Dan fucking addressing how he's confused about his sexuality is my new favourite thing (even if he is roasting himself for it, which he shouldn't but nothing I can do about that)

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i was not ready for the whole sexuality thing and i'm such a fan of dan not using any labels and just including that part into the video like all other things he mentioned and i'm so happy and i hope it was real like not just a Joke but actually you know. real. cuz as a queer person it means a lot him normalizing it and :') i love dan okay i need to go to bed but i can't after this video.

Y E S.

ngl i feel so guilty bc in my tags on my one post i said bi dan rise bc i was stuck on the word (it was queer) but as somebody who also rejects labels its nice to have that aspect of the lgbt community being normalized and enforced!

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yes to bisexual dan!!! listening to him talk about boys he fancies is one of my favorite things tbh like yesss bby embrace your queerness! it makes me so happy to see him be more comfortable & open with his sexuality and i'm so glad he's grown past the attitude he had about it back in 2012 but it's so close to my heart bc i was kinda the same way i spent years repressing my sexuality and convincing myself i was straight but it feels so good to finally accept it like he seems so much happier now

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Regardless of labels, Dan expressing attraction to other boys (and in the past, girls) is still bisexuality or pansexuality. Or maybe another one i may be forgetting!

You can’t deny someone’s sexual attraction to a certain gender just because they havent given themselves a label!

Dan has expressed sexual attraction to both boys and girls in the recent past and there is nothing wrong with that.

If he doesnt want to label it then there is nothing wrong with that. But if he did want to, he would not be gay or straight.

So you guys trying to erase bisexuality is so disgusting. Biphobia is SO real in the phandom.

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Ugh I wish Dan would stop with all that gayness

why the fuck am i getting asks like this srsly,, im just going to copy and paste what i said to the other anon

  • ((im going to brush over the homophobia im feeling in this message and presume you didn’t mean it like that. if you did then i’d like you to kindly fuck off and not return to my blog thanks))
  • firstly, dan expressing an attraction to anime boys doesn’t make him gay. he might be joking because a lot of anime fans ((includin me once upon a time lmao)) act like that “cute angsty boys omg !!!!!!!!”, or he could actually be attracted to them - but he could still be bi/pan etc. because being attracted to boys does not always = gay.
  • secondly, if you’re a fan of Dan, then you should be happy that he’s starting to feel comfortable enough with us that he can joke about this and talk about cute boys, because even if he’s just joking it’s obvs a part of him that he likes to flirt with the idea of lmao
  • thirdly, due to it being dan’s personal channel, whether you like it or not is irrelevant. if him talking about cute boys makes you uncomfortable - firstly think about rectifying your potential internalised homophobia - and then unsubscribe if you really don’t want to see it
  • oh, and of course there’s the fact that just because dan is complimenting how attractive boys are, it could mean absolutely nothing in regards to his sexuality! he may just be trying to normalise the fact that boys are capable of complimenting boys without the whole “no homo” shit, y’know?