we were all like lol nah, we know you’re coming back out lol. And they did haha. We had the rainbow ocean and Namjoon said “it doesnt matter what color you are, pink, purple, blue, yellow, orange, we love you” or something very similar. He was so amazing THEY WERE ALL AMAZING. I wish I had taken videos and pics but tbh, I wanted to just try and really enjoy the concert in person and focus on them with my eyes. Also there were so many people recording, there was no real point for me to do so as well. And the crowd was so pushy I was afraid of dropping my phone and it being destroyed. Knowing me, I would’ve dropped it.

 At the end, they were walking around and waving and sending hearts and such. People were throwing gifts on the stage, I noticed Kookie took a tiny iron man plushie and I thought it was so cute.
I can’t remember what they said at each brake but I really tried to get Yoongi’s attention. He was really focused on the whole crowd though. There was ONE point where he might have seen my, what do u call it, like his face on a stick thing, and he has this smirk like he was trying to not smile or laugh. I’ll show it below. 

The experience was amazing and next time I got to their concert I will be sure to camp out the night before because if I’m gonna buy pit tickets, I WILL be at the damn front next time! I won’t be satisfied until I am. I only buy BTS concert tickets for this reason, so I can save and get the expensive front rows. Also, P2 area standing is better than P1 because they interact more with us and we face them, so don’t bother with P1, I know a lot of people wanted those for like sound check or something. I forgot to say that at one pint I could see the back of Hobis, tan, sweaty, thick neck and all I could think was “Das a nice neck…" because it is, it really is a beautiful neck, I must say. 

And then we left the venue and my body was failing because I stood literally from 9 am to like 11 pm. It was worth every moment, even when it got bone cuttingly cold and started to snow and rain. WORTH IT. BTS is worth everything I have to give and I can’t wait to attend another amazing concert. Next time I’m taking a selfie stick or something and filming it all on my phone. 

SOOO, I want to also include that the next day, Luna and I went to Korea Town in New York and it was awesome. UGh, they had a Tony Moly and The Face Shop and so many restaurants. We at at Mukeunji and it was delicious. 
We popped into Nature Republic to buy some things, and the lady asked Luna if she liked EXO. She answered that she liked BTS and the lady SAID THEY WERE JUST THERE ON FRIDAY EATING LUNCH!!!!
BOI!!!! I swear to god, we both felt like dying, but i mean, we were waiting in line for their freaking concert so what are ya gonna do??! (JUST DIE, thats what im gonna do) those sneaky, clever boys….

(lmao i make myself laugh way to much)

So yeah, that was the concert and I probably didn’t properly describe it. I’m sorry for not having any videos or pics of the concert but I know you can find so many from other people. 

Here’s some other things I bought. Spoiler, its all basically Yoongi.

OMG hes so cute, they’re all so cute. My bedroom looks like a shrine….

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hi, my friend the other day asked why people ship namjin and I just simply said because they want to, please tell me your reason, why do you ship namjin?

I ship them because one night, Taehyung appeared in my dreams. Wearing gucci head to toe and told me that the world needed another namjin shipper. A few days later Jungkook appeared into my dreams dressed in a bunny costume and basically held me at gunpoint and told me to create a blog dedicated to namjin. Weeks went by and I stopped getting those weird dreams. Until, my very own bias, Jung Hoseok appeared into my dreams and told me, with tears streaming down his face that he’s ashamed I stan him when I dont even ship the mother of all ships that is namjin. I woke up, startled and afraid and noticed that I received an invoice from a Park Jimin, promising me that for every post I make about namjin he’d paypal me $3k. Being the broke college student I am, I accepted his offer. A few months later, round time my namjin blog was up and running, Father Louis Williams Suga Adams the Third appeared into my dreams, telling me that I’ve made God proud and that he’s forgiven me for all my past sins. He told me to continue doing what I was doing and that I saved myself from being dissed on his next mixtape. 

The rest is history. 


Throughout 7 days of going around Seoul via subway, me and my friends saw a total of more than 20 ads for PD 101 S2 trainees. I know PD 101 is popular in Korea but I didn’t realize how popular it really was until I got there. We weren’t even trying to look for them (except Ong’s ad, we went to Gangnam just for that lol) but we already saw that many. Hongik University station was the one with the most ads and I understand why because that station had so much foot traffic, it took a lot of courage to have my pictures taken in front of the ads. I’m sure there were more we missed but there really isn’t enough time to look for all of them unless you dedicate a day or two just for that.

We left notes on some of the trainees’ ads, I hope they’ll see our messages! Funny story of a missed opportunity: My friend’s bias is Takada Kenta so we took pictures of his ad in Samseong station (4th photo in the top row of the collage). We found out later that he also went to his ad on that day but in Hongik University station (middle right side of collage)!

There were times I failed to take a decent picture or no picture at all (such as Samuel’s video ad in Hongik) because I didn’t have the time to stop and move to a better angle. I’ll post them here anyway:

I’m really glad our trip to Korea coincided with the peak of PD 101 S2. Looking for subway ads felt like a side quest and it was a lot of fun taking pictures of them. I realized that you have to be a bit shameless when getting your pictures taken in front of the ads because there will always be people passing by. I kept thinking that this was my only chance to do so because PD 101 S2 would be ending soon :( 



Bae Jinyoung and Im Youngmin bus ads 

P.S. This won’t be my last post! I still have stories to tell about the time I went to M Countdown and saw some of the trainees themselves :)

(UPDATE: Read about my M Countdown experience here!)

There for You (fluff)

Title: There for You (S.Coups/Seungcheol)
Genre: Fluff (ish?)
Words: 543
A/N: And here goes my fluff. It’s my second time to write one ever since my very first post in this blog. This is dedicated to you all and to Seungcheol. He’s not my bias (yet) but every time I read or hear his name or hear his voice, I just feel my heart race and myself feel intoxicated with love (kilig is the word). This is how I feel with Wonwoo and DK too, my biases. But who says you can only have two ultimate biases?

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Seungcheol’s eyes shot open as he gasps for air and sits up. Seungcheol looks around and takes in his surroundings, making sure everything was in its place then he looked at you beside him. He expected you to be asleep but you were up, looking at him with wide eyes and your hands were in his arms. You had been waking him up minutes ago.

“Cheol…” you suppress the panic in your voice, trying to sound gentle. “Are you okay? Is it a nightmare again?”

Seungcheol looks at you, trying to even his breathing but found it difficult to do so. His hands travel around his hair. He couldn’t calm himself. He had to. But it was all in vain. The more Seungcheol tried to, the more his breathing paced. You had sensed this too.

You turn around more to face him in a more comfortable position, pulling back your arms from him. You weren’t really good at comforting people but this was Seungcheol. Your Seungcheol. And he needs someone right now.

You slowly lean towards him and lay his head on your chest, hugging him. You envelop him with all the warmth that you could give, rubbing his back. Warmth is comforting, you think to yourself. You remember doing this when you were upset, no matter how petty the situation was.

“It’s okay, jagi,” you soothe him. “I’m here, it’s just a nightmare.”

Seungcheol closes his eyes, taking in the comfort of your body and your scent and your words. He breathes in and out slowly, trying to control it.

“Y/N, I-I thought y-you would be gone,” he finally says, wrapping his arms around you.

Your heart skipped a beat.

The feeling of Seungcheol’s warm and strong arms tangled around you was enough to send wild butterflies fluttering inside your heart. Your heart feels like someone threw a torch on it, sending a burning sensation of love. You grinned at this feeling.

“I’ll always be here, Seungcheol,” you reassure him, reluctantly breaking the hug to face each other.

Seungcheol cups your face, taking in everything about you. Unexpectedly, Seungcheol tilts forward and his soft lips crash into yours. His kiss was altogether soft, gentle, and desperate. It was as if he was desperate for you as if he was afraid you’d vanish.

I won’t, you mentally say.

You felt wet tears streaming down Seungcheol’s face and you tasted the salty taste of it. You smile at this and break the kiss to find him crying.

“Are you crying?” you lightly laugh and wipe his tears with your thumb. Seungcheol gives you the sweetest smile with another batch of tears filling his eyes.

“What would I do without you?” he softly says with a chuckle.

You smile back at him and peck his lips, “Ah, I’m afraid you’ll never find out.”

Seungcheol’s smile grows wider and he clasps his hand with yours and wraps his other around you, making you lean your head against his shoulder. You both stared at the window beside your bed, looking at the city lights and the moon and its twinkling stars.

You were both blushing even though you’ve been through so many cuddle sessions. But then, that didn’t matter because love didn’t give a damn about numbers.


This one is for @got7doubleb who said, “Hey, idk if you still are taking request for the bias gifset since i know its sort of giving u stress but i really want an Amber of fx gifset dedicated to me. I AM PATIENT AND I CAN WAIT! So no pressure! If you can do it that’ll be great 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 thank you

Well, I’m sure glad you’re patient because I procrastinated so bad and for that, I’m very sorry.

Amber sums up all of my moods at any given time. She’s hyper and crazy, Queen of savagery, and looks fly af in the 4 Walls stages so I h a d to include that :D I hope you like this gifset of sweet Amber :)

Feel free to send me your biases (of any group) and I will make a gifset for you! (Just make sure you say name and group so there is no confusion!)

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Do you have any AU in particular you especially enjoy writing for and drawing?

I love playing with au’s in general to the point where it feels like I’m neglecting canon stuff. (I still love canon stuff of course, I just like what-if scenarios a lot) 

I have the strongest bias towards my Saint Olga au as it is my ‘first’ au that wasn’t basically my own ‘take’ on a pre-existing one and/or someone else’s au. It has also won most of my dedication and time, at least in terms of au content creation. I personally get more enjoyment from “branching path” alternate universes, of course, this one being a more somber/corrupted one.

Although looking at your question again I guess you might have been referring to au’s in general? Just in case, I would say “Roleswap’ ranks really high for me, with how much world/character building I’ve done for it.(Though, I know I could do more). Mars and Starla give me the fun of working with the same old Marco and Star, but placing them in different environments and stimuli.

Here’s some crack based on the hierarchy above:

Mars+Sol son inspired from this ask/answer art.

The Best Gift I’ve Ever Had

A Birthday One-shot (Optional Bias)

A/N: So I found out that yesterday was Cinderella Anon’s birthday. I decided to dedicate this one-shot for them. Cinderella Anon, if you’re reading this, I hope you a happy birthday :) Enjoy!

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 You’re woken up from your dreamless sleep by the sound of your phone. Groggily, you reached out to your nightstand, fumbling around for your phone until you felt the cool metal casing against your palm. You didn’t bother to check who the caller was when you picked up.

Hello?” you managed to rasp out. You heard a breathy chuckle from the other end of the line.

Well, good morning to you, too, sunshine. Happy birthday.” he said, the amusement and fondness clear in his voice. You smiled sleepily, “Happy birthday to me. I can’t believe I’m a year older..”

He laughed and the sound of it was enough to keep yourself awake long enough to glance at your clock.


Yeah you’re pretty old, but not enough to make me turn away from you

“Where are you right now?” you asked, stretching and fighting back a yawn.

Look out,” you hear him say and you finally stood and walked towards your window that’s facing the street. You pulled back a part of your curtain and sure enough, there he was, standing under a tree. When he finally caught your eyes, he gave you a small wave, a cheeky smile on his cheek. You smiled and waved back at him.

You better get ready. We’re going somewhere,” he said. You frowned, “Where?”. You can hear the smile in his voice when he replied “Somewhere.”

You finally hung up and got ready. When you finally finished, you sprinted down the stairs but the spot where he previously stood was empty by the time you were there. Instead, there’s a piece of paper, taped onto the tree.

When you inspect it, turns out, it’s an address. You smiled because you know where it is.

“Sorry. I couldn’t help but stare at you.” 

Those were his first words to you.

You had been sitting in your local coffee shop. The bustle of people had long drowned into the background as you set out to work on your laptop. You had been hunched over the keyboard for hours, working on your assignment when you caught the stare the guy in the aisle seat. He quickly looked down in embarrassment when he realized he’d been caught starring. 

Your lips quirked in amusement as your went back to your work. He’s pretty cute, but you can’t afford turning in your assignment late. 

It was a while until you saw a hand placing down a steaming cup of coffee on the edge of your vision, the ceramic making a thud that you grew to enjoy against the cherrywood table. You looked up to see the guy from earlier, the one who had stared at you with a sheepish smile on his face.

“Sorry. I couldn’t help but stare at you.” he started “I’m sorry if I bothered you. I-I’ll just go away now..”

He started to retreat and if it had been another person, you would’ve let them go. But there was something about this guy that intrigued you, made you want to know more. Maybe it’s the way his eyes avoided yours or maybe it’s the twinkle in his eyes, but you decided to call out to him.

“Hey,” you hear yourself say. He paused and glanced back at you, a little surprise evident in his dark eyes.

“You can sit down if you’d like,”

He gave you a brilliant smile and you can just feel your heart skipped a beat.

He apprehensively took the seat across yours, a shy smile on his face. He introduced himself to you and when you took his hand, it wrapped around yours easily. 

You smiled, “I’m Y/N. It’s nice to meet you.”

The smell of freshly grind coffee greeted you as you opened the door to the coffee shop. The soft chime of the bell announced your presence. 

You took a three-sixty around the coffee house and was dissapointed to see only a few handful of people, none that were him.

You were about to take a leave when one of the baristas called at you.

“Y/N?” he said. You nodded silently as you saw him fumble to pull out something from his apron’s pocket. He finally took out a folded piece of paper and handed it to you over the counter.

“A man told me to give this to the gorgeous person if they come around. I figured you’re the gorgeous person he’s talking about. He told me to tell you to go to the place written on the paper. Happy birthday, by the way.” he flashed you a handsome smile and you said thanks then bid goodbye.

Once you’re out of the shop, you opened the piece of paper.

“I’m sorry I left early, but I needed to prepare for something else. I hope you’re not too angry. Remember the day we met? You were so serious as you worked on that laptop on yours. You were pretty, but intimidating. I guess you were pretty intimidating. Don’t worry, you turned out to be soft. I love it.

Now I’d love to write you a longer letter but you’ve got another mission to complete. Meet me at the park at our usual spot. I’ll be waiting.

- Your Love “

You smiled as you folded back the paper, a blush on your face. He always knows how to make you smile, even on the gloomiest days and you’re always thankful for that. And with that, you set out on your mission to find your boyfriend.

It was noon when you arrived at the park. A gentle breeze blew as you walked the path that leads you to your usual spot. 

The park had been a frequent spot for your dates with him, whether it was day or night. You usually spend the days having picnics and playing kites when the whether’s good enough. When you feel restless, he’d bring you to the park for a midnight walk along the river, usually ending with the two of you sitting down on the edge of the water, eating food that you two bought from a nearby convenience store.

You finally reached the intended meeting place and again, you couldn’t find your boyfriend. You were going frustrated when you spot something on the wooden bench where you often sit and share kisses with him.

There, lying on top of the wooden bench, was a single stem of daisy. The white petals were a stark contrast against the worn wood of the bench. You smiled as you picked it up, your mind taking a journey through memory lane

“Um, would it be okay if I hold your hand?” you hear him say.

You were both walking home from yet another date. He was brave enough to ask you if he could walk you home this time around. Shyly, you agreed.

He had stopped once to pick up a stray white daisy that grew lonely under the bushes. He had put it in your hair and said “It looked pretty sad for growing all alone but I thought it’ll be happier if I gave it to an equally lovely person.” You had blushed when his finger brushed against your ear as he placed the dainty flower in you hair.

And here you were, walking side by side along the flowery path, as cherry blossoms gently fall all around you. It had been a beautiful spring, the trees blossoming plentiful of flowers, as if sensing the blossoming emotions in your hearts. It’s as if spring itself are celebrating the new love you’re experiencing.

You looked at your shoes, suddenly shy as you nodded.

He took your hand ever so gently, taking the time to grasp each one of your fingers until his whole hand’s nestled yours. He gave it a gentle squeeze and you finally looked up. 

He looked at you with a certain fondness that made your heart constrict in the most wonderful ways. The look in his eyes just made you feel special, like you’re the only one he’s looking at. You burned under his gaze and although you felt like running the other way, your hand gave his a squeeze back and the two of you walked hand in hand under the falling cherry blossoms.

You smiled with fondness as you stared at the daisy in your hand and noticed there’s card lying next to where the daisy had laid. You picked it up gingerly and expected another letter from him.

“Hey, lovely. I guess you’re not even surprised that I’m not here, huh? Don’t worry, it’s nearing the end of your adventure. You’re not the only one who can’t wait to see their love of their life.

Remember the first time I walked you home? I held your hand for the first time then. I’ll tell you a little secret: even though we’ve dated for the past year, I still feel the same way whenever I hold your hand in mine. How can I not? I’m holding my whole world in my hand.

Remember the first time that we fought and I brought you to the hill near the lighthouse at the beach? That will be your final destination. And I promise you, this time I will be waiting for you. Always.

- Your Love “

You thought back to your first fight with him as you sat in the only bus that would take you to the lighthouse. There were only three other people on the bus; a young mother and her son and the bus driver. The walk to the bus station earlier took you half an hour and the bus ride would take you about an hour to reach the lighthouse. Counting the hike to the hill (which would take you another half an hour to scale), you would arrive just as it turns dark.

Knowing him, you thought that he had carefully calculated each move, all which leads to a specific moment.

You looked out at the passing scenery as your mind took you to that night.

“I’m not jealous! It’s just… you’re mine!” 

The car was quite as you both look onto the road. His face shows that he’s calm but you saw how his hands were gripping the steering wheel tightly and you know he’s the complete opposite of fine.

You’ve felt his bad mood since earlier in the restaurant. You were a little bit friendly to the waitress throughout the whole date and now he’s giving you the silent treatment. You totally did not mean it like that. You were just being friendly. You felt guilty somehow, though. 

You’ve told him that you can just call it a night but he refused to drive you home, saying that he had planned the whole date and he has somewhere to take you.

Turns out, he took you to the edge of the city, where the beach were. You found yourselves on the hill facing the ocean after walking in silence.

“Look, I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings earlier,” you started. When he refused to look at you, you continued “I was just being nice.”

“Well it was really nice of you when you checked him out,”he mumbled. You looked at him incredulously,”I did not! He’s just a waitress!.” 

“Oh yeah? Then what does that make me? The guy who pays for your meals?”

His words cut right through you and you saw a brief flash of regret in his stormy eyes. You let out a gasp,“Oh my god, stop being childish! If you’re jealous, just say it!”

“I’m not jealous! It’s just… you’re mine!”

His words echoed on the hill as it filled the silence that ensued. You were both heaving, breaths short as you stared at each other. You can feel your eyes getting watery and he let out a hiss.

“S***, Y/N, I’m sorry..” he said as he reached out to you. You stayed silent as he wrapped his arms around you, hugging you to his chest. You felt your tears wet his shirt but he paid no mind. He finally realized he messed out, that the fight was stupid and a result of his own insecurities. And now he’d made you cry.

“I’m so so sorry, Y/N… I didn’t mean all the things that I said..” he whispered. “I just..don’t want to lose you. I’m terrified. I was jealous because you can get anybody that you wanted and out of all people, you chose me.”

You looked up to him and both of you saw how vulnerable you two looked at the moment. You saw the insecurity and uncertainty in his eyes and caressed his cheek.

“But I chose you because you’re you. I don’t want nobody else.”

And he kissed you right there and then.

The sun was setting by the time you reached the top of the hill. The sky was painted bright orange and yellow, and it reminded you of the Tiger Lilies you always saw displayed in the high-end flower shops in the richer part of the town. He would take you there and pretend that the both of you have enough money to shop at the stores. You always went home full of laughter after that.

You saw him standing with his back to you, preparing what seemed to be a picnic laid out on a picnic table. You called his name and turned to look at you with a dazzling smile.

You practically ran up to him and you two collided in a warm embrace. He even spun you around for a second before setting you on the ground. He held your face in his hands,”Happy birthday, love.”

You smiled at him then glanced at the picnic he’d laid out,”Oh my, you really didn’t have to.” He escorted you to sit on the bench as he poured you something to drink,”Oh but I wanted to.”

You looked at him gratefully as he passed you the glass and took a drink. He had laid out a full-on picnic, complete with the red-white gingham blanket and wicker basket. There’s a jar of salad, a container with wraps and a box of brownies topped with raspberries. On the side were an assortment of fruits, a loaf of country bread, spreadable cheese, nuts and a bottle of infused water.

“Oh wow, you really went all out,” you chuckled. He grinned.

“Only the best for the best.”

Needless to say, the picnic was delicious. But what you had enjoyed the most was his company. You laughed and chatted about everything and the silence were always filled with glances and secret smiles. It was as though it’s the first times. He’d always made you feel like you had just met him. Shy, uncertain but with the excitement of a child, thirsting to know more

He insisted to clean up when you’re done and you ended up taking a walk along the railings of the hill. The night grew chilly and as you had not anticipated today’s adventure, he draped his jacket over you. The fabric was warm from his body heat and it smelled just like him. You suddenly grew shy in the darkness. 

You glanced above. The stars were on display, and the sight of it simply took your breath away. They sky hung like a glittering tapestry, a silent witness of a thousand years of history. As you stood witness the magnificence the universe has to offer, you felt his hand tentatively took yours.

“It’s beautiful…” you managed to breathe out. He only hummed in response and once again, silence engulfed you.

“Do you know why I brought you here?” he said, his voice so soft you almost missed it. You whipped your head no, eyes never leaving the skies. He turned to you and his eyes fixated on your face. If he had thought you looked beautiful under the sun, the only way to describe you under the stars was ethereal

“The stars remind me of you. Every piece of you–every part of you I’ve discovered, the parts I have not, and the parts I never will. The fact that there’s a chance that I will not find out all million parts of you but I’m grateful that you’ve shown me the most beautiful part of you and to trust me with your heart.”

And his words touched your heart so much that you felt the beginning of tears in the back of your eyes as he continued. “And like the stars, maybe we won’t last forever but if I think, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.. If I may?”

There were no words to describe how grateful you were for him. So as a last resort, you could only grab him by the collar and pulled him down so he could meet your lips halfway. The kiss wasn’t passionate or hot or anything, but it was one that’s full of emotions.

You tried to pour all of your feelings into that one gesture.

I’m thankful.

I love you.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you, too.

The kiss did not leave you breathless but when your faces were inches apart, all you can see was the love and adoration in his eyes. He kissed your temple and held you close.

“You’re not proposing to me, are you?” you said meekly.

His laugh echoed throughout the hill,”No. Do you want me to?”

You giggled,”No, but maybe one day.”

“One day,” he promised.

He released you from his embrace, keeping an arm wrapped around your shoulder, and you both leaned onto the railings. As you watch the stars dance, you whispered his name.


“You’re the best gift I’ve ever had.”

the duet of twisted love

member: optional, but I kept jihoon in mind

word count: 831

genre: fluff

a/n: haven’t posted in several months (almost 2), but i was busy on pjimims where i write svt fics! since i had time over break, i finally decided to churn out a fic, this time dedicated to wonderful jess of @screeching-seventeen. i wrote this with her and jihoon in mind, but feel free to fill it in with whoever your bias is. i really hope you enjoy! edit: i feel so sad because i forgot to mention choco of @choco-seventeen because SHE’S THE GREATEST AND NICEST HUMAN BEAN AND ONE OF MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE AUTHORS and she was kind enough to help me read through this piece.

The phone rang in the silent and dark room, the first layer of a duet. The room was lazily decorated; showered with dirty jackets, a pile of frilly socks and enough hats to provide shade for a scorching summer day.

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