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I feel like I need to say something about this…

Everyone hating season 7 for the LGBTQA+ rep is digging themselves deeper into a ditch. Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery are the showrunners of the show yes.

But they don’t have all the say.

Dreamworks is a corporation. This is the capitalist America you live in. They don’t care about why you hated this season. They don’t care that you’re angry because you want better representation. They’re never gonna see that. Harassing the showrunners and voice actors who fought so hard to get representation is not the way to voice your criticism. Find out who the people are at the top of the food chain. Express your concerns to them. Email them. Send them letters. Reach out to THEM. Not the crew of Voltron. And here’s the other thing.

Again. Corporations don’t care about you. They care about making money, how high their ratings are, and when you decide to rate the season with LGBTQA+ rep BADLY, they’re not going to think “well we have to do better”

Nope. They’re going to think “we shouldn’t have gay representation in our cartoons in the future. It won’t do well.”

It’s a showrunners worst nightmare and a corporations “I told you so.”

You’re not doing any good this way. I understand why you’re upset. There are things that could’ve been handled better but what we got is literally what they were allowed to give us. Shiro is great representation. He breaks so many stereotypes. He’s a POC, disabled, non neurotypical gay man with a chronic illness BUT HE’S ALSO. THE FORMER LEADER OF VOLTRON. NOW CAPTAIN OF THE ATLAS. SOMEONE EVERYONE LOVES, ADMIRES AND LOOKS UP TO AND TRUSTS WITH NO QUESTION. HE LITERALLY LEADS TEAM EARTH RIGHT NOW.

I for one am so grateful for him. For SHIRO. Our MAIN representation. If you put your anger for the mistreatment of the rest of the queer characters out on the wrong people, on the crew who had the best intentions at heart and worked so hard… on the show and it’s ratings.. it’ll be MUCH harder for there to be more representation like Takashi Shirogane.

Please understand that there are other factors at play. As sad as it sounds, for a brighter future filled with more diversity on screen, we have to treat every queer character we get as a win. We have to be happy with what we get. Because again. Corporations don’t care that we want better rep and no amount of social media backlash is going to change that, they only care about their ratings. But hey… I personally think we got of great rep in Shiro and I loved season 7.


Bisexuality is NOT a stepping stone to being gay/lesbian
but it’s okay if that’s how it worked out for you

Bisexuality is NOT “promiscuous”
but if you are, you go on and get some, friend

Bisexuality is NOT the same as polyamory
but polyamorous deserve all the love they can get

We have to fight bisexual stereotyping, but need to work on doing it without alienating those who “fit” them