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I posted this as a comment on FB and I wanted to x-post here because fuck the discourse so very very much.

I’m getting so very frustrated with the “q slur” crowd and I feel like they very heavily overlap with “the only REAL oppression is toward gays and lesbians and everyone else is just doing it for attention” crowd. Gatekeepers can GTFO. I spent a lot of years in the closet because of the people who said bisexual women are just doing it for the attention of men and that if you hadn’t had sex with someone of the same gender AND someone of another, were you really even bi? Fuck ‘em. I’m older and have more insurance and I will fight tooth and nail so that no other scared queer teens feel excluded from their community. Aces belong, period. Anyone who disagrees can fight me.

And before someone jumps in: if you do not feel comfortable calling yourself queer, if you find it offensive, that’s 100% okay. That’s your prerogative. I won’t use that word for you, because you get to choose how you identify. But I will call myself queer until the day my fat queer self passes into the great beyond, and I ask that you respect that as I respect your choice of identity.

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hey uh sorry if this is too much to ask but don't use "queer" as an umbrella term please!! some people are not comfortable with using it to describe themselves

Hey anon, could you point out what post I’ve made or reblogged where I’ve used queer as an umbrella term because I specifically make a point of not doing that and going through recent posts I’m not finding anything where I have?

That being said, what I do make and reblog are posts that are specifically addressed to/about queer people but if you or anyone else does not ID as queer then…those posts aren’t about you. For example: if I make a post that says “queer people are beautiful” and you don’t ID with the term queer then those posts aren’t for you, they aren’t about you, they’re for people who DO identify as queer. The most recent queer post on here is one I reblogged from queerlection which is a collection of various pride flags with the words ‘queer pride’ on them—these are for people of these identities who also DO identify as queer. If you don’t ID as queer, again, these posts are not about you.

Basically anon, no one else is being forced to use the term or forcibly called queer just because people who do ID as queer are existing and making posts about being queer for ourselves and for other queer people. When I use the word queer and when I reblog posts using the word queer, I am not using that as an umbrella term. I always, 100% of the time, am using queer to mean people who willingly ID with the term queer. If you don’t ID as queer, then a post about being queer is not about you; queer people—people who ID as queer—are the ones being addressed, not you.

wow i love my lesbian daughter rose, she’s amazing and beautiful and i hope she and her future girlfriend figure everything out and are happy


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“Isabelle was Isabelle and Clary was grateful she existed. Making the world a little fiercer with one of her smiles.”

i’m also v frustrated because i know i’ve seen a lot of lesbophobes use “bisexual erasure” as a smokescreen bc they don’t like seeing their female faves with other women when they want to see them w/ a specific male character (as anyone who’s ever put a single TOE in the 1OO fandom probably knows) and not only are they trash for being lesbophobes but also bc their disingenuous activism makes it so much more difficult for actual bi people to step up and defend our representation w/out having our motives questioned or aligned w/ that kind of homophobic garbage. 

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I came back to request more of dabi, because he is my sweet sinnamon roll. How about a soulmate au? Where they get a wrist tattoo of the first word they said to each other. Well if that's okay with you. Thanks in advance!

I love aus and I may have been carried away with it but this is Dabi lol


| Dabi


That was the tattoo of the first word your soulmate was going to say to you. It was inked across your wrist in such scratchy looking font. You were curious about why they would say such a thing to you. Would you offend them that badly on your first meeting? In hopes of not doing that, you grew up to be overly polite to everyone you meet the first time so you could narrow down the search of your fated lover.

You always covered up your tattoo with various bracelets, wristbands, and long sleeves shirts so no one would say anything horrid about the person you’d spend the rest of your life with. First impressions seem to last forever and nothing could change that fact.

You wished you could meet your soulmate soon, since over the years you’ve seen your friends and family find there’s with little to no problem, but with you, that was a different story. You were already starting your first semester in college and you haven’t found them yet. This couldn’t stop the jealousy that gnawed at your insides when you saw others express their love for their soulmates right in front of you, everywhere you seem to go.

“I should probably go get some coffee before the shop closes and the weather gets worse.” You thought out loud to no one in particular, it wasn’t like anyone was going to pay attention to you anyways. The clouds matched the exact white of the snow that fell to the ground, creating a almost exact crunching sound as you stepped in it, leaving tracks that would soon be covered by other’s later.

Waiting in line for the desperately needed caffeinated beverage was already hell, but what the hell was taking so fucking long. You could hear guy in front of you sighing quiet loudly too. It seems like you’re not the only one who was frustrated.

The man in front of you had spiky black hair, it was like an each spike was jet black, to pass the time you focused on each ink like spike and their individual strands. Oddly, you thought, that this man would be either beautiful or handsome - if only you got to see his face that is. His clothing seemed to match his hair; a dark leather jacket, black jeans with combat boots that have seen better days - dangerous. Though for some reason you thought that he could’ve been very attractive - if others accepted him passed his appearance.

The line seemed to get shorter and shorter quite quickly much to your happiness. You were second in line to order your coffee with the possibly attractive man in front of you. You focused on his order, “An Irish coffee, with extra cream.“ His gruff and lazily drawn out voice seem to hint at his rough personality.

It was finally your turn to order that delicious cup of caffeine that promised a nice morning perk. A few short moments after ordering, paying, and receiving your coffee a broad shoulder shoved you hard enough to make you take a step back while simultaneously forcing you to not only spill your coffee but the person who bumped into you as well.

“Asshole!” You angrily screeched without even registering what you had just said, there wasn’t any time to even watch your language from being rudely shoved into. The burning sensation that followed-except that it wasn’t just from the coffee but from your wrist too.

An angry low voice quickly spot back in reflex, “Fucker!”, when the man felt the sting of the hot liquid spill upon him like it did to you. His sapphire eyes quickly set into a hard look and a frown overtook his features that was stressed due to his bi-colored skin tone. Though that looked changed when he saw the burning glow of his wrist as well.

Looking up to meet his blue eyes, and he into yours. You couldn’t believe this. You finally found your soul mate! Your smile was starting to form until you realized that you both were still holding up the line. Feeling the heat rushed to color your face you tried to move out of the way until you felt a rough hand on your shoulder, keeping you in place. This hand belonged to your soul mate.

His eyes glared at the other customers before softening towards you, “I’ll buy you another coffee.” He stated in a quieter tone before ordering your drinks again. This time the heat that spread across your face wasn’t from embarrassment but from the butterflies in your stomach of the situation you were in. Oh what were you suppose to do in this now that you finally found him?-

A new cup of coffee was put in your line of sight that quickly broke your train of thought. “Here’s your coffee.” He mumbled as he gently guided you away to a booth to give you both some privacy. “The name’s Dabi and it looks like you’re my soul mate.” He gave you a small grin as he gently shook your hand, you could feel the callousness of his skin.

Gulping down your nervousness, you quickly introduced yourself, “Hi, my name is ____, and it’s nice to finally meet my soul mate after all this time.” You gave him a genuine smile and stated to drink your coffee-you were going to need it. The both of you had much to talk about after all and you wanted to know as much as possible about the man you were destined for since birth.

Now you could see what the fuss was about.
Ko je neprosvetljen, uvek je izložen strepnji. Kao čovek koji pada u reku a ne zna da pliva. Strah ga obuzme i on se davi. Pokušava da ostane na površini, ali samo i dalje tone. Kad bi prestao da se plaši i prepusti se da potone do dna, njegovo telo samo bi se vratilo na površinu. 
Jednom je neki čovek, u napadu epilepsije, pao u reku. Kada se osvestio, iznenađeno je video da se nalazi na obali. Napad zbog koga je pao u vodu spasao mu je život, oduzevši mu strah od davljenja… To je prosvetljenje.
—  “Damari”, Antoni de Melo

Yup, more Titanfall. As much as I might hate the Smart Pistol in multiplayer, I have to admit that the design is pretty cool. I was going for a sleek bi-tone, Hitman sort of feel for my take on the SP-Mk6, since the concept art said that it was a favourite weapon of clandestine operatives and assassins. Stay tuned for a cool piece featuring this pistol soon!

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Hi! Could you do a scenario where you & B.I play the too hot game please? You've been dating for a while now, you live together and you're the same age, could you do it smut & fluffy at the end? Thanks! You girls are the best, seriously!! :*

18+ Enjoy!!


“Let’s play a game.” BI suggested as you sat bored in your apartment. You could tell he was enjoying being next to you, but not enjoying the “Mean Girls” movie that you’ve made him watch at least 100 times.
“Okay,” you responded, pausing the movie, “What game?”
BI pulled you into his lap and stared longingly into your eyes.
“Too Hot?” He said eagerly.
“I don’t think I know that one…”
“We can kiss each other, but we can’t touch other than our lips. If I lose you can do whatever you and to me and if you lose I can do whatever I want to you.” A lustful smile slowly took over BI’s lips and he watched you begin to blush.
“Should we stand then?” you asked innocently.
“Why stand?” he asked.
“Well, I would have an unfair advantage since I’m already touching you…somewhere…” you blushed again and smiled, laughing at the awkwardness. You and BI had gone much farther than kissing before, but for some reason this game had you guys feeling like this was your first kiss.
BI began to harden at the sound of your innocent laugh and he had to try to calm himself down before the game even started.
“If that’s what you want Jagi, but remember…No touching!” He picked you up off of his lap and set you down inches away from him.
BI smiled and leaned in. Your mouths were barely touching, lips just brushing against each other’s softly when you leaned in and kissed him hard. He groaned in excitement and that gave you the opportunity to slip your tongue into his mouth, sliding it around his own.
You could tell that BI had the terrible urge to touch you. He was hard, and growing harder because of your dominance and he wanted to pull you into him so you could feel how much he wanted you…but he decided he could wait a bit longer.
Just as he decided to wait it was like it sent off a signal in your brain and you gently nibbled on his lip and pulled his tongue into your mouth. He was a goner.
He instantly grabbed your hips and lunged you forward. You collided with his body and moaned into the kiss feeling how hard he was for you. He kept one hand in your hair and one on your ass as he kept kissing you passionately.
He pulled on your hair, causing you to moan again. You bit his bottom lip to make him loosen his grip causing him to groan in return.
Your dominance like that made BI love you even more. You seemed like such an angel until it came time for anything in the bedroom…then when he feeds you’re your desires, you become a total vixen.
“You won,” BI breathed after finally separating from the kiss.
“You’re right!” You laughed, “I did!” You took his earlobe between your teeth and pulled, causing another growl from BI.
“You can do whatever you want to me jagi,” he said… too eager for his punishment.
“Then follow me!” A mischievous glint sparkled in your eyes as you led him to the bedroom. You stripped him of his clothes letting your eyes wander down his toned body and his growing hardness that stood up straight between his legs. You walked over to him slowly and pushed him back onto the bed as far back as he could go. You pulled out a pair of handcuffs and BI’s eyes grew wide.
“Remember when you did this to me?” You asked in a sultry tone.
BI could never forget that. He couldn’t forget your flushed body writhing underneath him as he touched you with the lightest of touches.
BI pulled at the restraints once they were securely on and swallowed hard.
You stood in front of the bed and slowly started to do a strip tease for BI. You kept your eyes locked with his the entire time. You could see his brown eyes dilating as you kept going.
You slowly crawled up his body, bringing your mouths together in a calm kiss. You grabbed his perfect jaw and pulled his mouth closer to yours. You could hear BI fighting the restraints. He was dying to touch you. But what better punishment or losing Too Hot than having no use of your hands?
BI pushed his tongue into your mouth and nibbled on your lips, sucking your tongue. You couldn’t suppress the moan that it caused. You pulled your lips from his and began sucking on his neck.
“I’ve seen the girls who stare at you BI. They all wish they were yours.” You said, taunting him.
“I’m only yours jagi.” He replied breathlessly.
You scraped your teeth against his neck and he hissed at the burning feeling. You licked the area to soothe it and BI pulled at the restraints again.
“I’m dying to get my hand on you Hanbin,” you said as you smirked and kissed your way down his chest, making your way to his angry red cock. The tip was turning purple and pre cum was leaking out. You took his cock in your hand and started to stroke him. He let out a relieved groan and tried to move his hips with your strokes.
You leaned over and wrapped your mouth around the tip of his cock and sucked. BI let out a deep groan causing you to grow wetter and more eager. You took your mouth off of his member with a pop and licked his balls slowly.
You could tell that pleasure flew up BI like lightning.
“Fuck y/n I’m so close.” BI said as he felt himself tightening. You immediately removed your lips from him.
“I don’t think so.” You scolded.
“Please,” he begged. Here’s the thing about BI, he doesn’t beg…ever. He’s always on the other side of the begging.
“What’s wrong?” you asked innocently while straddling his lap. You massaged your own breasts and began playing with the nipples just inches from his face just to make him harder, which at this point you weren’t sure was possible. He groaned in pure agony. He just wanted to fuck you so bad and you were being the ultimate tease.
“I’m so wet for you Hanbin,” you said seductively as you leaned down just enough that BI could feel your juices dripping.
“Then sit on my cock and let me fucking feel you,” he growled.
“I would love to,” you said as you winked and slowly sank down onto him.
Both you and BI moaned in unison. He began tugging on the restraints again, he wanted to control your movements, but he couldn’t.
You began to slowly move up and down on his cock and he thrust his hips upwards to meet your pace causing you to moan out louder than you would care to admit.
“Fuck jagi, you’re so hot and wet for me…fuck” he groaned. You leaned forward and kissed him hard. You were both reaching your climax fast because of the buildup from before.
“Oh god Hanbin!!” you moaned as he found that spot that would make you quake. You realized that not having him touch you was just as much a punishment for you as it was for him so you reached over and grabbed the key to the handcuffs and released BI’s hands.
As soon as they were free he grabbed your wrists and pinned them over your head as he flipped you over and pounded into your body.
He grabbed onto your hips and dug his fingers into your soft flesh. He was watching your breasts move with each thrust he made. You grabbed onto him for dear life.
You yelled out his name as you tightened around him.
“I love you so fucking much y/n!” he yelled as you clenched around him. His name fell off your lips as you felt him release inside of you.
He fell over on top of you completely exhausted. You twirled his damp hair in your fingers, waiting for him to recover and look up at you.
“I think we should play again sometime.” BI said, placing a gentle kiss on your swollen lips.
“How about later tonight?” you suggested, ready for a round 2.


super fast to those of you who are inspired by Lou’s lovely white locks and are thinking about going for it: 

1. if you really want to you should do it! white looks fab on basically everyone and it’s so unique. I loved having it for the few months that I did :) 

but here is the deal

-lou’s hair looks very sleek and soft but if you see the ends there in that first pic you will notice they are a bit frizzy and dry. your hair suffers when you bleach it like that. she is a hair dresser and she has the know how and can take care of it but even then her ends still frizz out. if you go for this you have to be prepared for the damage and constant repair. 

- your hair will break off much easier. I don’t know lou’s hair type or anything but I am sure her hair is at that length (and has been for a while now) because growing out long bleached hair is hard. The ends are usually vv damaged so they are prone to breakage and usually don’t grow out well. extensions are obviously a lovely choice but if you want naturally long bleached hair you are gonna have to work for it

- the upkeep to have it be that evenly white is very involved. She is a professional so I am sure she has the best products and can see a salon often for roots but if you are like me and depend on sally’s beauty, it costs $$ and it cost $$ often. Just be prepared for weekly to bi weekly toning, purple shampoo sits and hair masks along with roots every 3 weeks or so. 

- doing this yourself and getting that level of white takes a lot of time, a lot of $$, and a lot of skill. If you go too far too fast your hair WILL fall out. I have seen it happen. Go to a salon and get it bleached and toned by a professional and if you want to come home and tone it some more than do it. If you do it all at home watch tutorials, get quality products, and give yourself 2 to 3 weeks (honestly if you go from brown to that white safely at home, I would give it a month.) it is just soooooooo much work and damage at home. Salons have better products, technique, and blah blah you get it. 

just a message from mama delaney xoxox