bi shounen

fan theory

    The thing about the Naruto fandom is that most of you are very young and don’t know much about life. I started watching it/reading the manga since I was 5th grade and today I’ve already graduated and a year has passed. It’s popular as one of the most basic animes ever about, yes, ninjas, but if it really was that basic, I would never keep following the story for so long. I read it mainly for the the strong gay undertones because I, myself, am gay. I write a lot and I also happen to read psychology materials so I have my own theory constructed. I think Kishi is gay or at least bi. Why? Cuz his shounen manga is actually shounen-ai.

    As a person who writes original works, not fanfiction, I know how creating main characters works. You either make their personality very close to yours or the complete opposite. Naruto is a reflection of Kishi, in a way. Every artist gathers inspiration from their own life/experiences/fantasies, so probably Sasuke has a prototype in his life too. Maybe a classmate or a childhood friend. If Kishi comes out as gay/bisexual in the near 4-5 years, I want 5$ from all of you who refuse to see all the incredibly gay moments.

    First of all, half of the manga is about the bond. The bond between Sasuke and Naruto, which is not brotherly at all. I have a brother and I know what the bond of siblings is. What they have is not just any bond, it’s love. Romantic love. Probably the straights are already losing their shit, but hear me out. You have no idea what is like to realize you’re gay and how hard it is to accept yourself as a gay person. It’s not all rainbows and cupcakes. It’s mostly depression, parents disowning you, friends leaving your side, social pressure and some not very pleasant words thrown at your way all the time. There are no obvious “signs“. In each gay person’s life, there’s someone who makes them realize they’re gay, usually a friend. I’m not talking about having sex with them. It’s more than that. It’s… love. You’re ready to follow them to the end of the world. You want to do everything to see them smile. It’s like their happiness is the goal of your life. Sounds familiar? I think the prototype of Sasuke was Kishi’s first guy crush who made him realize he’s not like the other boys. But Kishi never followed him, from fear and confusion probably, and felt regret. I’ve done the exact same thing. Your love interest returning your feelings is even scarier than them rejecting you when you’re gay. That’s why Naruto follows Sasuke for so many years and never gives up. Because he already gave up once and he’s not letting go a second time. I’ve never seen more amazing love story than this. If you think about it, in chapter 698 Sasuke and Naruto would’ve held hands, if their hands were present, but they are not for obvious reasons. Sasuke was so surprised someone followed him that far. That’s because friendship has limits, but love doesn’t. He was surprised someone loved him so deeply and dearly. He laughed and smiled and cried in Naruto’s company, he let his guard down only in front of him. And I would like to mention how Naruto gave zero fucks about Sakura’s fake love confession even if he was into her when he was younger and followed Sasuke no matter the price, and how happy they were to be reunited, finally together.

    This is only a theory. If you, my friend, have any problem viewing the characters as potentially gay, then you’re a homophobe just like most 15 y/o boys who read shounen manga and you have a big ‘fuck you‘ from me, a gay person. If I turn out to be right, Naruto will be the most read shounen-ai ever, not only that - the most read shounen-ai by young males.